January 8, 2014

Jesse: Week One, Day Five

Tattoo:  Heart on Left Bicep
Hot-headed: Argued with Zelda's sister when she snubbed him.

Jesse was just finishing his breakfast when Red called him up. She told him to go scope out the stadium and see if he could find anything good in the crowds.

“But it's Leisure Day!” Jesse protested. "I had plans..."

“Cancel them. Crowds mean money, genius.” She hung up without waiting for a response.  He wondered if she was still ticked at him...

Jesse sighed. Man. He'd had plans to take Zelda out to the park today and set off some fireworks.  The sooner he started, the sooner he'd finish, he thought hopefully.

Without wasting any time, Jesse headed over to the stadium.  Man, Red had been right.  There were plenty of pockets to pick in these tight crowds.  He'd made pretty good money.

While he was there, he checked out the fitness class they had available, as well.  He was especially interested in their advice on running faster...

Glancing down at his watch, he got a move on.  Now it was time for his date with Zelda at the park! And he wanted to make a stop off at the store for some fireworks and flowers before he met her! He was determined to impress Zelda tonight!

Hey babe,” Jesse said when he saw Zelda coming towards him. He wondered why she was holding her arm behind her back like that...

“Think fast!” Zelda called out, hitting him square in the chest with a balloon.

Jesse laughed and soon they were lobbing water balloons like pros.  Soaked, but smiling, Jesse put his arm around Zelda and led her to the photo booth. “Come on, babe. Let's get our picture taken.”

When Jesse and Zelda exited the the booth, Jesse grabbed the pictures.  “You're so beautiful,” he told her.  "I really like you," he said, the words slipping out before he could stop them.  She was so much fun to hang out with!

Zelda winked. “Why do you think I keep going out with you?” she teased.  “Come on, let's go check out the hot dog eating contest.” she said as she skipped away from him.

Jesse groaned. “You're killing me, babe.”   She played hot and cold so easily.  Sometimes she seemed interested in him, other times he felt like he was relegated to the friend-zone, Jesse thought miserably. This had to end.

“Zelda!” he called out huskily.

She stopped and turned around.  "What is it?"

“Look, I said that I really like you," he said, reaching out for her hands.  "But, I'm not interested in playing games.”

“Okay.” she said.

“Okay what?” Jesse asked nervously. Oh man, was she going to tell him to shove off?

“You can kiss me.”

That one blind-sided him.  “What?!" he asked dumbly.  "I can kiss you?  Just like that? Right here?"

Zelda giggled.  "Sure.  Go ahead.”

Oh man, talk about performance anxiety!  Jesse finally had the green light for that kiss!  He cautiously leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss across the lips.  He didn't want to come on too strong...

Zelda opened her eyes and frowned. “Well, that was nice, I guess,” she said, obviously disappointed.

“What do you mean, 'you guess'?” Jesse demanded, ready to pull his hair out.

“Well... it's just that I thought you'd be a better kisser than that..."

“Oh, for the love of.... just shut up,” Jesse growled as he pulled her back into his arms and kissed her passionately, like he'd been dreaming of for the past week.

This time Zelda had a big smile on her face when she stepped away.  “Now that was more like it!” Zelda said as she attempted to catch her breath. “Come on, let's go to my place!”

 “But... I got fireworks...” Jesse started to protest.

Zelda stroked his cheek and leaned to whisper in his ear. “I'll provide the fireworks...”

Jesse hurried after her.

“Wow, babe! This is your place?” Jesse asked when they stopped in front of a nice house in the suburbs.

Zelda shrugged. “I'm staying here with my sister while I try to get a break in the music industry.”

“She's not going to mind you having a guy over, is she?” Jesse asked, a little leery of crazy sisters.
Zelda scoffed, “Who cares?! Come on, let's go! I'm show you my room!”

Jesse couldn't help it. He scoped the house as they stumbled down the hall to her room.  Once there, they practically fell into the bed together.

Jesse held Zelda afterwards and kissed the top of her head.  She started to doze off.  “Hey babe, I have to hit the john. Where's the bathroom?”

“Around the corner,” Zelda said with a yawn, pointing in the general direction. “Hurry back!” she said sleepily.

Jesse threw his pants back on and manged to find the bathroom.  He couldn't help it, he grabbed a light fixture while he was in there.  He fully admitted that he was an incurable klepto.  Still, he felt a little guilty.  Maybe he'd put it in their mailbox on the way out so they wouldn't miss it...

Not quite ready to go back to bed and sleep, Jesse stopped at the bar for a drink and looked around the living room.  Real nice place they had here.  He saw any number of things he could slowly start picking off...

Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” a sharp voice demanded from out of nowhere.

Jesse almost dropped his drink.  He spun around and was confronted with a quivering mass of ticked off sister.  Reaching his hand out to shake, he said, “Hi, I'm Jesse.  Zelda's boyfriend.”

The woman scoffed, ignoring his out-stretched hand. “I'm sure you use the term boyfriend loosely,” she said snidely.

Man, this chick was really pushing his buttons, acting all high and mighty. “You must be the sister,” Jesse said tersely. “And I use that term loosely.  Zelda warned me that her older sister was jealous of her.”

Ilianna snapped, “Shows what you know.  Zelda is the older sister!”

Jesse lifted an eyebrow. “Oh is she? Couldn't tell with all those frown wrinkles!”

“You insufferable...” Ilianna's hand shot up to her face.  “What she sees in you low-class thugs, I'll never know!"  With that parting shot, she stalked off.

Jesse ran his hand over his face and sighed.  Shoot. Zelda probably wouldn't be happy that he got into a verbal spat with her sister.  And Ilianna had been livid.  

Tiptoeing back into the room, he slipped in beside Zelda.

“What took you so long?” Zelda asked sleepily.

“Sorry, stopped for a drink,” he said softly.

“Did I hear Ilianna out there?” she asked.

“Nope,” Jesse replied quickly, pulling her closer to him.   Nuzzling her neck, he asked, “How awake are you?”


  1. Haha, Jesse is such a jerk. Gotta love him :D

    1. It's so much fun playing quirky characters. :)