February 6, 2014

Chase: Week Twelve, Day Six

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase thinks about Yvonne all day, wondering when he'll get to see her again!

It had been difficult to get to sleep last night after everything he and Yvonne had done!  There was something so different about her, he thought to himself.  She wasn't flighty and immature like the girls that had been at Prom.  She was a real woman with real curves and she knew exactly what she wanted (and wasn't afraid to take it!)
Boy, did she ever know what she wanted! he thought with a wry grin as his gaze fell on the coffee cups, abandoned on the kitchen island. He couldn't help but remember the night before when she'd introduced him to making love there against the kitchen counter...
If only she hadn't needed to leave so soon, he thought with dismay, remembering her parting words.  "Oh sugar, where are you going to have me stay?  That little twin bed?" she'd purred in that sexy drawl of hers. 
Chase made his way upstairs to his grandparents old room.  Maybe Yvonne was right.  Maybe he should claim this room as his own master bedroom.

After all, he wasn't a kid anymore...


"Let's get going, Chase!" Ace called from the front yard.  "Bethany is expecting us!"

Chase checked the doorknob to make sure the front door was locked up tight.  He hated it when his father tried rushing him. It made him feel agitated, like he was forgetting something important.  Feeling ridiculous, he pulled on the doorknob again before hurrying down the front steps.

Ace slung his arm around his son's shoulder and grinned.  "Come on, it's time to meet your new cousins!"

Chase scowled.  Not that he didn't want to see Bethany and the kids. He did! But... he still hadn't heard from Yvonne...
Bethany opened the front door and grinned when she saw Chase standing there.  "We were wondering when you were going to show up," she said with a wink.

Chase glanced up and looked past his aunt and felt a smile light his face.  "Devon!" he said as he hurried forward to hug his brother.  He'd fought with Devon his entire life, but they'd never stayed mad at each for that long! 

"I'm sorry..." they both said at the same time before laughing. 

Chase rubbed the back of his neck, "I'm sorry I got bent out of shape..." he said.

Devon waved his hand dismissively.  "Nah, it's my fault. I never should've pressured you..."

"Aw, they're BFF's again!" Bethany joked from the doorway, pleased to see the twins talking again. 
Ace followed his sister inside and saw the beautiful newborn in a crib downstairs.  "Is this little Jasmine?" he asked as he picked the baby up.  "She's beautiful, squirt!  Where's her twin brother, Adam?"

Bethany sighed.  "Upstairs sleeping! I don't know what we were thinking to have babies so close together!  And then to wind up with twins!  I don't think I'll ever sleep again!"

Ace smiled, remembering the days when the boys were just babies.  "Oh, you'll sleep again.  In about 20 years!" he joked.

"Not funny!" Bethany said, playfully slapping his arm.
Tracy scooped up Bethany's oldest son, Caesar, and made small talk with Topher.
"So, when are you going to tell me about it?" Devon asked his brother with a sly grin.

Chase tried to avoid looking at his twin. "What do you mean?" he said, playing dumb.

Devon elbowed him.  "Come on, I'm your twin! You can't hide it from me! Who is she?"

He flexed his fingers and pretending to shrug indifferently.  "A gentleman never kisses and tells..." he said.


"What leads are you currently following up on?" Felix Gibbons asked impatiently as he and Yvonne strolled out of the building.
"I've been laying the groundwork to get a very special talent signed up with us," Yvonne said excitedly. 

Felix raised his eyebrow, checking his watch.  "Well? Who is this paragon?"

"None other than the son of Ace Black!" she announced.  "Chase Black is an extremely talented musician!"   Yvonne allowed herself one secret smile.  Chase was surprisingly talented in quite a few areas!
"Get it done, Yvonne.  I don't have to remind you that reviews are coming up," Felix shot over his shoulder as he headed to his car.  "Don't disappoint me."

"Of course not, sir!" Yvonne called out.  "Leave it to me! I'll take care of everything!"
Narrowing her eyes, she pulled out her phone and punched in the phone number, tapping her toe as it rang.

"Hello?" he asked, eagerly when he answered.

Yvonne smiled.  This was going to be like taking candy from a baby!


She waited impatiently outside until she heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. She had her speech lined up and then turned around and saw Chase coming.
When he took her hands in his own, everything flew from her mind.  
"Yvonne. I'm so glad you called!" he said huskily.  "I've been thinking about you all day!"
Just what a lady loves to hear, Yvonne thought as she ran her fingers through his hair, smiling as he closed his eyes with pleasure.  He was so easy to read! 

"I've been thinking about you all day, too, sugar," she said. "Is there somewhere we can go?"

"Upstairs," he said, feeling urgent.  He grabbed her hand and started to drag her after him. 

"Oooo.... lead the way, sugar!" Yvonne drawled.


Yvonne had barely glanced around the newly redecorated room before Chase had twirled her around and landed in the bed with her.  And he was staring at her so intently that it made her toes curl! When he kissed her, she thought she was going to die and go to heaven!  He was definitely a fast learner...
Much later, Chase snuggled under the covers and reached out to squeeze Yvonne's hand.  "That was... incredible..." he whispered.
Yvonne smoothed her hand down his chest.  "It sure was, sugar," she purred before rolling out of bed.
"Wait!" Chase called out before scrambling over the bed towards her and pulling her into his arms.  "Where are you going? I thought we could... you know... go again?"
"Oh sugar, I have work in the morning!" she said as she slipped her shirt over her head.

Chase frowned as she stepped into her skirt.  "Well, I thought that maybe you could stay the night with me," he offered hopefully.
"Oh sugar, I don't do overnights,"  she said with a strange note in her voice as she reached out to  stroke his cheek.  "And I shouldn't let anything come between me and my work." 
Chase didn't know how to respond to that statement, so he didn't say anything at all.  Just watched her get ready to leave.

"Don't be upset, sugar!  Meet me tomorrow for lunch?" she asked as she threw her purse over her shoulder.

Chase nodded stiffly.

And then she was gone.
Chase sighed deeply and shuffled to bed.  He was beginning to feel a little out of his depth in this affair...
But he still dreamed about her again...


  1. I relished in the fact that Yvonne had someone who was giving her orders when she had been practically ordering the Black men around. How ironic :P Hearing her say sir was music to my ears.

    Dang Chase got some stamina lol wow.

    :( Im already hurting for Chase and nothing has even happened yet but I can feel it coming and im bracing for it.

  2. Chase, sweetie ... you gotta stand up to her, somehow! Don't let the sex wring you out!

    1. I know! He's like a little puppy dog & she's a barracuda! :)