February 8, 2014

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day Four

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase goes to the library and attempts to learn everything he can about babies...

Chase had gone to sleep with his arms wrapped around Yvonne, resting on her pregnant belly. He still couldn't believe he was going to be a father!  He'd called all of his family right away and told them the good news. 

Absently, he stroked her belly and smiled. He thought he'd never fall in love when he was in high school! And here he was now, Chase Black, married with a baby on the way! 

His eyes flew open.  Oh God.  They had a baby on the way! He wasn't ready! He hadn't prepared at all!

Slipping from the bed, Chase hurried to the local library and grabbed a number of books to go through on parenting and childbirth.  He wanted to be prepared when the time came!


There was no way this baby was keeping her from work, Yvonne thought as she dressed up and headed to her car.
When she felt her water break, she frowned.  Damn! That was one way the kid could keep her from work!


"Wait. What is it? Is everything okay?" Chase asked when Yvonne called him, panicking.  "No, it's still too early for you to be delivering..." he began to reassure her.

Quickly he pulled the phone away from his ear as she began yelling at the top of her lungs.  Wincing, he added, "No, okay. I'm sorry! You're right! I'll meet you at the hospital!"
"Oh God!" Chase said hanging up the phone.  "Oh God!"  His pulse started beating rapidly and his chest had tightened unbearably.  He reached up and gripped his hair in both hands, making his hair stick out in all directions when he clutched his chest.

Chase tried to take a deep breath.  "Panic attack. Just a panic attack," he told himself.  "I'm okay... I'm okay..." 

He tried to clear his head by shaking his head.  He couldn't have a panic attack.  He had to get to the hospital for Yvonne and the baby!


The labor went smoothly.  At least, that's what the nurse told him.  Chase had hurried into his wife's room and taken one look at her pushing baby Eva into the world and fainted dead away. 
"I can't believe you fainted," Yvonne said accusingly as Chase walked them to the car, holding the umbrella over his precious daughter and wife. 

He scowled at the reminder.  "It's not like I planned to pass out.  I just have a low tolerance for pain..."

Yvonne glanced at him sharply and scoffed,  "You were not in painI was in pain and I didn't faint!"

Chase shrugged, not wanting to argue with her. 
At the end of the day, the only thing that mattered was his precious baby, Eva Black, the fourth generation of Blacks to live under this roof!
He gently placed her in her crib in the room he'd redecorated for her. 
"Dad?" he said when Ace answered the phone.  "You're a Grandpa!"

Ace cheered loudly and covered the phone as he yelled across the room for Tracy.  "I'm a Grandpa, Tracy!"  Uncovering the phone, he asked Chase for all the information - length, weight, gender and told him to send a picture.  He paused a moment and let it sink in.  "Oh Chase, I wish I'd been there for it."

Chase smiled.  "You'll be here soon enough.  She's not going anywhere!"

Ace scoffed. "That's where you're wrong!" he said.  "My two babies are grown-up and one has a baby of his own!"


Chase headed out to the living room and saw Yvonne furiously typing on the keyboard.  "What are you working on?" he asked, as he began playing the bass.

Yvonne waved her hand dismissively.  "Shh... I need to concentrate!" She said, not looking up from her laptop.  "I need to get this contract prepped and ready for revision."

Chase guiltily stepped away from the bass.  "Alright. Well, I'll get dinner ready," he said quietly.
Yvonne absently nodded and worked on her contract awhile longer before finally saving it and pulling up a chess game.  She played a few matches until Chase announced dinner was ready.
"So, did you just need to get those contracts to Felix before your maternity leave began?" he asked curiously.
Yvonne laughed lightly, "Oh no, sugar. I'm not taking maternity leave! I'd fall too far behind!"

Chase frowned.  "But what about Eva? She's going to need you home with her!" he said with confusion.

Eva put her fork down and stared across the table. "Whatever for?" she asked.  "I think a nanny would be perfectly capable of caring for her!"

"But, what about breast-feeding?" Chase asked.  "The books said..."

