February 6, 2014

Chase: Week Twelve, Day Seven

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase wonders if he's getting over his head with his affair with Yvonne.

"Tracy, you're never going to believe this," Ace said, trying to stay calm.
"What is it? What is it?!" she asked excitedly.  Ace looked like he had big news and she couldn't wait to hear what it was!

"I did it! I'm a Rock Star!"
Tracy squealed and launched herself into Ace's arms.  "I'm so proud of you, darling!" she said with tears in her eyes.  "Everything you'd always wanted!"

Ace felt pretty close to choking up, as well.  "Yeah, it's pretty darn awesome," he said, then added excitedly,  "We're going on tour, baby!!"

Tracy blinked. Wait? What? "Tour?" she asked with confusion.


Felix glanced at his watch. He had a meeting in an hour across town.  "Did you get everything arranged with Ace for his tour dates?"

Yvonne nodded.  "I spoke with him this morning. He was going to tell Tracy and get back with me."

Felix frowned.  "I've heard good things about his son, too."

Yvonne grinned. "Oh, his son is very talented. If you'd have heard Chase pl..."

"No, not Chase," Felix said, snapping his fingers, trying to jog his memory.  "David? Dylon?"

"Devon?" Yvonne supplied helpfully.

"Yes! That's the one! I want him to go with! Add a fresh face to the mix!"

Yvonne was taken aback.  "Oh, well. I'll have to talk to him, of course."  She was mentally kicking herself for not thinking to sign up Devon with the agency.  Of course both of Ace's sons were virtuosos!  But, she'd heard Chase play the bass and had become rather focused on getting him signed up.

"Get it wrapped up, Yvonne! We don't want anyone swooping in and signing with the kid.  If they get the kid, they might get the father when it comes time to negotiate!" Felix fixed her with a stern glare.  "I shouldn't have to be telling you this! Should I arrange for someone else to handle this case?"

Yvonne gritted her teeth.  "No! This is my deal, Felix. I'll take care of everything.  Both boys will be signed before the end of the week!"

Her ringing phone interrupted the meeting. She checked the caller id and smiled at Felix.  "It's Ace. I'll have a progress report on your desk tomorrow," she promised before flipping the cell phone open.

"Ace! Are you all ready for your big tour?" she chirped.
"Get it done," Felix mouthed to her with a frown while pointing to his watch.

Yvonne scowled and waved him away impatiently.

"What's that, sugar?" she asked, turning her back on Felix, trying to pay attention to what Ace was asking.


"I really appreciate you coming over so quickly, Yvonne." Ace said in greeting.  "I thought that I'd call a family meeting so you'd only have to go over the details once."
Once everyone was inside and seated, Yvonne glanced around the room.  She tried to avoid glancing directly at Chase.  She needed to remain cool, calm and professional today.  But, even as she told herself that, she glanced over at him, drinking in the sight of him.
Shaking her head, she cleared her throat.  "Well, we have exciting news for you today!" she announced with a bright voice.  "Your daddy has been signed up for a tour around the big cities! He is a regular, old Rock Star!"

She paused as everyone excitedly chattered and offered congratulations.
Holding up her hands, she brought the attention back to herself.  "And, I have a little bit more good news! I was just speaking with my supervisor and he informed me that he'd like to add Devon to the line-up! It'll be good publicity! Ace Black, Rock Star, and son!"
"Rock ON!" Devon said, jumping up.  "Dad! This is going to be so cool!"

Yvonne passed some paperwork over to Devon.  "To join the tour, I just need you to sign a little paperwork and agree to be represented by us."

Devon glanced around for a pen. "Score! Where do I sign?" 

As Yvonne happily handed him her pen, Cornelia put her hand on Devon's arm and said quietly, "Um, Devon, do you think we could look at the paperwork together tonight and, you know, talk about it?"

Devon paused and glanced at Cornelia, "What's to think about, baby?" he asked in a whisper back.  "I'm going to be a rock star like my Dad!"

Cornelia sent an awkward smile towards Yvonne before turning back to Devon. "It's just that I'd like to talk about it before signing anything," she replied with thinly veiled annoyance.

Devon rolled up the paperwork and stuck it in his back pocket. "Yeah, sure. Okay, baby," he said.

Yvonne smoothly smiled at the young couple and said, "Look it over, discuss it and call me if you have any questions! We can take you to the top!"  
"So the question is," Ace said, filling in the silence that fell.  "Does anyone else want to come? Bethany? Chase?"
Bethany bit her lip.  "I don't know about you guys, but we can't just pick up and move with Topher being in the military.  Plus, I'd prefer to raise the little ones here in Sunset Valley."

