March 11, 2014

Chase: Week Fourteen, Day One

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase worries when Yvonne loses track of time celebrating her new contract.

Yvonne rushed to finish getting ready.  She glanced down at her watch and frowned as she finished applying her make-up.  She'd have to hustle to make it to her meeting with Gino on time since she'd had "family breakfast" with Chase and Eva. 

Chase had frowned when she'd hurried away mid-meal so that she could get ready.  She ignored his petulant look.  She was trying... didn't that count for something?  Why couldn't he try to understand her?

She made it to the stadium in time and waved when she saw Gino.  Taking a calming breath, she called out to him, "Gino! So good to see you, sugar!"

Gino smiled and shook her hand and then glanced down.  "What IS that on your shirt?" he asked with surprise.
Yvonne glanced down and saw the pea-green baby food stain right over her boob.  Her cheeks heated with embarrassment and she raised her hand to cover the stain.  "My daughter's breakfast," she said through gritted teeth. 

There goes the deal, she thought sourly.

Gino's eyes lit up with pleasure.  "I didn't know you had kids!" Gino said affably.  "I can't wait until Jacqueline and I have our first little guy!  We just found out she's pregnant!"

"Congratulations, sugar!" Yvonne replied, "It's a good thing you let me know, I can work a few different angles for you in the press.  Just leave everything to me!"

Gino grinned and started talking about having a large family and how he'd always loved children.  And that was how Yvonne found herself talking about children for the next hour...
"Well, sugar, it is a pleasure doing business with you!" Yvonne drawled as slipped the signed contract into her briefcase.  "On behalf of Star Agency, welcome to the family!"

Gino shook her hand, "Thanks Yvonne! It's great to find an agent who understands how to balance family-life and business!  I'll be sure to tell all my friends about you!"

Yvonne hid her shock from Gino's statement and smiled, "Thanks sugar!" she said with a wink.  "I'll be sure to hold you to that!" 

Grinning, she flipped open her phone and dialed a number.  She couldn't wait to tell him her good news!  "Meet me at the office," she said when he answered.


Yvonne set the signed contract on her assistant's inbox to be processed Monday morning and then headed downstairs.  Pretty good day's work for a Sunday!  Now she flipped through the messages on her phone as she waited for Felix to show up.
When she saw him approaching, she grinned and announced, "I did it! I got the Gaithers account! And he was so impressed, he's going to tell his friends about us!  I've already gotten a call from his friend Stephen Hutchison about scheduling a meeting!"
"Good job, Yvonne!" Felix said as he reached out to pat her arm. "You're my best agent! You have hustle and drive!  I think the other agents could take a lesson from you!  Now, come on, I'm taking you out to celebrate!"

Yvonne grinned with pleasure.


"So, wait? He signed because he thought you were family-oriented? What did you do to make him think that?"  Felix laughed so hard that tears started coming to his eyes.  " No offense, Yvonne, but you're probably the least maternal woman I've ever met!"
"I know!" Yvonne laughed as she sipped her wine.  "He assumed I was a super-mom because I fed Eva breakfast this morning and wound up with this horrid green stain on my blouse!" she said, waving her hand at the green stain on her blouse.

Felix's gaze shot down to her chest and lingered.

" know?"

Felix shook his head to clear his tunnel-vision and his eyes shot back up to Yvonne's face.  "I'm sorry, what?" he said distractedly.  He'd been so busy staring at Yvonne's breasts that he hadn't even paying attention to what she'd been saying!
And the grin on her face told him that she knew it, too. "I asked if you thought the stain makes me look like a frumpy mother?"

Felix shifted closer and looked Yvonne in the eyes. "Frumpy and maternal were not the first things that came to mind," he said boldly with insinuation.
Yvonne felt her cheeks flush.  She knew exactly what Felix was implying and felt a little thrill of power.  But really, in the end because Felix was her boss and she was married, all it would be was an innocent, little flirtation. 

Lightly, she playfully slapped at his shoulder, "Sugar, you are being bad!" she said, "But, do... tell me more."  She leaned over closer and rested her chin in her hand. "A girl can never get enough compliments!"

Felix's eyes lit up at her playful response and he leaned closer.  Tonight might go much better than he could have imagined...


Chase sighed as he checked the clock on the wall once again. 

He wasn't sure what was taking Yvonne so long.  She had called him on the way to the Bistro to let him know she was meeting a few co-workers for dinner.  She'd probably wound up staying late talking about another contract. 

For all he knew, she'd met another potential client while out and about!
"Time for bed!" Chase announced with regret.  It was a bad sign when a toddler's company was better than no company at all.

"Dada!" Eva cooed, with a drooly smile.  "Dada!"
 "Sleep well, sweetheart," he told Eva as he tucked her into bed.
Then, he headed upstairs to play his bass. The hours flew by as he practiced his compositions and with it, all his worry and frustration melted away.

...Until his fingers stopped, and he realized it was well past 11 pm and he was still home alone...


  1. ... YVONNE!! :O :O :O

    *grinds her teeth in frustration and tries not to cry*

  2. Ok first..awww Eva is soo cute!!


    Argh!! Yvonne! Girl you just don't know how you good you got it right now. Don't lose it all by getting your head all puffed up.

    1. She is pretty cocky, huh? The grass isn't always greener on the other side!!

  3. Hey, rereading this generation. I only realized after reading this entry that I never really took a good look at Felix's face before he turned elder. In my imagination, he's always an old man!

    1. I think I remember him from when he was an elder, as well.

      Ugh! Yvonne was such a piece of work! You felt a little bad for her at times, but mostly just shook your head with frustration!

      And those cheeks! 3 generations down the road and they still have those cheeks!