Yvonne laughed loudly and shook her head. "Oh sugar, no. Oh no! I am not breast-feeding!"

"But, Yvonne! I read the books and..."

Yvonne cut him off again, glaring.  "Let me be clear, Chase. I am not breast-feeding! I don't care what the books said! End of discussion!" She shoved her plate away from her and angrily stalked from the room.
Chase scowled as she left. 

Apparently there were quite a few important things that they had never thought to discuss....

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day Three

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase gets angry over Yvonne's version of redecorating!

Yvonne gazed at herself critically in the mirror and fussed with her skirt.  Why did nothing seem to fit the right way anymore?

She leaned in close and smoothed her fingers down her cheeks.  Even her face looked puffier than usual! 

Scowling at her reflection, she checked her watch and hurried to work. 

At least when she came home, the place would be redecorated.  She'd left specific instructions for her designer to spruce the place up.  She only wished Chase had a little bit more money to spare for her redecorating project!


At work, Felix stopped by her desk and praised Yvonne for succeeding in signing Chase up for the symphony.  "I'd like to take you out to dinner tonight to discuss a few things."

Yvonne calmly checked her appointment book and told Felix that she could reschedule a pretend meeting and would meet him at the Bistro.  Inside she was squealing.  This was it! She was going to get the promotion!
They talked shop over dinner, making small talk about the business and a few personal things.  Yvonne had been surprised to learn that Felix was an electronica fan!

As they finished their meals, Felix leaned back in his chair and regarded Yvonne with an intense look.  "So, I'm sure you already know why I brought you out."

Yvonne cocked an eyebrow and smiled.  "Go ahead and say it anyway, sugar."

The corner of his mouth lifted up in a sardonic grin.  "Alright.  Well, you have the highest performance numbers and have managed to bag two highly lucrative deals in the last quarter.  As a result, we'd like to offer you promotion to head of your department."

"And my raise?" she asked. 

Felix's eyebrows knit together. "I'm just not sure we have money in the budget at this.." he began to hedge.

Yvonne daintily blotted her mouth with her cloth napkin and placed in on her plate.  She slung her purse over her shoulder and got up from the table.  "Thank you, I'll think about it, sugar."

Felix watched her get up with growing alarm and jumped up to follow her. "Wait! Where are you going?" he asked. "What do you mean you'll think about it?"

Yvonne raised her eyebrow.  "Well, we both know that I could take my business elsewhere... and my clients... like that," she said with a snap of her fingers.  "I wonder if you have money in the budget for that, sugar?"

"Now let's not be hasty!" Felix said stepping in front of her.  "I'm sure we can work something out..."

Yvonne patted his cheek.  "Oh, I'm sure we can, sugar.  I'll see you tomorrow morning!"

Felix shook his head as Yvonne walked away.  Ballsy woman, he thought with a quick grin.  No wonder she was the best in the business!


Yvonne sighed with pleasure when she came home from the Bistro and saw the downstairs.  It was just as she'd imagined it! 

She couldn't wait to plop down on the couch and put her feet up!

Just then, she heard the door open and shut and smiled as Chase walked in. She opened her mouth to tell him about her big promotion, but stopped short when she saw the look on his face.


Chase glanced around the room with a frown.  "What happened?" he demanded.  "Where's my Grandfather Jesse's couch?"  He pointed to the fancy love seat sitting it's spot.  "What did you do?!"
"You said I could make a few changes, Chase!" Yvonne began to remind him.
"I thought you were going to get a few new pillows or decorations!" he said angrily.  "I didn't realize that you were going to remodel!  There's a fountain in the pond out front!  And did you fill it in?  And, look! You added an extra dining room for plumbbob sake!  How much did this cost?!" he demanded at last, throwing his hands up in the air.  He couldn't believe she'd gone behind his back and made this many changes without his input. 
Yvonne's face had grown icier the longer Chase ranted.  "Well, forgive me for trying to make a few changes to the place I was going to live and raise our child!" she snapped.
Chase's mind went blank.  "A child?" he asked hopefully.  "You're pregnant?"

