January 7, 2014

Jesse: Week One, Day One

Tattoo:  Heart on Left Bicep
Hot-headed:  Lost temper with Zelda Mae after she denied kiss on 1st date.

Man, this place was worse than he'd thought it would be. But, when he'd asked his friend for a place to lie low – this was NOT what he had in mind!

In fact, the inside was worse than the outside! He wasn't even sure if the bed had been used in the last decade! At least CJ had put him in touch with Red, the local crime boss. He could make some money doing some low-key jobs. And boy would he need money to fix this dump up!

Rolling his shoulders from the sudden tension he felt gathering, Jesse checked the news. Nothing in the paper yet about the botched job in Riverview. That must mean that the police didn't have any leads...  Man, he could only hope...

With a shrug he decided there was nothing to be done. Sitting around in this dump wasn't going to improve his mood.  He'd gotten the heck out of dodge & he should be safe here. Now would be a good time to check out the town.  Jesse jogged into town.

Once in town, he stopped when he saw the gym. Bingo! Gotta keep the workouts going. Never know when you might find yourself needing to run! he thought to himself as he headed inside.

Jesse was able to work out quite awhile before it started getting too crowded. He decided it was time to make his exit.  Until he knew more of the lay of the land, he needed to keep a low profile.

So, Jesse headed out & jogged around town square, checking the place out.  He had to admit – it was a nice town. It was like one of those old-school towns where people waved to each other as they passed. Nauseating!  Still, it looked like people had plenty of money to spend... and plenty of stuff to steal!  That was perfect for a klepto like him!

As Jesse rounded the corner, he stopped suddenly.  The hottest girl he'd ever seen had just hopped out of a car and headed towards the theatre.

“Hey, girl!” he called out. “Wait up a minute!”

Hottie turned to check him out and then waited for him to jog up to her. “Hey! The name's Jesse,” he greeted her. “Where you headed to girl?” he asked, stepping closer.

Hottie just rolled her eyes and said, “To work” before turning to walk away.

Dang! Brutal, Jesse thought. But he wasn't deterred. He headed after her and asked, “Where's work?”

She looked back at him and rolled her eyes again. “See the big theatre in front of you? Duh!”

“Aw, come on. Take it easy on me! I just moved to town!"  He sized her up.  "You look like the kind of girl that knows the good places to party!”

“Well...” Hottie hedged as she checked him out again. “I do know a few places.” She pursed her lips as she considered him, then suddenly, Hottie smiled at him and held her hand out. “My name's Zelda Mae. Welcome to Sunset Valley!”

“I'm loving it already,” Jesse flirted, putting his hand over his heart. Jesse glanced back at the theatre. “So you have to go to work?" he asked. "When do you get off?"

“Well...” Zelda hedged. She bit her lip and glanced away. “I was going to... But... we could go to the pool instead!”

“My kind of girl!” Jesse said. 

Laughing, Zelda sprinted away. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” she called over her shoulder.

Jesse took off after her and as they reached the pool, he cannon-balled into the water, ignoring the people that glared when they were hit by his spray. Zelda hopped in beside him and treaded water.

“Looks like you're the rotten egg,” Jesse teased. “Although,” he said, splashing her, “You don't smell anything like rotten eggs. More like...” Jesse swam closer and sniffed her hair. “... more like fruity!”

Zelda and Jesse spent the afternoon swimming. As night began to fall, Jesse asked her if she wanted to grab a bite to eat. 

She cheerfully lead the way, driving them to the local diner. They laughed over dinner and drinks. Finally, Jesse threw some cash down and led her out the door. 

Outside, he stepped closer and thanked her for spending the day with him.  "I had a great time today," he told her. “You're not going to get in trouble with work, are you?"

“Nah. I'm cool,” Zelda said. “My boss never gets mad at me!”

I bet!” Jesse said, imaging that her boss must be a dude. 

At the thought of competition, Jesse decided to make his move. As he leaned forward to kiss her, she edged backwards.

“Look, I had fun..” Zelda started to say. 

Are you kidding me?” Jesse interrupted, ticked off at her for teasing him all day. “Come on! You've been making eyes at me all day!  Besides, it's just a kiss! Jeez! What's your deal?” he ranted.

Zelda tossed her hair over her shoulder and primly turned away. “Apparently someone has issues! Why don't you do me a favor and don't call me later!”

She stalked away as Jesse watched her go, kicking himself for being so hot-headed. Man! He'd ruined a great day just because the lady had said she didn't want a good night kiss. “Idiot!” he cursed at himself.

He was just about to leave when he noticed a couch near the dumpster behind the diner. It didn't look it was in that bad of shape. It was probably more comfy than that rusted, old bed!  Glancing around, he hopped over the fence to check it out.  Score!  Right next to it was a nightstand.

As he headed home, he felt pretty hopeful. Maybe this stint wouldn't be as bad as he thought it'd be...


  1. Haha, poor guy! Maybe he'll get his act together ... This is a fun start!

    1. Thanks! I think he's just the right mixture of redeemable douche. :) A real fixer-upper for the ladies of Sunset Valley!

  2. Aw, Jessie is cute, he just needs to work on his delivery, lol =)

    1. Oh yeah... Jesse definitely has trouble with delivery! :)

  3. I've got a ton of catching up to do, but it's off to a great start!

    1. Enjoy! Jesse is definitely one of my favorite founders! :)

  4. I have book-marked this for when I'm off from work :D
    It looks interesting from what I have read so far.

  5. Ha, it's great seeing a guy like Jesse in a happy-go-lucky town like Sunset Valley! This is going to be fun :D

    1. I know you're not supposed to have favorites - but Jesse is definitely one of my favorite Sims! Lol. It doesn't take him very long at all to get used to Sunset Valley!