March 14, 2014

Chase: Week Fourteen, Day Four

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase and Yvonne settle into a frosty feud with no idea how to stop it...

Chase woke up early and went downstairs to check on the girls.  Hopefully he could feed Farrah and get her back to sleep before she managed to wake up Eva!  Juggling both girls would take some finesse on his part...

...if only he could count on Yvonne to help...
He heard her coming down the stairs, but didn't turn to say good-morning.  They hadn't talked much since they'd brought little Farrah home.  They were engaged in an all-out cold-shoulder war...

...and it didn't feel like either of them were winning, he thought sadly.
Yvonne glanced at Chase's back as she prepared to leave.  He'd been so mad at her since Farrah had been born.  She supposed he had good reason.  And now he wouldn't look at her - wouldn't talk to her. 
She turned away.  She was afraid she was going to lose him...
The minute Yvonne walked out the door, Chase's shoulders slumped in defeat.  It was like he was losing her...
But he didn't have time to stew over it.  Eva was up and demanding to be let out of the crib.  Farrah was wailing in her crib.  And he still had to practice his music before the symphony played tonight.


"Thanks for meeting me here," Yvonne's new boss, Candace Landgraab, said as soon as they were seated. 

Yvonne smiled politely.  "Of course! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! In fact, I was wanting to tell you about a few ideas I've had..."  Yvonne leaned forward and opened her mouth to launch into her presentation.

But, Candace held her hand up.  "One moment," she said.  "We're still waiting on one more person."  Looking up, she grinned widely, "Ah, there you are!" she said, waving her hand for the stranger to take a seat.
Yvonne turned her head to the side with a smile in place to greet their 3rd party-member...
 ...and the smile froze on her face.

"Felix." she said with a slight incline of her head.  "So nice to see you again."

If Felix felt awkward at all being in her presence, he didn't show it.  He merely nodded in her direction and murmured his greeting before turning his attention to Candace.
"Good. Now that my two top-level managers are here, we can get started. Yvonne, you've excelled at getting a number of high-profile accounts and that's why we've given you the promotion.  You have a winning way with people.  Felix, your strength is organization and strategy.  We'd like to see you two work together to collectively bring in new talent to Star Agency."
 Yvonne fought to maintain her calm.  She smiled charmingly at Candace.  "I thought one of the reasons I was given the promotion," she risked a glance towards Felix, who was grinning blandly, "was because my record spoke for itself! I have single-handedly brought in more high-dollar contracts than anyone else in the firm!"  Eat that, Felix! she thought snidely. 
Candace blotted her mouth and tossed her napkin down on the table.  "That is true. But now we want you two to work together."  Candace said as she stood up to leave.  "Enjoy the rest of your lunch, discuss your ideas and come to me in the morning with something good.  I don't need to remind you how good this will look in your file." 

"I am looking forward to it," Felix said cheerfully, leaning back in his chair.  "Yvonne and I have always worked so well together."

Candace met Yvonne's gaze.  "I trust this arrangement is amenable to you?" she asked. 

Yvonne swallowed and nodded.  "Of course, Candace!  I can't wait to see what we bounce off each other!"  I'd like to bounce a 10-lb bowling ball off his head! she added silently.

"Good!" And then Candace was gone.
When Candace was gone, Yvonne's smile dropped and she stood up abruptly with a strangled cry of exasperation.  "Ugh! How is the world did you manage to finesse this?!" she said accusingly.

"Hey! It's not my idea of a great time, either!" Felix said heatedly as he stood up with her. 

Yvonne glared at her old friend and boss.
Felix softened first.  "Look, I'm sorry about the things I said. I was upset. I never should've said it.  You know I've always thought you were one of the best agents.  That's why I pushed for all those promotions..."

"You pushed for my promotions?" she asked.

Felix shrugged.  "Well, yeah. I just didn't think they'd eventually pass me over..." 

Yvonne chewed her lip as she thought about the hurtful things he'd said to her that afternoon.  He'd basically insinuated that she'd used sexual favors to get where she was. 

Even worse than that - she worried there might be a grain of truth.  She hadn't slept with him, of course... 

But, she'd flirted with him and he'd been quite blatant about his attraction for her. 

And now she found out that he'd been pushing for her promotions all along.  Promotions that she'd always thought she'd earned solely on her own merit and hard-work. 
They each lapsed into silence. 
Until Felix broke the ice.  "Look, we're both adults. I think it's best that we put all that behind us so that we can concentrate on our proposal for Landgraab.  There's no reason things have to be awkward between us," Felix said magnanimously, holding his hands out to the side in a gesture of good will.  "Now, when I was coming up, I overheard you saying that you had some ideas..."


  1. Well, if she can work it out with Felix, she can work it out with Chase. ... if she TRIES, that is!

    1. It's Yvonne! She'll take care of EVERYTHING, sugar. :)