January 8, 2014

Jesse: Week One, Day Four

Tattoo:  Heart on Left Bicep
Hot-headed:  Stuck his foot in his mouth when Red came on to him.

Jesse woke up tired, but looking forward to the day.  His body couldn't handle the late hours and hard work!  But, today was his first day off! He had big plans!  He was going to throw a party for all his compatriots in crime!  It'd be good to get to know them all and schmooze with the boss a little.

Heading downstairs, he saw his leftover cereal bowl from yesterday. Probably wasn't too old, he thought carelessly as he licked it clean.

His hunger sated, Jesse flipped open his cell and called Red to ask her to spread the word that he was having a par-tay at his place.  He eagerly waited for people to start piling inside.  He'd even ordered a pizza to pass around!

His first guest was his boss, Red.  He greeted her with a handshake.  “Hey Red!” Jesse said.  “You ready to party?”

Red grinned saucily.  “Bring it,” she said confidently. Grabbing him by the hand, she pulled him inside.  “Let's dance,” she ordered, dancing wildly.

Jesse had a blast hanging out with Red, but it was starting to get a little awkward since no one else came.  He glanced at his watch again and realized it was almost an hour later & no one else had shown up.  "What's the deal?" he asked Red.  "Are they boycotting me or something?"

Red shrugged. “No, I just made sure they all had something to do today.  I thought some one-on-one time to get to know you a little better would be nice,” she said, stepping closer.

Oh wow, Jesse thought, Awkward!  “Oh well, umm... nice dancing...” he said lamely.  This was not good.  If he flirted with his boss, he could wind up ticking her off...  If he didn't flirt with his boss, he could wind up ticking her off... 

I've been told I'm very good at... dancing...” Red suggested, pressing forward again.

Desperately, he searched for some sort of life-line.  Jesse edged back a little.  “Whoa..  umm... aren't you married?” he asked.  He thought he'd heard something like that...

Red shrugged. “Yeah. But what Reed doesn't know won't hurt him."

Jesse laughed. “Wait. Wait.. your husband's name is Reed?”  That was the funniest thing he'd heard.

Red's eyebrow shot up. “Yes, why?” she asked impatiently.  She was not used to her flirtations being met with laughter.

Jesse doubled over laughing. “Oh man! That's hilarious! Reed and Red!” he said, gasping for breath. "Reed and Red!" he repeated.  "Get it? That's funny!"

It suddenly dawned on him that Red was not laughing.  His laughter ground to a halt.

“You idiot!” Red snapped before stalking from the house.

Jesse sighed. Him and his big mouth...

Throwing himself down on the couch, he threw his arm over his eyes. Today bit the big one.  Not only did he completely fail to throw the huge, epic party he'd been hoping for, but he'd managed to tick off his boss.  Good going, idiot, he told himself. All in a day's work...

Just then, his phone rang.  Glancing at the caller id, he perked up.  Looks like his day might start to look up!  Zelda Mae was calling him!

“Hey,” she said, “I was inviting a few people over to the beach. Thought you might like to come meet a few people since you're new in town.”

“Sure. I'll be there," Jesse said eagerly.  He jotted down the directions and then bolted from the house.
At the beach, Jesse glanced around for Zelda.  When he saw her, a grin broke across his face.  He waved and called out,  “Hey, babe! Looking good!”

Zelda fluffed her hair as she sauntered over. “I know!” she teased.
Jesse was excited Zelda had given him another chance.  He wasn't going to blow it this time.  “So, look, about the other night,” Jesse started to say.

Zelda interrupted, “...It's forgotten.” she said.

They spent the next hour or so chatting about parties and music when Zelda broke away to grab a drink.  That was the last he'd seen of her.  He'd asked around to see if anyone knew where she went.  Finally, some dude said he thought he'd seen her leave.

Jesse went home bummed.  He'd really been hoping to ask her out on a date.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow, he told himself.

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