January 8, 2014

Jesse: Week One, Day Three

Tattoo:  Heart on Left Bicep
Hot-headed: Argued with Xander Clavell about him living with his mom.

Jesse jogged down the path leading to the abandoned warehouse to meet with Red. That bed was so uncomfortable, his muscles were stiff.  Once at work, Red unceremoniously handed him a loose-leaf binder called The Do's & Dont's of Dons.

"Read it," she told him. 

“Aw, man! A reading assignment?”  he complained. “I thought I left all that behind in high school!”

“Be able to quote it by heart by tomorrow,” she warned him.

Got it,” Jesse grumbled.

As they headed out the door, Jesse bumped into Xander. “Hey man, want to grab some grub at the diner?” he asked.

“Yeah bro, let me just go run an errand real quick.  Meet you there.”

Jesse headed over to the diner and waited outside for a bit, then started to wonder if he should just head home. Looked like Xander found something better to do.

“Hey bro! Sorry it took so long!” Xander yelled from across the street, hurrying over to meet him. “Had to run something home to my mom.”

“You live with your mom?” Jesse asked with surprise, laughing. 

“Yeah, bro. Why? You think there's something wrong with that?” Xander demanded, taking offense.

"That's the lamest thing I've heard all week!"  Jesse saw Xander's scowl and instantly realized it probably hadn't been the smartest thing to insult his new co-worker.   

"The only lame thing I see is you!" Xander snapped.  

The guys squared off and glared.

Finally Jesse raised his hands up for peace.  “Dude. Whatever floats your boat,” he said quickly.  "I don't want to fight over it."

"Then keep your stupid opinions to yourself," Xander said, shaking his head.  "Sorry, sometimes I wig out like that.  Got a bit of a bad temper..."

Jesse flung his arm around Xander's shoulder.  “I feel ya, man. Now, let's go get some grub!"

After grabbing some burgers, Jesse headed outside with Xander. But the fun was over for the night.  That work binder was weighing heavy on his mind.  “Hey man, I need to get home. Red gave me a huge stack of papers to read tonight.”

Xander made a face. “Ah, the Do's & Dont's of Dons.  You'll be up all night reading that thing!  And that thing was boring! Good luck with that! I'll have a beer for ya!” Xander said cheerfully before trotting away.

Back at home, Jesse settled into the ancient bed and pulled the binder out from his bag. Sighing when he saw the thick manual once again, he relunctantly flipped it open. 

Somewhere around midnight, Jesse had finally finished reading it, although if you had asked him what he'd read, he probably wouldn't have been able to tell you!  That book was boring!

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