February 1, 2014

Ace: Week Twelve, Day Three

Awesome-ness:  Ace has an awesome honeymoon!

Chase jogged to catch the bus that morning.  He'd wasted precious time checking all the sinks in the house.  He wasn't sure why, but he was worried about the pipes bursting.
On the bus, he sighed with relief and then plopped down next to Devon.

Devon glanced over and grinned. "You ready for today?" he asked.  "It's our birthday! I think we should take off after the party and go down to the new dive bar, Lucky's Hideout.  It's be awesome!"

Chase frowned and glanced away from his brother.  "Now you're sounding like Dad," he muttered.


Ace hopped in the shower and began whistling a happy tune.  Last night had been incredible!  If he had known marriage would make him feel this good, he wouldn't have waited a minute!
And then the glass door slid open and Tracy climbed in behind him, wrapping her arms around him.  "Did you need someone to wash your back?" she asked seductively. Ace turned around in her arms and pulled her up against him.

Marriage just kept getting better and better...
Ace shut off the shower, shivering.  He and Tracy had fooled around so long in the shower that they'd lost all the hot water!
That didn't slow them down any, though!


Tracy put the two cakes out on the countertop and called the boys.  "It's your birthday tonight, right?"
Chase and Devon blew their candles out.
I don't feel very different, Chase thought, trying to notice any difference.  Funny how people believed one day made such a big difference....
On the other hand, Devon was feeling mighty grown up and ready to have some fun!  He was ready to follow in his father's footsteps and become a famous Rock Star!
They took their slices of cake and sat at the table.  Devon glanced over at his Dad and saw him pull Tracy into his arms.   He elbowed Chase.  "Newlyweds, huh?" he snickered. 

Ace and Tracy let out huge fake yawns and announced that it was probably time for them to hit the hay.

Devon waved to them as they passed by to go upstairs.
"Come on, Chase! Now's our chance! We can go out and have some fun!"

Chase hesitated, "I don't know Devon.  I don't think..."

Devon threw his hands up in the air with exasperation! "Don't think! Let's just go and see what it's like! If you're not having any fun, then we'll head home. I promise!"

"Fine!" Chase reluctantly agreed. "But how are we going to get there?"

Devon grinned and dangled Dad's keys in front of his brother.
Chase grumbled as he slid into the driver's seat. "Dad is going to kill us if he finds out," he said.

"Dad's not going to find out!" Devon said with mounting excitement.  "Go straight here!"
"I can't believe we're here! This is going to amazing!" Devon said, following behind Chase. 

Chase looked at the trash littering the parking lot and scowled.  This place was a dump!
Inside, he wasn't much more impressed.  "I don't know, Devon..." he said wearily.
"Aw come on, Chase! One drink and then we'll go home? Okay?"  Devon sighed. He should've known Chase would ruin the night!
Devon hurried to the bartender and ordered some drinks as Chase flicked a speck of dirt off his pants.
"Bottoms up!" Devon said as he handed his brother his drink. 

Chase put the glass to his mouth and began to sip, but then stopped. "I really don't think..."

"One drink, Chase! Just drink it!" Devon said, downing his drink. 

Chase followed suit, feeling extremely leery.


"Alright, if you're ready to go, we can go," Devon said.

Go? Go where? Why would he want to go anywhere? Chase thought.  He glanced at his brother and thought really hard.  There was something he wanted to say.  Why was Devon looking at him like that?  Oh yeah, probably because he was going to say something.

Chase opened his mouth.  "Llama kisses tickle my cheek...."

Devon laughed.  "Oh man. You're wasted! Come on, we should get home!"
Chase didn't want to go home though, he was having the best time!  Feeling warm, he pulled his shirt off and threw it to the ground.  Then he saw the drums and ran over to them. 
"I always wanted to try to play the drums!" he yelled, pounding the sticks on everything he could. 

Devon covered his ears.  "Yeah, well, first time for everything, right?" he muttered.  "Come on, we should really get you home!"

Chase glanced at the bartender.  "Another round!" he called out.


"I really don't think this is a good idea, Chase," Devon said, stepping in front of his brother. 
"Are you kidding? This is the best idea I've ever had! Don't you see?" Chase asked passionately.  "If I do something wild and crazy, then I don't have to be boring, old Chase! I can be wild and crazy Chase! And then I won't be boring, old Chase anymore because I'll be wild and crazy Chase! Maybe you can be boring, old Chase then!"

Devon shook his head, trying to follow his brother's reasoning. "I still don't think..."
"Too slow!" Chase darted around his brother.  "I'll be right back!"

Devon let the pent-up breath out.  Christ, he was never drinking with his brother againChase was insane when he had a drink!
Although, this was kinda funny when he stopped to think about it!  Chase was going to flip his lid tomorrow!  Devon snickered.


Devon leaned over to check out his brother's new tattoo.  "A martini glass?" he asked with confusion.  "Why?"
Chase giggled and Devon's eyes nearly popped out of his head.  Chase had never giggled in his life

"I think I said I wanted a drink and then they started inking me," Chase said with another giggle.  "I ordered a drink at a tattoo parlor!" he laughed until tears ran from his eyes.

Devon wiped his hand over his face, now fully sober.  "Oh God, we need to get you home. I never should've let you do this!"

Putting his arm around Chase's shoulder, Devon led his three-sheets-to-the-wind brother to the car and wrestled him for the keys.

"I'm driving," Devon said sternly.

"Oh alright, but don't tell Dad!" Chase said as he got in and leaned his head back against the seat.  "We're not supposed to drive his car!"  


It felt like only minutes had passed when Devon was shaking him awake.  Chase squeezed his eyes shut and struck out at his brother.  Anything to make the movement stop! His head was spinning!

"Come on, Chase, we're home," Devon whispered.  "Oh God, don't throw up in Dad's car. He'll kill us!"

Finally, Chase managed to throw his legs out of the car and shakily stand up. 
Devon helped him up the stairs. 

"I don't feel too good," Chase told his brother.

"I know, Chase. I'm sorry." Devon bit his lip, feeling incredibly guilty.  "Stupid idea anyway," he muttered under his breath.
Once inside, Chase waved Devon off. "Just want to sleep," Chase mumbled incoherently as he dropped onto the couch.

Devon threw a blanket over his brother and then staggered into his room.  Forget Dad, Ace was going to kill him tomorrow!


  1. Hahahaha!! Hilarious. Wow Chase you definitely dont need to drink but you gave endless entertainment!! Ooh Devon your twin is going to kill you.

    Did I mentiom that Tracy is a very pretty elder?

    1. Hehe.. yeah, Chase is going to learn not to drink the hard way! He's totally Jesse's grandson - getting ink when he's drunk!

      My favorite part was when Chase actually told Devon "Llama kisses tickle my cheek" in the game. It was too good NOT to use! :)

  2. Chase! :O No alcohol for you, you're nuts when you get a few in you. Crazy boy. :D

    1. Lol.. I can't see Ace ever drinking again! :) He's way too straight-laced & hated losing control. Although, I did kind of like seeing Chase get his freak on!

  3. This was so much fun to watch! Llama kisses tickle my cheek XD Though Chase won't find it as funny when he wakes up I bet...

    1. Oh, that was HILARIOUS! He actually said that! I didn't realize the drink would make Chase insane. Lol. Chase definitely couldn't hold his liquor!