Yvonne crossed her arms and nodded tersely.  "Somehow the birth control didn't work! I recently realized that it wasn't just weight I was putting on after the wedding.  Didn't you notice?"

Chase shook his head.  "No, I mean, I had noticed your... you know..." he said, waving his hand around her bust level, "were fuller... but I didn't know that was why!"

Yvonne rolled her eyes. 
Chase gently put his hand on her belly and gazed up into her eyes.  "We're going to be parents!" he said with wonder in his voice.  He couldn't wait!

Yvonne on the other hand was much less enthusiastic.  She hadn't counted on having kids for years and she wasn't even sure she wanted any!  They were messy, noisy, and unreasonable!  All she knew was that she was not going to let this put a crimp in her performance at work!

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day Two

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase fumes over Yvonne's heavy-handed attempt to get him to sign up for the symphony.

Yvonne took extra care preparing for work.  Felix had given her a hint about how people were going to react to her new marriage.  She glanced at her husband, still sleeping in bed and smiled wryly.  If anyone knew how well that young man loved her, then there would be no doubt about why she'd married him!
Downstairs, she sipped at her usual slimming breakfast drink.  It wasn't that she was trying to lose weight necessarily, it was just quick and easy - always prepared and ready to go when she was!

Glancing at her watch, she sighed and penned a quick note to Chase, strongly encouraging him to get his butt down to the theater today and join the symphony!


Chase put the paper aside and eyed the note Yvonne had left him on the counter once again.  He'd already read the blasted note, but it irked him that she was already trying to control him!  She'd said he was a married man now with "expectations" and "responsibilities!"  When in his life hadn't he been responsible! Chase thought sourly.  No way was he going to do it. He was going to show her that he was his own man!

Chase brushed his teeth a little more vigorously than normal, spitting the suds into the sink.  Who did she think she was anyway, telling him what to do!  He didn't tell her what to do.  And even if he did, he knew for damn sure she wouldn't listen unless it was what she wanted to do!  And why was she so sure that he'd prefer the symphony music career over the science job he'd been considering?


Chase took his bass down to the park and began playing a soothing tune.  The calming music soothed his soul.  It made all of his anger and frustration just melt away. Before he realized it, two hours had flown by. 

He sighed.  Maybe Yvonne was right.  He was a born virtuoso and his heart belonged in the symphony.  But his father was a veritable Rock Star!  What if he didn't measure up?  What if he failed?  Distracted, his fingers fumbled and a discordant note sounded.  Chase dropped his hands at the sharp sound and frowned.   What if I'm not good enough...


Chase dialed Yvonne's number and frowned when she answered.  "I auditioned today and they'd like me to stay and perform a sound check," he said tersely when she answered.
"Of course, sugar. I'll see you when you get home!" she said sweetly.  "I'm so proud of you!"

Chase just grumbled something under his breath and said goodbye. 
With a smile, she hung up the phone.  People usually hated it when she was right.  Glancing down, she frowned.  That was the ugliest thing she'd ever seen!  This house definitely needed her help redecorating!


Chase came home with a manual, Getting Noticed in a Sea of Fans, that he had to get through tonight.  He was still feeling a little upset with Yvonne for pushing him to audition and sign a contract.  But, he shouldn't be too harsh.  It was something he probably would've gotten around to soon, anyways.  He didn't think he ever would have really signed up at the science lab.
 Yvonne scooted over on the couch next to him and wrapped her arm around him.  "How's it going sugar?" she asked.  "Almost finished with the manual?"

Chase sighed and continued reading.  "No! There's a lot more reading to be done tonight!"

Yvonne stroked his arm as he read. "Sugar, what do you think about me rearranging a few things?" she asked.

Chase nodded absently as he turned the page.  "Yeah, sure. It's your home, too."
Yvonne grabbed Chase's chin and turned his head and kissed him passionately.  "Thanks, sugar!" she said with a wink as she headed upstairs.

