February 3, 2014

Chase: Week Twelve, Day Four

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase woke up to find he was permanently marked from the prior night - physically and emotionally!

Ace let out a low whistle under his breath when he came downstairs to find Chase sleeping like a log on the couch.  What in the world happened last night?

"Chase! Chase, wake up," he said, attempting to rouse his son.
Chase slowly sat up, running his hand down his face and cringing when it met a wet trail leading down his cheek.  Had he been drooling?  He scrubbed at his eyes and then absently rubbed the sore spot on his upper arm.

Weird, he thought when he felt the scabbing skin.  He glanced down in confusion and saw the gleaming tattoo there on his arm.
Slowly, memories from the night before came crashing down on him.  "Oh my God!" he shouted, jumping up from the couch.  
Ace held his hands out to calm Chase down.  "Hey, easy.  What happened last night?" he asked with some concern.
 Chase growled low in his throat.  "I'm going to kill him!"

Ace grabbed Chase's shoulders and forced him to focus on him.  "Who? What happened? Is everything okay?"
 Chase sighed as he faced his worried father.  "Devon took me out last night."

Ace bit his lip.  Ah, now everything made a little bit more sense.  Chase would never do something like this without his brother prodding him along.  "Well, let's wait on killing him.  You guys have your graduation ceremony today," Ace said hesitantly.  "Let's get some coffee in your belly and see how we feel afterwards."
Chase held the hot mug in his hand and slowly sipped on the coffee his father had made him.  His step-mom Tracy was in the kitchen preparing some pancakes.  His stomach roiled uncomfortably.  Not that he was going to eat any...
He excused himself and headed to the bathroom.  After his shower and shave he was beginning to feel like a normal human being again.  He glanced in the mirror.  He didn't look any different.  But, he certainly felt different.  He hoped no one ever found out about the tattoo gracing his upper arm.  How embarrassing!


The family rose in silence down to the City Hall for the graduation ceremony.  Chase was not talking to Devon!
"Well, here we are boys!" Ace announced, wishing the boys weren't avoiding looking at each other.  "Let's put the unpleasantness to the side for now and concentrate on your big day, okay?"

Devon hopefully glanced over at his brother, hoping to see forgiveness in his eyes.

Chase stared straight and headed inside.

Ace sighed as he followed the boys inside with Tracy on his arm.


After the ceremony, the boys didn't seem like they were in the mood to go out to celebrate, so everyone headed home in a somber mood.  

Once inside, Devon broke the silence....
 "What's your problem, Chase? I tried to stop you!" Devon said with frustration.
"I told you that I didn't want to drink! But you pushed and pushed and pushed!" Chase said angrily.  "And now look what happened!"

Devon threw his hands up in the air.  "Well, how was I to know you were going to go ape-shit insane with one drink? It's not my fault you can't hold your alcohol!"

Chase crossed his arms and huffed.  "You never take responsibility for your actions! Everything is just a game to you!" he said, shaking his head with distaste.  "Why don't you grow up, Devon!"

Devon crossed his own arms and scowled.  "You just want everyone to be as miserable as you are! Just because you don't know how to have fun doesn't mean nobody else should!" Devon yelled back.

"BOYS!" Ace finally interrupted, stepping between them.  "That's enough out of both of you!  Let's take a break and let our tempers cool off!"

Devon balled his hands into fists, itching to argue back, but inevitably stormed outside, kicking a stone.  Angrily,  he pulled out his phone and made a phone call.


"God, thanks for coming over," Devon told Cornelia as he pulled her into his arms.  "They always make me feel like shit!

Cornelia stroked Devon's shoulder.  "Chase is just mad and needs someone to blame.  You can't control his actions, only your own."

Cornelia's comforting hand made his frustration float away and suddenly he was smiling again.  God, how could he live without her?  He pulled a guitar string he had in his pocket out and wound it up a few times into a circular shape.
"Cornelia, I know it's not a fancy ring or anything, but it's the best I can do right now" he said, dropping to his ring.  "You're the only one who gets me.  You gotta marry me!"

Cornelia gasped as Devon slipped the hastily-made ring on her finger.  She eagerly nodded and launched herself into his arms. 

Devon squeezed her back, relieved beyond words that she'd accepted.  "I was kinda worried you'd get mad cause of the ring," he confided.  "But I promise, as soon as I hit it big, I'll get your diamonds or pearls or whatever you want!"

Cornelia gazed down at the ring with a smile and said, "It's perfect. I wouldn't trade it in for anything!"

Devon slung his arm around Cornelia and tugged her towards the stairs.  "Come on! Let's go tell Dad!"


Chase sat down on the couch... long after his father and Tracy had gone upstairs to bed... long after Devon and Cornelia had left...

It still didn't feel real.  Devon had moved in with Cornelia.  He was gone...

His anger at his brother fizzled flat in his heart.  He already missed Devon like crazy.

He'd never felt more alone in his life...

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  1. Darn I knew it was going to be a big blow up but it so sad at the end. :(

    Well Im happy for Devon Im sure the boys will patch things later.