February 8, 2014

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day Two

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase fumes over Yvonne's heavy-handed attempt to get him to sign up for the symphony.

Yvonne took extra care preparing for work.  Felix had given her a hint about how people were going to react to her new marriage.  She glanced at her husband, still sleeping in bed and smiled wryly.  If anyone knew how well that young man loved her, then there would be no doubt about why she'd married him!
Downstairs, she sipped at her usual slimming breakfast drink.  It wasn't that she was trying to lose weight necessarily, it was just quick and easy - always prepared and ready to go when she was!

Glancing at her watch, she sighed and penned a quick note to Chase, strongly encouraging him to get his butt down to the theater today and join the symphony!


Chase put the paper aside and eyed the note Yvonne had left him on the counter once again.  He'd already read the blasted note, but it irked him that she was already trying to control him!  She'd said he was a married man now with "expectations" and "responsibilities!"  When in his life hadn't he been responsible! Chase thought sourly.  No way was he going to do it. He was going to show her that he was his own man!

Chase brushed his teeth a little more vigorously than normal, spitting the suds into the sink.  Who did she think she was anyway, telling him what to do!  He didn't tell her what to do.  And even if he did, he knew for damn sure she wouldn't listen unless it was what she wanted to do!  And why was she so sure that he'd prefer the symphony music career over the science job he'd been considering?


Chase took his bass down to the park and began playing a soothing tune.  The calming music soothed his soul.  It made all of his anger and frustration just melt away. Before he realized it, two hours had flown by. 

He sighed.  Maybe Yvonne was right.  He was a born virtuoso and his heart belonged in the symphony.  But his father was a veritable Rock Star!  What if he didn't measure up?  What if he failed?  Distracted, his fingers fumbled and a discordant note sounded.  Chase dropped his hands at the sharp sound and frowned.   What if I'm not good enough...


Chase dialed Yvonne's number and frowned when she answered.  "I auditioned today and they'd like me to stay and perform a sound check," he said tersely when she answered.
"Of course, sugar. I'll see you when you get home!" she said sweetly.  "I'm so proud of you!"

Chase just grumbled something under his breath and said goodbye. 
With a smile, she hung up the phone.  People usually hated it when she was right.  Glancing down, she frowned.  That was the ugliest thing she'd ever seen!  This house definitely needed her help redecorating!


Chase came home with a manual, Getting Noticed in a Sea of Fans, that he had to get through tonight.  He was still feeling a little upset with Yvonne for pushing him to audition and sign a contract.  But, he shouldn't be too harsh.  It was something he probably would've gotten around to soon, anyways.  He didn't think he ever would have really signed up at the science lab.
 Yvonne scooted over on the couch next to him and wrapped her arm around him.  "How's it going sugar?" she asked.  "Almost finished with the manual?"

Chase sighed and continued reading.  "No! There's a lot more reading to be done tonight!"

Yvonne stroked his arm as he read. "Sugar, what do you think about me rearranging a few things?" she asked.

Chase nodded absently as he turned the page.  "Yeah, sure. It's your home, too."
Yvonne grabbed Chase's chin and turned his head and kissed him passionately.  "Thanks, sugar!" she said with a wink as she headed upstairs.

Chase watched her sashay up the stairs and his mind went blank.  What did he just agree to? he wondered as he picked up the book and attempted to resume reading.  
His mind kept drifting upstairs, though, thanks to that kiss she'd given him.  He was having trouble concentrating now.  He tossed the book down on the couch and hurried upstairs to join his wife in bed.


  1. Pregnancy clothing! *dun dun dunnnnnnn!*

  2. I love the wall of pictures you have above the stairs! I hope Yvonne won't include that in her remodeling...

    1. I love the pictures! They're not going anywhere! Lol. There's an attic stuffed with different pieces from the different generations, too.