Chase watched her sashay up the stairs and his mind went blank.  What did he just agree to? he wondered as he picked up the book and attempted to resume reading.  
His mind kept drifting upstairs, though, thanks to that kiss she'd given him.  He was having trouble concentrating now.  He tossed the book down on the couch and hurried upstairs to join his wife in bed.

February 6, 2014

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day One

Neurotic Obsession: Chase comes to the realization that he is head over heels in love with pushy, bossy, beautiful Yvonne!

Chase had woken up early and left a sleeping Yvonne in his bed.  He quietly padded downstairs and solemnly flipped through the newspaper in a morning ritual he'd recently adopted.  

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a pair of smooth, sexy legs descending the stairs and grinned.
"I woke up and I was all alone in your big, old bed, sugar!" Yvonne drawled.  "You should've woken me up!"
Ace walked over to Yvonne and pulled her into his embrace.  "Did you sleep well?" he asked, gazing deeply into her eyes.  As he gazed in her eyes, it hit him.  He loved her! Everything about her! Her practical, somewhat snobbish personality, her sexy drawl, and those legs! Everything!
Yvonne grinned. "I slept like a baby thanks to all our loving last night!" she purred.  "Why don't we go on back up to bed..."
"Wait!" Chase said, stopping her from heading to the stairs.  He paused a second to try to gather his thoughts.  He didn't want to sound like a bumbling, inexperienced fool - even if that's what he was! He cleared his throat as Yvonne started tapping her foot impatiently.  "Look, I know this is unorthodox," he said, swallowing hard.  "But..."
He dropped to one knee and pulled out his Grandma Holly's wedding ring his father had given him for safe-keeping.  "I'm madly in love with you Yvonne.  I know you might just consider me some fling, but I want more - I want to marry you!"

Yvonne gasped and raised her hands to her mouth, "Chase! Get up! What are you doing?" she demanded, slapping at his shoulder, trying to pull him up.  "We can't marry!"

"Why not?" Chase demanded.  "I've known you for years! You're tough, blunt, and pushy.  But, underneath it all, you have a heart of gold!"

"Sugar, I'm years older than you!" she protested.

"So?" Chase shrugged, dismissing the differences in their age.  "There's no law that says we have to be the same age!"

"But..." Yvonne mentally tried to regroup.  Not in her wildest imaginings had she pictured things getting this serious between her and Chase.  But everything about him had taken her off-guard! "I..."
Chase chuckled under his breath.  "I like seeing you this flustered!" he announced as he slipped the ring on her finger and pulled  her into his arms."Just say yes. You know you want to."

Yvonne laughed a little giddily.  "Yes!" she cried out.  "Alright, yes!"

Chase spun her around in a small circle and showered her face with kisses. 
She glanced down at the flawless ring he'd slipped on her finger.  "Your grandmother had expensive taste," she said approvingly. 

Chase smiled.  He thought she'd like the ring.  "So, I guess we should announce the wedding," he said, unsure of the next step.

Yvonne patted his cheek.  "Don't worry, sugar.  I'll take care of everything!"


 "Yvonne!" Chase called up the stairs.  "Are you ready?" he yelled nervously. 
"Almost done!" Yvonne called down.  Perfection cannot be rushed, she thought with a grin to herself.
The wait had been worth it, Chase thought when Yvonne finally made it downstairs.  His heart thudded in his chest.   "You look beautiful, Yvonne," he said, reaching out to stroke her hair. 

"Wait! No! It took me hours to get this hair-do right, sugar!" she said hastily.

Chase pulled his hand back and grinned.  "Of course not.  Well then, are you ready to go?" he asked, leaning forward to kiss her stopped short when she held her hand up.

"Don't smudge the make-up, sugar!" she said purred as she fixed the lapels of his jacket.  "There will time for that after the ceremony!"
Chase sighed as they got in Yvonne's car.  It was going to be a long day if he could touch or kiss his beloved soon-to-be-bride!