Ace glanced past Bethany towards Chase.  "Chase?" he asked, "What about you?"
Chase stared straight ahead at Yvonne, feeling blind-sided.  She'd been over last night, but she hadn't breathed a word about this to him.

"Chase?" Ace prompted again.

Chase shook his head and turned to face his father. "I'm sorry.  I don't think I'd be happy in the big city.  It's too dirty."  The family laughed lightly at his announcement and he frowned.  What was so funny about the city being dirty?
Ace looked around the room and smiled wistfully.  It looked like his desire to be a Rock Star was going to split his family up.  He was pretty sure Devon and Cornelia would be coming with him, leaving Bethany and Chase here in Sunset Valley.

"It's only for a year," Tracy reminded him, putting her hand on his knee.  "We'll be back before you know it!"
"You know that no matter what, I'll only be a phone call away," Ace told Chase as the family meeting came to a close.

Chase shrugged, pretending that it wasn't a huge deal that his father was leaving.  "I'll be fine. You go off and enjoy your awesome success!"
Ace pulled his son into a bear hug and slapped his back.  "I'm proud of you, Chase!"
"Ace, you need to leave now if you're going to make your flight," Yvonne said, softly interrupting father and son.

"Well, this is it, I guess!" Ace said shakily.  "I'll see you soon!"

"Knock them dead," Chase said, feeling a knot in his stomach tighten.
He followed his father and step-mother to the porch and waved them off.  This was it... he was alone...
When he walked back in, he saw Yvonne standing there.  "Oh sugar, I know how hard this is," she said, walking into his arms.

Chase frowned and moved to push her out of his arms.  "You know how hard this is?" he demanded.  "Then why didn't you warn me when we were upstairs last night?"

Yvonne cocked her head and tapped her foot impatiently.  "I think we should discuss this over dinner," she announced.  "Come on, sugar, you're taking me out to the Bistro!"

Chase shook his head with disgust as he turned on his heel to get ready.


"I'm not saying that you shouldn't go," Cornelia said with impatience. "I'm just saying that we should look over paperwork before signing it!"

"What do you mean?" Devon asked.  "Yvonne's been representing Dad for as long as I can remember! She's like family!"
"Well, it doesn't hurt to look it over anyways," Cornelia added stubbornly.

"What's this really about, Cornelia?" Devon demanded.  "You've been acting funny since Yvonne gave me the contract!"
"I'm going to miss you," Cornelia said sadly.  "You're going to go off to the big city and you're going to forget about me." She wiped a tear from her eye and turned around angrily.  She hadn't wanted to cry in front of him.
"Baby, I want you to come with! Besides, they need hot shot journalists in the big city, too!"

"Really? You want me there?" she asked quietly.

Devon pulled her into his arms.  "Baby, you know I can't live without you!"


"I can't believe how well you handled the chef!" Chase said as they walked into the living room.  

Yvonne playfully smoothed her hair.  "No one sends me the wrong order! Can you believe they sent me steak tartar when I asked for lobster thermidor?!"

Chase laughed.  "I thought they were going to spit in your food.  When the chef graciously thanked you for your honesty, I almost fell out of my chair! And to bestow upon you the Bravest Customer Ever award and gave you $500!"

Yvonne laughed playfully.  "I have a way with people, what can I say?"

"You certainly do," Chase agreed with a smile.
 "So, you forgive me?" Yvonne asked as she reached for Chase's hands.
Chase sighed. "Yeah, I understand.  You weren't at liberty to discuss the situation with me.  It just caught me by surprise. Seeing my girlfriend up there..."

"Girlfriend?" Yvonne asked as she raised an eyebrow.
"I'd like you to be my girlfriend," Chase said, feeling vulnerable as he waited for Yvonne to say something.

"I think," she began slowly, "that I would love to be your girlfriend."


It was early in the morning when the couple finally fell asleep with Chase curled up against Yvonne's side, holding her tight.


  1. Ok so i think I have a better understanding of Yvonne. So she is doing work for this Felix character and she is very good at what she does by getting her way all the time and Chase was really just a deal for her at first but she's really starting to fall for him..because Chasemeister got the skillz in bed lol..jokes..but do I have it somewhat right?

    Ace and Tracy really going to be gone for a while?

    Awesome chapter!

    1. You're spot on! I think caring for Chase has caught her off-guard. I think we're going to see her struggle a lot over how to be a "family" sim! I guess the Chasemeister just rocks her world. :)

      Ace & Tracy moved in with Devon & Cornelia for the time that the story says they're "on tour." No more Ace in the Legacy!

  2. Good deal, Chase! ... the city's too dirty, goodness, you have NO idea ...

    1. I toyed with moving them to Bridgeport, but I couldn't do it!