March 11, 2014

Chase: Week Fourteen, Day Two

Neurotic Obsession:  Yvonne realizes that her daughter is depending on her to take care of her.

She had come home sometime around 1 or 2 in the morning, staggering up the steps and wobbling into the room.  Somehow she had managed to kick off her clothes off before sliding into bed beside him.  He could smell the alcohol on her breath as she cheerfully poked his shoulder.

"Hey! Are you awake, sugar?" she had asked in a drunken whisper.

Chase had opened his eyes.  "I am now," he had said.

She had pressed against him and smiled dreamily.  "I had the best night, sugar! Gino signed the contract and we celebrated!" she added, "But I think I might've drunken just a teensy, weensy, teeny, bit too much wine because I'm not a frumpy, old woman!"

"I'm glad you had fun. I was worried about you," he whispered furiously. "You could've called to let me know where you were!"

Yvonne had wrapped her arms around his neck and then moved to nibbling on his ear.  "I'm so sorry, sugar.  Time got away from me!  I was so distracted! But I know just how to make you feel better..."

Chase had begun to feel rather distracted himself...


But all of his frustrations and hurt came back with the morning light.  Chase got out of bed and began quietly dressing, not wanting to wake Yvonne up. Feeling antsy, he decided to play his bass for a short while before Eva woke up.
Eva's head was rioting!  She slipped into the most comfortable clothes she had at the bottom of her dresser because even the thought of tight clothing made her stomach rebel!

She never should have had so much wine last night - but Felix kept refilling her glass and she'd been having too much fun to end the evening.  But Chase was right, she should've called him to tell him that she'd be late. 

Of course, she probably shouldn't have spent the evening letting Felix shamelessly flirt with her, either.

But it wasn't cheating because she hadn't planned on doing anything with Felix.  They were just playing around and having a good time.  It was almost just like practicing a skill, like working on her charisma... Completely innocent!

Her stomach hitched and she lost her train of thought as she hurried to the bathroom.  As Yvonne laid her head against the toilet bowl, she swore she would never drink so much again!


"Chase?" Yvonne asked hesitantly as she came closer, noticing that his eyes were closed as his fingers worked over the strings.  Sometimes Chase didn't like to be interrupted when he was practicing his music.  He got into a mood and felt driven to complete the composition that was calling him.

Chase's fingers stopped abruptly and he opened his eyes.  "Yvonne," he said, waiting for her to speak.
"I'm sorry if I worried you last night, sugar.  I misjudged my capacity for drinking," she said apologetically.

"I stayed up waiting for you, wondering if I should call to bother you," Chase informed her.  "I just wish you could've called or texted.  I know that you have a demanding job, and I am proud of you - I just need to know what's going on."
 "I know, sugar," she said, stepping into his arms.  "I promise I'll be better.  Forgive me?" she asked with a playful pout.
"Of course, I do," Chase said with a sigh.  "I can't stay mad at you."  Glancing at his watch, he added, "And congratulations on your contract! I bet you can't wait to get to the office!"

Yvonne's stomach clenched again.  "Actually," she said weakly. "I don't think I'm going in today, sugar.  I'm not feeling so well - hungover.  I just called in."
Chase's mouth dropped open with shock.  "You called in?" he asked with surprise.  "You never call in!" His hand quickly went to her forehead as he felt for a fever.  Her skin was cool and clammy to the touch.  "No fever," he mused to himself.

Yvonne made a sour face.  "I'm not sick - just hungover! I'm worried that I'll throw up on Felix's shoes this morning after making me drink so much last night and then I'll never get my promotion!"

The couple laughed as they headed inside - Chase to go check on Eva and Yvonne straight back to bed to rest.


Chase was surprised to see Yvonne up and about, working from home after he'd fed and changed Eva "Feeling better?" he asked as he came into the kitchen. He should've known Yvonne wouldn't lounge around in bed...
Yvonne grimaced as her hands stilled on the keyboard.  "I still have a headache, but at least my stomach isn't churning like it was this morning! I got an email from my assistant asking how to set up the new account."  She shook her head with impatience.  "If you want something done, then you have to do it yourself!"  She gave Chase a swift kiss on the cheek goodbye and then headed in to work.


Yvonne returned from work and was surprised when the babysitter put Eva straight into her arms.  "Hate to run, Mrs. B, but I have a huge test to study for tomorrow!  Eva's ready for dinner!"  Wiggling her fingers in front of Eva, the babysitter said, "Bye-bye Eva! See you tomorrow!"
Yvonne's eyes widened with shock and she'd turned around to call the girl back, but she couldn't remember the girl's name! And by the time it had come to her, Amber was already pulling out of the driveway.

"Damn!" she said under her breath.

Eva grinned up at her mom, "Dam! Dam!"

Yvonne cringed as she pulled her necklace from Eva's mouth. "Are you hungry, Eva?" she asked.

Looking around, she saw the high chair and awkwardly struggled to get Eva into the contraption.  It seemed that no matter how many times she tried to get Eva to sit down, both legs always went into the same hole.  Chase was always the one that put Eva in the darn thing!  "How does he do this?" she groused as she fumbled with the chair.

"Dada! Dada!" Eva cried.  "Want my dada!"

Yvonne lifted the girl and struggled again with the blasted chair.  "Well Dada is not home right now! Mama is here!" she said impatiently.  "There!" she cried out as she managed to get Eva into the chair correctly, finally!
Yvonne glanced at the strange buckle with trepidation. There was no way she was going to figure out that buckle! 

"Stay!" she told Eva, holding up her finger for emphasis.  "Stay."  She quickly side-stepped to the refrigerator and pulled out the meal that had been prepped, praying Eva didn't decide to bolt out of the chair in the next few seconds as she returned.
Feeling a small pinch of triumph, Yvonne put the bowl on Eva's tray and announced, "Okay! You can eat now!"

But Eva just smacked her little hand straight into the cereal, squishing the food with her hand.

"EVA!" Yvonne cried out in horror, pulling Eva's hand from the bowl. "No! No! You use your spoon!"  Yvonne handed Eva the spoon and watched in frustration as Eva just started sticking the spoon in her mouth. 

Realizing Eva would never get fed unless she did something, Yvonne grabbed the little toddler spoon and fed her daughter until every last bite was gone.  "Good girl," she cooed.  "Now it's time to wash up and go to bed! Mama is very tired today!"

She attempted to pull Eva from the highchair, but only managed to bump Eva's little legs under the tray.  "I hate this thing!" she said grumpily and as she twisted and craned while trying to figure out how to pull the tray out so she could get Eva out of the highchair.


Some time later, Yvonne had finally managed to get Eva cleaned up and put to bed.  Why people went so crazy over children was beyond her! They were messy, loud, and utterly frustrating! 

She flipped the light switch and gazed down at the sleeping girl.  She was surprised by the tears welling in her eyes! Damn hormones, she thought as she brushed a stray tear away.

Goodness, perhaps she was more maternal than she thought!


  1. Or perhaps because you are pregnant dear *snickers*

    A slow clap for her attempt to being a mother today lol. At least she tried. *Hugs Chase* just because I felt he needed one. :P

    1. Poor, poor pregnant Yvonne. :)

      Yvonne keeps *trying*, but you just have to wonder if it's going to be enough!