February 8, 2014

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day Four

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase goes to the library and attempts to learn everything he can about babies...

Chase had gone to sleep with his arms wrapped around Yvonne, resting on her pregnant belly. He still couldn't believe he was going to be a father!  He'd called all of his family right away and told them the good news. 

Absently, he stroked her belly and smiled. He thought he'd never fall in love when he was in high school! And here he was now, Chase Black, married with a baby on the way! 

His eyes flew open.  Oh God.  They had a baby on the way! He wasn't ready! He hadn't prepared at all!

Slipping from the bed, Chase hurried to the local library and grabbed a number of books to go through on parenting and childbirth.  He wanted to be prepared when the time came!


There was no way this baby was keeping her from work, Yvonne thought as she dressed up and headed to her car.
When she felt her water break, she frowned.  Damn! That was one way the kid could keep her from work!


"Wait. What is it? Is everything okay?" Chase asked when Yvonne called him, panicking.  "No, it's still too early for you to be delivering..." he began to reassure her.

Quickly he pulled the phone away from his ear as she began yelling at the top of her lungs.  Wincing, he added, "No, okay. I'm sorry! You're right! I'll meet you at the hospital!"
"Oh God!" Chase said hanging up the phone.  "Oh God!"  His pulse started beating rapidly and his chest had tightened unbearably.  He reached up and gripped his hair in both hands, making his hair stick out in all directions when he clutched his chest.

Chase tried to take a deep breath.  "Panic attack. Just a panic attack," he told himself.  "I'm okay... I'm okay..." 

He tried to clear his head by shaking his head.  He couldn't have a panic attack.  He had to get to the hospital for Yvonne and the baby!


The labor went smoothly.  At least, that's what the nurse told him.  Chase had hurried into his wife's room and taken one look at her pushing baby Eva into the world and fainted dead away. 
"I can't believe you fainted," Yvonne said accusingly as Chase walked them to the car, holding the umbrella over his precious daughter and wife. 

He scowled at the reminder.  "It's not like I planned to pass out.  I just have a low tolerance for pain..."

Yvonne glanced at him sharply and scoffed,  "You were not in painI was in pain and I didn't faint!"

Chase shrugged, not wanting to argue with her. 
At the end of the day, the only thing that mattered was his precious baby, Eva Black, the fourth generation of Blacks to live under this roof!
He gently placed her in her crib in the room he'd redecorated for her. 
"Dad?" he said when Ace answered the phone.  "You're a Grandpa!"

Ace cheered loudly and covered the phone as he yelled across the room for Tracy.  "I'm a Grandpa, Tracy!"  Uncovering the phone, he asked Chase for all the information - length, weight, gender and told him to send a picture.  He paused a moment and let it sink in.  "Oh Chase, I wish I'd been there for it."

Chase smiled.  "You'll be here soon enough.  She's not going anywhere!"

Ace scoffed. "That's where you're wrong!" he said.  "My two babies are grown-up and one has a baby of his own!"


Chase headed out to the living room and saw Yvonne furiously typing on the keyboard.  "What are you working on?" he asked, as he began playing the bass.

Yvonne waved her hand dismissively.  "Shh... I need to concentrate!" She said, not looking up from her laptop.  "I need to get this contract prepped and ready for revision."

Chase guiltily stepped away from the bass.  "Alright. Well, I'll get dinner ready," he said quietly.
Yvonne absently nodded and worked on her contract awhile longer before finally saving it and pulling up a chess game.  She played a few matches until Chase announced dinner was ready.
"So, did you just need to get those contracts to Felix before your maternity leave began?" he asked curiously.
Yvonne laughed lightly, "Oh no, sugar. I'm not taking maternity leave! I'd fall too far behind!"

Chase frowned.  "But what about Eva? She's going to need you home with her!" he said with confusion.

Eva put her fork down and stared across the table. "Whatever for?" she asked.  "I think a nanny would be perfectly capable of caring for her!"

"But, what about breast-feeding?" Chase asked.  "The books said..."

Yvonne laughed loudly and shook her head. "Oh sugar, no. Oh no! I am not breast-feeding!"

"But, Yvonne! I read the books and..."

Yvonne cut him off again, glaring.  "Let me be clear, Chase. I am not breast-feeding! I don't care what the books said! End of discussion!" She shoved her plate away from her and angrily stalked from the room.
Chase scowled as she left. 

Apparently there were quite a few important things that they had never thought to discuss....


  1. Hey Eva Black! Wow fourth generation already, I'm barely getting into the second generation on mines and I started back in December lol, I need to catch up, darn homework.

    LOL at Chase fainting. I had a feeling he would do that. I hope Yvonne turns out to be a decent mom at least, I still think Chase deserves better but he will love who he wants to love.

    1. Doh! Don't think she's going to be much of a mom! Yvonne hates children! I definitely foresee some internal struggles as she tries to balance a family life with her workaholic tendencies...

    2. Oh Lordy! I just checked the Yvonne's traits on the Generations Roll tab. Poor Eva, she has a mother who hates children. This will be very interesting indeed. Can't wait to see how all this turns out!

  2. Just commenting here to say I hope you are doing ok!

  3. Yeah, this seems to be a conversation that they should have had. Chase and Yvonne both have expectations that they aren't voiced. And we all saw what Kristina's career ambitions got HER ... :(

    1. I think Chase is afraid to push because he's scared of losing her. Remember, he grew up feeling awkward and a little invisible in his outgoing twin's shadow. So now he has a relationship (and family) and he's going to hold on to it!