Yvonne sipped a fruity drink as she chatted with the bartender at the Lone Wolff Lounge.  The Lounge was covering all drink expenses since they'd chosen their location for their nuptials.  There was nothing quite like brokering a deal that pumped Yvonne's blood!
 When Chase appeared behind her, she smiled.  "Hello, sugar! Have a drink! They're on the house!"
Chase frowned.  "No, thank you.  I don't drink," he said.  He remembered what happened the last time he had a drink!

Yvonne sipped at her drink and playfully slapped his shoulder.  "Sugar, you don't know what you're missing.  Best drinks in town!  She winked playfully at the bartender who chuckled as he cleaned the glasses.

Chase cleared his throat.  "Well, are you ready? I thought we might go upstairs to prepare."

"Go on up, I'll be right there," Yvonne said as she sipped from her drink again, savoring the bubbly concoction.


When he got upstairs, Chase stopped up short.  "Dad?!" he said with amazement.  "You're here? What about the tour?"
Ace pulled Chase in for a hug.  "I told you I was only a short phone call away!" he teased.  "And I wouldn't miss my son's wedding for anything!"

Lowering his voice, he asked, "Are you sure about this, Chase? Yvonne can be... forceful.  Truthfully, she scares me sometimes!" Although Ace was joking lightly, the concern was still there.  He wanted to make sure his boy was going to be happy.

Chase smiled.  "I know.  But, I'm discovering that I'm not the pushover that I thought I was."

Ace smiled widely then.  "Well, alright! Sounds like my boy's getting married! What an awesome day!"


 As Yvonne headed upstairs, she bumped into Felix and smiled. 

Felix grinned at Yvonne.  "Wow, you really went for it, didn't you?" he said with admiration.  "You must be some sort of sweet-talker to land contracts with Ace and Devon, then turn around and marry into the family!"
"Well, what can I say? I just have a way with words, I guess!"

Felix chuckled.  "Not sure you pulled off a wedding with just words!" He patted Yvonne on the shoulder.  "But, hey! You do what you gotta do to get the contracts coming in! Get it done, right?"

Yvonne paled slightly at the insinuation.  Is that what people thought, she wondered.  That she had married into Chase's family after arranging their money and prestige?  Because that was the only reason a young man like Chase would want to marry an older woman like herself?

She excused herself from the conversation, feeling sick to her stomach.  Hurriedly she ran to the bathroom and upheaved all the sweet, sticky alcohol and the light lunch she'd had earlier in the day. 

Patting her face with water, Yvonne worked to get herself under control.  She looked in the mirror and firmly told herself to pull it together and took a few deep calming breaths.  Who cared why other people thought they were marrying.  She knew she hadn't landed the contracts with Ace or Devon because she'd slept with them and since she hadn't signed Chase up yet, she technically hadn't slept with him to get a contract, either!

When Tracy peeked her head in the ladies room to check on Yvonne, Yvonne was ready to go.  Nobody was going to ruin her day!


Chase smiled when he saw Tracy come and take her seat and give him a thumbs up.  He'd been getting nervous! 
But the wedding was beautiful and he was all smiles as he slipped the ring on her finger.  She was now Mrs. Yvonne Black.
Chase glanced over at his family cheering and throwing confetti in the air. 


As the night wore on, the drinks flowed freely.  It seemed only natural when Ace took the stage with his two boys, playing a few of Ace's old songs.  It was a moment that Chase wanted to remember forever!


Chase waited patiently in the bed while Yvonne fiddled in the bathroom.  He wasn't sure why she was taking so long! 
Just as he was about to get up to find out what she was doing in there, she walked in. And he was suddenly glad he wasn't standing because he wasn't sure he would've been able to remain standing.  
"Oh God, come here!" Chase said, pulling her next to him when she was close enough. "You are so beautiful, Yvonne!"

Yvonne grinned seductively and wrapped her arms around his neck.  "You have permission to smudge my make-up now," she said as she nibbled his ear.

Chase groaned in anticipation.
When they finally fell asleep several hours later, it was safe to say that her make-up and hair had been thoroughly tussled!