February 3, 2014

Chase: Week Twelve, Day Five

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase has a late night social call and stumbles through his hosting duties...

Chase woke up and glanced around his childhood room.  It didn't look like it had changed a bit since they were kids. 

And yet, it felt so much emptier now that it was just him...
Feeling bored and blue, he set up his bass and began trying to learn a new song.  The music helped soothe his troubled mood.
But in the end, he still felt desperately alone.  Devon had moved out to live with his highschool sweetheart and his father and stepmom had gone out for a Love Day celebration.

Bleh... Love Day...  A holiday made to make people like him miserable...


Ace had brought Tracy out to the Lone Wolff Lounge to have a romantic evening together. 
 "What do you want?" he asked Tracy.

Tracy leaned over and rubbed his knee, wiggling her eyebrows.  "You know what I want!" she said suggestively.

Ace grinned and leaned over to give her a sloppy kiss.  "That part of the night comes later.  Do you want a drink?"

Tracy winked. "Sure, something fruity!"
After finishing their drinks, they headed upstairs and wrapped their arms around each other to slow dance to the music.

And then they'd run into Yvonne...
She'd some how managed to talk Ace into giving an impromptu performance, suggesting that it would be good for his growing reputation.
Of course, it was never very hard to twist Ace's arm into playing.  He lived for strumming his guitar.  And Tracy didn't mind that part!  She just wished Yvonne wasn't always so sneaky and underhanded!  There was some sort of woman's intuition that made Tracy instinctively distrust Yvonne.
 She was sure Yvonne sensed it.

"That was a wonderful performance!" Yvonne said, putting her cell phone away.  "It will definitely make the papers in the morning. You were sizzling!"

Ace grinned.  "I love a good performance!" he said, reaching over to squeeze Tracy's hand. 

Tracy squeezed it back and smiled brightly at Yvonne, "Well, it's getting late, we should probably be getting home now!"

Ace sighed. "Yeah, I guess Chase will be wondering where we are..."

Yvonne grinned, "Or," she said, holding up two tickets.  "You can go enjoy a romantic Love Night at the Balmy Water Getaway, compliments of the agency, of course."  Her smile oozed charm.  "You could consider it a honeymoon of sorts!"

Ace grinned as he grabbed the tickets.  "That sounds awesome, doesn't it Tracy?!" Ace said excitedly.

Tracy reluctantly agreed.  It would be nice to get away with just Ace and herself for the night...

"Great! You lovebirds go have fun! I'll just drop in and let Chase know you'll be away on my way home." 

"Awesome," Ace said as he grabbed Tracy's hand and tugged her away, but Tracy glanced back and saw the smug smile.

Yvonne waved back and said, "Don't worry! I'll take care of everything!"

Tracy frowned.  That's what she was afraid of...

Yvonne knocked on the door the the Black residence and tapped her toe impatiently as she waited.
Chase opened the door and his jaw dropped.  "Umm.. Ms. Flores! Hi! Hello. Come in," he said awkwardly, holding the door open for her.
Yvonne followed him inside and smiled at how disconcerted the young man was. 

Chase felt awkward, worrying about what to say.  "Um, my father's not here right now," he said quickly into the thick silence. 
"Oh, I know, sugar. I just saw him at the Lounge.  I came by to tell you that he was going to the Balmy Water Getaway for the night.  It's Love Night, after all," she added with a wink.

"Oh," he said, pretty sure he was blushing. "Well, would you like to come in and have some coffee?" he asked lamely.  Wasn't that what you offered a guest that dropped by?  Chase was so lacking in social skills that he wasn't quite sure what the appropriate gesture was. But, something made him want to please Ms. Flores...
Yvonne grinned.  "Sure, sugar. That sounds nice!" she said as she glanced around the living room.  Oh the changes she would make if she lived here!
Chase set about making some coffee to offer his unexpected guest, extremely aware of the fact that he was alone with a beautiful woman.
 "The coffee is just about rea..." Chase said, stopping mid-sentence as he turned to face Yvonne.
Those legs... he thought lustfully when he saw her legs crossed primly.  He shook his head slightly, embarrassed by the direction of his thoughts! He was lusting after his father's agent!
When he managed to pull his gaze from her legs, he saw her smiling at him.  She'd caught him ogling her!

