January 8, 2014

Jesse: Week Two, Day Three

Tattoo: Zelda look-alike on right forearm
Hot-headed:  Argument with Zelda after he drops the L-Bomb.

Jesse slept in until about late in the afternoon.  Between all the f-ing drama and crappy weather - he was feeling down in the dumps.  Big surprise.

Besides, it's not like there was anything else for him to do with his day off.  He had called to chat with Xander.  Things were a little awkward between them since he'd confronted the guy about his Zelda tattoo.  But, geez... a guy could only take so much! 

He'd been laying on the couch downstairs napping when the bell rang.  Reluctantly, he got up and went to see who it was.

“Zelda!” he said, shocked. “What are you doing here?”  Man, somebody pinch him.  This had to be a dream...

Zelda shrugged. “Can I come in?” she asked hesitantly.

I don't know...” Jesse hedged.  She'd already ripped his heart out - he didn't think he should give her another chance...

When it became clear that Jesse wasn't going to budge, Zelda stepped closer and put her hand on his chest.  “I heard about your tattoo," she said quietly.  "And it made me think... I've missed you."

Stupid tattoo, Jesse thought savagely.  

"Look Zelda, this isn't a good idea," Jesse said.  But he wasn't moving her hand off his chest, was he?

Zelda looked up into his eyes.  "I've been really lonely.  Maybe we could just... you know... cuddle for a little bit?”

Jesse squeezed his eyes shut.  He was fighting a losing battle.

Giving in, he followed Zelda upstairs to his bedroom and laid down next to her.  For a moment, it was awkward.  Jesse didn't know what he should say or what she wanted from him.

Then she pulled him into her arms and it was just like old times.

God, Zelda, I love you.”  The words had slipped from him as they laid next to each other, catching their breath.  He regretted it the instant he said it, hating how vulnerable it made him.

Zelda looked away.  “Ummm... Thanks,” she said awkwardly. 

Thanks? What do you mean 'Thanks'?” Jesse yelled, hopping out of bed. 

See how upset Jesse was getting, Zelda rolled away.  “I should go,” she said regretfully, pulling her clothes back on quickly.  “This was a bad idea.”

Son of a …. 

Jesse hadn't expect devotions of undying love in return, but 'thanks'.  That's the best she could do?!  He felt like he'd just been kicked in the stomach.

He watched as Zelda hurried down the stairs. Hopefully out of his life for good this time!  He didn't have time for this crap!

Stomping around the room, Jesse gathered his clothes and threw them on.  A brisk jog later and he was at the Warehouse.   As soon as he saw Red, he asked to be sent on a Side Job.  At this point, the riskier... the better...  Jesse was itching for a confrontation.

But, of course, nothing happened. Wasn't that just the way it went!

Frustrated and on edge, he headed home, favoring the couch rather than the bed that he'd just made love to Zelda on...

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