February 1, 2014

Ace: Week Twelve, Day One


"I thought that we could spend some time together," Ace began.

Both boys groaned. 

"Not the park!" Devon grumbled. 

Ace crossed his arms.  "Fine! I don't know what you guys have against the park! Some of my fondest memories were there!"

"What about a movie! That would be cool!" Devon piped up quickly.

Ace glanced at Chase.  "Movie sound good to you?"

Chase shrugged.  "It'd be fine," he said stoically.

Ace grinned at his kids.  "Alright. A movie it is! This is going to be awesome!"
The guys loaded up into Ace's flashy car and headed down to the theater.  Ace bought three tickets for Corduroy Sunglasses. They headed inside and loaded up with popcorn and refreshments.
"So? What'd you think?" Ace asked as they stepped outside.  "Did you like it?"

Chase shrugged noncommittally, but Devon grinned.  "I thought it was awesome!"
"Mr. Black! Could you please smile for the camera?" someone called from a few feet away. 

Ace glanced over and blinked in surprise when the flash blinded him. 
"Alright! Paparazzi!" Devon cheered.  He slung his arm around his Dad's shoulder and mugged for the picture-taker. 

Chase frowned as he backed away. 
Ace told Devon to hurry after Chase and then attempted to casually walk to the car without drawing too much attention to himself.  It was hard as the lady followed him, taking pictures the entire way. 

Once in the car, he flipped open the phone and called Yvonne.  "They were staked out and taking pictures after we came out of the movies!" he told her excitedly.

"Oh I know," Yvonne said.  "I called them and told them you'd be there, sugar!"

Ace's mouth dropped open with surprise. "You called them?"

"Sure sugar, nothing like good publicity! Now, you're going to throw a big party tonight and show everyone that you're on top!"

"I wouldn't even know who to invite," Ace began, but was quickly interrupted by Yvonne.

"Oh don't worry about it sugar.  I'll take care of everything!"
Ace glanced around the room at all the people mingling and chatting in his house. 
Yvonne strolled over and gave Ace a hug.  "Congratulations sugar.  You are one step away from being the Rock Star you've always dreamed of being!"
Ace grinned widely. "And it's all thanks to you! You're a genius!"

Yvonne preened and feigned modesty.  "Oh no, not a genius! Just a damn good agent!"

"I can't argue with that!"
"Ace? Are you finished yet? I'd like to talk?" Tracy said, stepping up behind Yvonne.

Yvonne shrugged, "Sure, sugar, we're finished for now."  Noting how rigid Tracy was holding herself, she added, "You might have to have this little chat outside."

Tracy turned on her heel and stalked outside while Ace followed dumbly behind.  What was going on, he wondered.
"I have been trying to get you to commit to wedding plans and you keep putting me off!" Tracy began angrily.  "It's like you don't want to get married anymore!"
Ace glanced at his fiance incredulously.  "Are you kidding me?" he demanded.  "Where's this coming from?"

Tears gathered in Tracy's eyes.  "I just can't help but feel now that you're a big-time celebrity that you regret proposing and that's why you're stalling on the wedding.  Maybe you want someone... younger..." she sobbed.

Ace glanced around to make sure there wasn't anyone else around.  "Tracy! Don't be ridiculous! I still want to marry you! I love you! I just have to check with Yvonne..."
"Yvonne! Yvonne! Yvonne! You're always talking about Yvonne!" Tracy said shrilly.  "Maybe you should just marry her!

"Tracy! You're being unreasonable!" Ace snapped.

"Unreasonable?!" she demanded.  "It's unreasonable to expect your fiance to actually pay attention to you?!"  She shook her head and narrowed her eyes.  "You've let fame get to your head!  It's like I don't even know you anymore!" She shoved Ace aside and hurried down the walkway to where she was parked.
Ace's shoulders slumped as he watched her go.  He wasn't even sure what that was about! Sure, they'd postponed the wedding a bit, but it wasn't because of her!  It was because he was busy with the kids and work...
He stayed up late into the night, wondering what he was going to do...


  1. Ok Yvonne you are getting in the way now lady lol. Aww man :(

  2. D'oh! ... I was afraid of this. :(

    1. Tracy has the over-emotional trait. Could you tell? :)