March 27, 2014

Chase: Week Fourteen, Day Five

Neurotic Obsession: Chase and Yvonne declare a truce on a family-oriented Feast Day.

"Oh," Yvonne muttered, stopping short when she saw that Chase was already in the nursery.  "I didn't know you were in here."
Chase glanced back over his shoulder as he was lifting Farrah out of the crib.  "I'm surprised to see in here," he said without thinking. 

He watched as Yvonne's face instantly shuttered.
"Well, I'll just grab Farrah and be out of your way," she snapped, turning her back on him.
"Wait!" he called out before she could leave the room. "I'm sorry!" Chase said quickly.  "I didn't mean anything by that.  I'm just used to doing everything myself.."
"Chase, we've gone over this! Just because you don't think we should rely heavily on nannies doesn't mean that I have to pick up the slack..." Yvonne huffed.

"No! No! I know! I'm sorry. This isn't coming out right."  He said mournfully, shaking his head.   It seemed that every conversation with Yvonne had become a battle.  He chose his next words more carefully.  "It's good to see you spending time with the girls."

Yvonne shrugged.  "I am their mother," she said with a voice tinged with hurt.  "Just because I have other ambitions doesn't mean that I don't love them the same as you do."

Chase winced as he watched little Eva looking back and forth between her parents.  "Truce today, okay?" he asked.

Yvonne nodded tersely and left the room.


"Dad! Tracy!" Chase said as he hugged his father.  "I'm glad you could make it!"
Ace patted his son on the shoulder.  "As if you could keep me away! How are the grand kids?" he asked with a grin. 

"They're precious. Do you want to come see them?" Chase asked.

"Lead the way!"
Ace hefted his granddaughter up in his arms and snuggled her against his chest.  "Look at you, little Princess!" he said with a grin.  "You must be the prettiest little girl in the whole town!"

"Paw-paw!" Eva giggled when her Grandpa Ace's fingers mischievously found her ticklish spot. 
"Oh no, Princess! I can't control it! The Tickling Hand is going to get you!" Ace teased as he swung his hand around wildly, pretending it had a life of it's own.

Chase watched his father with Eva and smiled as the two laughed and giggled. "I'll just leave you two kids alone. I'm going to see if Yvonne needs any help in the kitchen."

Ace nodded with a grin.  "Smart man."

Chase scoffed as he walked out.  If only...
He shouldn't have been surprised that Yvonne shooed him away.  She had everything under control, she'd assured him.  The family just made small talk as they waited for the turkey to finish.
"Dinner is served!" Yvonne called out. 

Ace headed into the dining room where Yvonne had set up a buffet.  "Everything smells good, Yvonne," he complimented her. 

"Of course it does, sugar.  I did it myself!" she grinned at him saucily. 

Her smile hit him like a ton of bricks in his heart.  There was his wife!  She wasn't gone, just in hidingAnd he'd find a way to get her back...
When everyone was seated in the dining room, Yvonne raised her glass and smiled around the table.  "A toast! To a wonderful family!" she said.  Everyone clinked their glasses, laughing and talking, catching with others lives.

Chase glanced around the table and smiled as he clinked glasses with Yvonne.  "To our family," he murmured.

Yvonne met his eyes and smiled.  "To our family," she agreed.
Devon cleared his throat, "If I can have everyone's attention!" he called out.  "My lovely wife and I have an announcement!"

Eyes turned towards Devon and Cornelia. 

Satisfied he had everyone's attention, Devon held up his glass again and announced, "My baby's having a baby!"

Aunt Holly squealed with excitement and started peppering Cornelia with questions about her due date and if she was hoping for a boy or a girl. 

"Congratulations, Devon," Chase said with a smile.

"Thanks, bro," Devon said. 
As people got up and started to mingle again, Chase headed to the sink and began doing the dishes.  It was good having all his family around.  There was so much joy and happiness surrounding them today.
"Congratulations," Yvonne said, feeling annoyed that everyone was so happy just because Cornelia and Devon had managed to make a baby.  What about all Cornelia's other accomplishments? Becoming a well-known photo-journalist? Did all that count for nothing just because some baby had taken up residence in her belly?! 

"Thanks, Yvonne. It means a lot to me, coming from you! I was hoping you'd have some good parenting tips!" Cornelia said, rubbing her stomach.

Yvonne pulled her gaze up from Cornelia's belly bump and gave a tight smile. "Well, sugar, thankfully Chase is really more of the hands-on-dad.  It leaves me free to focus on business."

Cornelia's eyebrows shot up.  "Oh, so maybe I should talk to Chase..." she managed to say politely.
Yvonne was saved from trying to salvage the plummeting conversation by Topher.  "Hey, Yvonne. I'm going to take the kiddos home.  Everything was great.  Thanks for having us," he said as he shrugged into his coat.

"Oh, of course, sugar," Yvonne said.  "They're growing up so fast.  Looks like Cesar just had a growth spurt!" she said, nodding towards Topher & Holly's eldest son in the blue tuxedo.

"Yeah, you always think you'll have more time when they're little - but then you turn around and it seems they're almost grown!" he said wistfully, looking back at his younger son, Ahmad.
"Daddy, is it time to go yet?" Yesenia asked. 

Topher smiled in apology at Yvonne.  "I guess that's my cue. Let's go sweet pea," he said, curving his arm around his daughter's shoulder.  "Time to go."
Yvonne was watching them go, feeling a pinch of something... was it regret? 

Chase pulled her from her musing when he leaned forward and gave her a peck on the lips.  "Happy Feast Day," he told her in a low voice. 

She lowered her gaze, almost shyly.  After all, it had been quite awhile since they'd really touched at all.  "Happy Feast Day."

"I had a great day today," he told her, hoping that their truce lasted longer than tonight.  In fact.. he was really hoping she might not roll away from him tonight when they went upstairs to bed...

A man could always hope... right?!

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  1. Oooooh, so far behind! But that means lots and lots of fun updates to read!

    I really hope Chase and Yvonne can make it work. :(