March 13, 2014

Chase: Week Fourteen, Day Three

Neurotic Obsession:  Yvonne is not as excited as Chase is about having another child...

Yvonne couldn't believe it.  She was pregnant again!  Apparently that morning hangover had actually been the start of morning sickness!

Chase was over-the-moon excited about it, of course.
He'd even attempted to talk to the child currently residing in her belly...
 "No!" she'd cried out crabbily.  "No talking to the baby through my stomach!"
"I'm just excited, Yvonne," Chase said sadly, cautiously adding,  "Aren't you?"

Yvonne only hesitated a moment.  "Of course I am, sugar," she said unconvincingly.
As she headed to work, Yvonne caught sight of Eva playing in the corner with her little doll.  Her shoulders tensed.  She'd just gotten used to the idea of caring for one child - but now there were going to be two children demanding her attention, not to mention Chase!


Yvonne couldn't help the smile that lit her face.  Not only had she landed the Hutchison contract, but she'd also been called into Candace Landgraab's office for a little "chat."  Mrs. Landgraab had told her that she was very impressed with her record and had offered her the Department Head position! 

"Felix! Sugar!" she called out when she saw Felix headed towards her.  She couldn't wait to tell him her good news, already picturing his strong arms...
"What? What do you want?" Felix snapped crossly.

Yvonne's smile fell flat.  "What's the matter?" she asked with concern.  "What's happened?"  Felix looked livid with her...
 "Are you kidding?" he exploded.  "Are you really that blind? You stole my promotion! I've been on the short list for the promotion for months and Landgraab passed me over for you!"

"Felix..." Yvonne said with a shaky voice, "What are you talking about?"
Felix just scoffed.  "You played me, Yvonne!"  Angrily, he raked his hands through his hair.  "You came on real strong, sugar this and sugar that and I fell for it - hook, line, and sinker!  You screwed me in a completely different way than I had been dreaming about!  Well, you better come up with a new schtick soon, sugar, because I can tell you that Landgraab doesn't swing that way!"
Yvonne's hand out shot out and slapped Felix across the face.  "I have got my promotions based on merit! And for you to suggest anything otherwise just shows how intimated and inadequate you are!" she said with clenched teeth.  She turned around to leave, but stopped and turned around, poking him in the chest.  "And, sugar, you must have been dreaming to assume that we were anything more than friends!"

Felix raised an eyebrow and looked pointedly at her burgeoning belly.  "I think that's completely apparent." 

Yvonne turned on her heel and stalked off to her car so she missed the expression on Felix's face...


Yvonne was still livid when she got home.  She flung her keys on the counter and stormed around the house, muttering under her breath about what a jackass Felix had turned out to be!  To insinuate that she had gotten her promotions by any means other than hard work and determination was... it was just so... UGH!

She angrily wiped the tears that began filling her eyes.  She would absolutely not cry over him!

Damn pregnancy hormones!
And where was Chase? He should've been home by now! She left a message on his cell phone, asking him to call her as soon as he got the message.  She did not need any more stress tonight!

So of course Eva crawled up right to Yvonne's feet and started crying, "Dada! Dada!"
"Daddy will be home soon," Yvonne promised as she bent down to pick her up.  But Eva was not in the mood to settle for anything less than Daddy.  NOTHING was working!  Yvonne stroked her hair, walked her around the room, tried to distract her with a toy - NOTHING! 

"Stop it! Stop crying!" Yvonne shouted, which only made Eva cry louder.  By this time, Yvonne was about ready to join her.  Why couldn't anything go right?
When Chase finally made an appearance 30 minutes later, Yvonne shoved Eva into his arms the second he was through the door.

"Where WERE you?" she demanded.  "I called and you didn't answer! I needed you!" 

Chase caught himself rolling his eyes.  "Calm down, Yvonne!  It's nothing to get worked up about.  I stayed late to get some extra practice for our performance. Just go to bed, I'll take care of Eva."   He shook his head sadly.  "But how do you expect to handle Eva and the newborn if you can't even handle Eva alone for 30 minutes?!"  He started to walk away.
"I didn't even want to have kids!" she yelled in frustration.  "I was going to focus on my career! And now..."

Chase scowled. "Stop it, Yvonne! Stop!" he said loudly, interrupting her tirade.  "Don't ever say anything like that in front of Eva again!"  Chase couldn't believe how self-centered Yvonne was being!
 "I didn't want any of this..." she whispered sadly.  Then, with a sob, Yvonne gripped her belly.  Apparently those Braxton Hicks she'd been having all day had been the real thing all along.  "Oh, Chase. I think I'm in labor.  I need to get to the hospital..."
"Just calm down. I'll take care of everything," he promised as he grabbed their overnight bag and called Bethany to come over to watch Eva.  Within minutes, they were on their way to the hospital.


Chase gazed down at his beautiful daughter in Yvonne's arms.  They'd decided on the name Farrah Black. 
All that talk about not wanting to have kids.... that was just the hormones talking... Chase told himself as they headed out to the parking lot.  He was sure that  now that Yvonne was holding her daughter in her arms, she was just as happy as he was!

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Chase asked softly with a huge grin.

Yvonne scowled at him nastily and walked off without him.
 Chase looked heavenward and sighed.   Or not...

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  1. Oh goodness ... so can you see clearly now, Yvonne? :(