March 5, 2014

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day Five

Neurotic Obsession: Chase & Yvonne struggle with differing expectations for their family-life.

Yvonne was up early, sipping her quick breakfast and she went through her emails.  It might be Leisure Day, but she couldn't afford to take the day off.  She had to show Felix and the other men up top that she deserved her promotion.

"Yvonne! What are you doing?" Chase snapped, jogging down the stairs.  "How can you just sit there?"

Yvonne looked over her shoulder - the scowl on Chase's face registering at the same moment as Eva's wailing from the other room.
Chase just shook his head as he hurried to Eva's nursery.  "Don't bother getting up, I'll take care of her," he said impatiently.  Lack of sleep had made him cranky. 
He turned on the light, and there was his sweet little daughter, Eva, at the height of her unhappiness.
Gently, he pulled her from the crib, crooning as he attempted to soothe her.  Finally, after calming her down, he was finally able to feed her and get her back to sleep.

As he laid her back down to sleep, he raked his hand through his hair.  Something has to give.


"I need help, Yvonne," Chase said as he stood behind Yvonne.  "I can't do this alone."

Yvonne grimaced as she finished reading an email.  "Just a minute, Chase. Just let me finish this! I'm almost done!" she said impatiently.
Chase stood rigid in the living room room behind Yvonne, mentally counting to ten and back again to remain calm.  Would it always be like this now? Her putting work before family?

He glanced up when he heard her announce, "Done!"
She came up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.  "I'm sorry, sugar.  I didn't mean to get so wrapped up with work.  Maybe I can make it up to you?"

Chase shrugged her arms off, too annoyed.

"Oh come on, don't be mad, sugar!" She pouted.  "We have big plans for today!"
Chase felt his irritation stir.  "That's what I mean! It's the first holiday we're spending together and you're already working!" he fumed, crossly pointing towards her laptop.

Yvonne crossed her arms and frowned. "Only an hour this morning! That's hardly all day!"

It was Chase's turn to lift a brow.  "And I still don't understand why we can't go over to Bethany's for Leisure Day instead of your work party.  You spend enough time working!" he argued.

"Sugar, that's my job! It's a demanding job with networking and parties.  You know that before you married me!" she snapped.  Realizing if they continued fighting they'd never make it to the party, Yvonne took a deep breath and she smiled at her husband.  "Come on, the party's at the beach.  It'll be fun!  Maybe we can drop by Bethany's on the way home!"  This time when Yvonne wrapped her arms around his neck, he didn't fight it. 

Chase sighed.  Maybe she was right and it would be fun.  The babysitter was due to arrive soon and then they'd go to the beach and enjoy the afternoon together.  "Can you just promise not to disappear again.  I never know anyone at these things..."

"Of course, sugar," Yvonne said absently as she kissed his cheek.  She was already in planning mode.


"Gino!" Yvonne called out, leaving Chase behind at the bar.  "Thanks for coming!"  Gina Gaithers was the next big thing in football.  She'd invited him in hopes of getting him to sign a contract with their firm. She'd shown that she could conquer the music industry - but it was time to branch out now!

Gino stood up grinning.  "Yvonne!  Meet my girlfriend Jaqueline!" he said as he rose.
Yvonne greeted Gino's girlfriend, smiling broadly.  "You must be so proud of Gino, sugar! Everyone wants to get their hands on him!"

Jacqueline smiled loftily.  

"Excuse a moment, Jaq," Gino said, kissing Jaqueline's cheek.  "We're going to talk business now." Yvonne watched Gino's girlfriend saunter away before turning to her latest catch.
"She's lovely, Gino," she said politely.  "So, what can I do to help convince you to sign with us, sugar?"
Gino liked Yvonne.  She was smart, tough and honest.  Exactly what he needed in an agent.  But... "To tell you the truth. Your competition is offering me a better package," he shrugged negligently.  "In the end, money talks, you know?"

"And money will talk when you sign with us.  I've already given you the best package you're going to get from anyone. I'm willing to bet if you look at the fine print they're not giving you the deal you think they are," Yvonne said confidently. 

Gino muttered that he'd have to look it over again. 


Felix watched with a grin as Yvonne worked her magic on Gino.  Yvonne was certainly one of the best agents he had out there rustling up new business. 

When he saw Gino step away, he headed over to his star agent to congratulate her.
"Very well-played, Yvonne," he said admiringly.  "How close do you think you are to getting him to sign?"

Yvonne winked.  "He'll be putty in my hands in no time, sugar," she promised with that southern drawl.
Felix grinned appreciatively, taking in her plunging neckline and soft curves.  "I'm sure that's a common affliction around you," he said with heat slipping into his voice.

Yvonne grinned back and playfully lowered her sunglasses, admiring his chiseled chest for a moment.  "I'm sure it's something you're quite familiar with, as well, sugar," she said teasingly. 

Felix abruptly realized how the conversation had started to spiral towards personal.  A man in his position had to be careful to avoid crossing any boundaries, even in a relaxed atmosphere like this.  He nodded and gruffly congratulated her once more, then turned on his heel.  Plenty of other women to flirt with that weren't under him...

An image of Yvonne under him flashed before his eyes and he winced.  Poor choice of wording... that's all, he assured himself. 


"There you are!" Yvonne called out when she found Chase lounging at the edge of the pavilion.  "I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Chase glanced up painfully.  "Are you ready to leave yet?" he asked as he stood up.  Yvonne had dropped him the minute they'd hit the pavilion, even though she'd promised not to, and he hadn't seen her for hours as she chatted with her clients and co-workers.  He'd finally grown bored and wondered over to sit in the shade and watch the ocean.  
Yvonne was still on a high from her successful networking with Gino and the compliments from Felix!  It had been a very productive day!

Too bad Chase hadn't enjoyed himself!  He looked as petulant as a 5-year old boy who had his candy taken away.  Chuckling, she leaned forward and nipped his earlobe and purred, "I had a wonderful day and I think we should head home so I can show you how very, very thankful I am!"

Chase grinned.  Perhaps the day hadn't been a total waste after all...


  1. Argh..Yvonne is doing great with her job as an agent for Felix but she barely even pays good attention at home. Poor Chase.

    1. I know! It's almost as if Yvonne thought she could just keep living her life the same way without making any changes! Silly Yvonne!

  2. This isn't good ... they gotta talk to each other, it's not all about the hobnobbing, Yvonne! :(