He was pretty sure his face was flaming red with embarrassment right now. 
Nervously he jammed his hands in his pockets when Yvonne got up and sauntered over to him. 
Feeling disconcerted by her closeness, he blurted out, "Um, the coffee's almost ready," turning to check the coffee-maker, his hands jerkily hitting the buttons and attempting to pull the drinks out. 
Yvonne's hands reached out and steadily pulled the coffee mugs out of his hand and set them aside.  She ran her fingers over his hand and leaned in closer with a seductive smile on her face.  "I find that I'm no longer interested in coffee..."
"Oh, um... well.." Chase looked around the kitchen dumbly. "I could probably make... umm.. tea... or something..."

But Yvonne was already shaking her head no, still smiling with those sexy, bright red lips.
Slowly, she leaned forward and rubbed her lips against his, kissing the corner of his mouth. 
The kiss pierced through Chase's awkwardness and he eagerly wrapped his arms around Yvonne and followed her lead, quite satisfied to let her show him the ropes.
They made love standing against the kitchen counter top...
 ...then stumbled over to the living room sofa...
 ...and then finally made love under the steady stream of hot water in the shower. 


This was a dream come true! Chase thought as he stepped out of the shower.  No, it was beyond his wildest dreams!  He was so used to being over-looked that Yvonne's attention was euphoric for him! 

Chase watched as Yvonne fixed her make-up in the bathroom mirror and smoothed her dress.  He wished she didn't have to leave!

Seeing him watching her in the mirror, she winked.  "I didn't take you for the kind of man to get a tattoo, sugar," she drawled.  "You've been full of surprises tonight..."

Chase covered his tattoo self-consciously.  "Yeah, well, I got it one crazy night..."
Yvonne snapped her compact shut and turned around to face Chase. 

Crap. She was leaving, he thought, desperately searching for something to make her stay.

He reached for her hands and wound his fingers through hers.  "This was... " he paused, searching for the right word...  Unexpected, Amazing, Wild... "Absolutely Perfect!  Stay with me tonight?" he asked hopefully.
"Oh sugar, where are you going to have me stay?" she asked with a slight laugh. "That little twin bed?"

Chase immediately had of vision of Yvonne and him naked in his little twin bed and he felt himself stirring under his boxers.

Yvonne smiled when she saw Chase's eagerness to try out his little twin bed.  "Maybe next time I come over, you'll have claimed that nice, empty master bedroom upstairs as your own.” Leaning forward to stroke his face, she added, “That way next time, we can have even more privacy...”

Chase grinned widely. She said there was going to be a next time!

With that, she winked and slipped away from his embrace.

Remember, gentlemen don't kiss and tell, sugar!” she said over her shoulder.


  1. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    Ok first I wanted to say I loved your staged shot even though I loathe Yvonne now but those shots were awesome. I keep meaning to do posed shots in mine but that means going pose hunting and then i just say forget it lol.

    Anywho...ugh Yvonne dont do Chase like this..but i know you cant help yourself. (great writing as always)

    I LOL'ed at Tracy at the beginning of the chapter. You freaky old lady. :P

    1. Those were my first poses in the game! Yeah!

      I'm really underwhelmed with the make-out and kissing interactions with Sims 3! None of those interactions seemed to portray Yvonne's seduction quite right!

  2. Hey, I recognize those poses! :O :O Oh my, Yvonne. :D

  3. Wow, Chase, what are you getting yourself into?! Great job with the pictures this chapter! Sometimes I think that poses stand out a bit from regular gameplay, but you've integrated them so well! The whole scene had a good flow to it.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty disappointed with the romantic interactions for Sims 3. Even the Stroke Cheek is silly looking. And the Makeout on Couch is way better in Sims 2! It's nice to have some poses now and then to do what the game can't! ;)