January 8, 2014

Jesse: Week One, Day Two

Tattoo:  Heart on Left Bicep
Hot-headed: Confronted Gus Hart after stealing his bench.

Jesse cracked his eyelids open and glared at the sun shining through the window.  Curtains would be next on his dumpster diving wish list. He couldn't believe it was time for work already! It had been 3 am before he'd managed to drag the furniture home and by then all he'd wanted to do was crash.
But, he reeked in the worst way & had soaked in the bath first before stumbling to the sofa.

He made it to work a little late, but nobody seemed to notice. First order of business was to talk to the crime boss, Red, to let him know how thankful he was to be included in the fold. 

Boy had he been surprised to find out Red was a chick!  And a pretty hot chick for that matter!

“Call me Red,” Anna Coy said right before she launched into her introductory speech. She went on about the rules of the Warehouse.  She was very clear that she'd better always get her cut or else he got cut.  Jesse shrugged – that was pretty much standard.  Nothing new there...

Towards the end of the day, the gang stole his clothes as a practical joke and hid them on the property before they left.   (Seriously, I have no idea why he came out of work in his underwear. Was his uniform too small? I dunno! But, it must've been embarrassing for the poor guy!)  

“Very funny, guys!” Jesse snapped as he collected his clothes from behind the bushes.

Ayesha Ansari winked. “Cute butt,” she said before hopping in her car and zooming off.

“Nice undies, bro,” Xamder Clavell laughed.  "Welcome to the Warehouse!"

Ha... ha...” Jesse said as he tugged his shirt over his head.  He headed home, mumbling under his breath.  He had big plans for the night.  He needed to find some houses to scope.  People were always leaving good stuff outside...

After a quick pick-me-up nap on his new sofa, Jesse donned his workout gear & headed out for a surveillance jog. Never look in your own neighborhood, he recited the time-honored rule as he jogged by his neighbors house. It'd always lead people right back to your door!

Once he hit a new neighborhood, Jesse started scoping the exteriors.  Ah, a nice flower pot would make some extra change.  Jesse glanced around to make sure no one was looking.  The coast was clear!

 A few doors down, he eyed a wooden bench on a porch. This one would be tricky, he could see the people walking around inside, but the urge was just too strong to resist.  He creeped up the stairs and glanced in the window.  Everyone seemed busy inside, the coast was clear.  Jesse started to tug on the bench.

Just then, a big man with a bad mullet came running out, yelling.  “What do you think you're doing, you hooligan!” the man boomed.

Jesse stepped back. “Hey, man!  I was just out for a jog and it started to rain! I just need a place to crash until it started pouring!"

"Get off my porch!" the man crossed his arms. 

Man, "Look! I said I was going! Chill!” Jesse said, getting angry.  

The man backed away, jabbing his finger in Jesse's direction. “You'd better get out of here or I'm going to call the cops!”

Jesse glared and grabbed the bench and pulled, “Looks like I found something I liked after all, old man!” he taunted as he took off running.  Jesse could hear the man behind him yelling, “Come back here, you hooligan! DORIE! Call the cops!”

Jesse hot-footed it a little faster, knowing he had to get home with his loot before anyone saw him. Man, he was always getting himself into messes when he got mad!

Back at home, one bad spray-paint job later & Jesse was pretty proud of his new bench. He went to bed feeling pretty darn good!

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