March 5, 2014

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day Seven

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase & Yvonne make up as Yvonne starts to show more interest in Eva.
Yvonne pampered herself the next morning,
She glanced out of the corner of her eye when Chase came in and stepped straight into the shower without saying anything to her. 

She rolled her eyes. 

She couldn't believe he was treating her to a silent treatment!
Going to stand in front of the shower door, she let her slip fall to the floor and then stepped in.  The best way to thaw ice was with fire!


Yvonne wrapped her arms around Chase.  "You're not still mad at me, sugar?" she asked.

Chase shook his head. "No, I wasn't mad at you. I just..." Chase searched for a way to explain how he felt to Yvonne.  Helplessly he shrugged.  He wasn't quite sure to tell her how he felt.
Then all of a sudden they were kissing again and all thoughts flew out of his head.  They staggered giddily back to the bedroom.


Yvonne was redoing her hair after their lazy morning romp in the bed.  Distantly she heard the baby wailing.  "Chase! Are you going to get her?" she called out.

No answer.

"CHASE!" she bellowed a little louder.

Still the baby cried.

Scowling at her reflection, she headed downstairs. 
Gingerly, she picked up Eva in her arms and rocked her softly.

Yvonne stroked the little girl's forehead.  "Such silky skin," she said.  "Enjoy it now, sugar, because one day you'll be using moisturizers and cleansers for that smooth skin!"

Eva grinned up at her mother and smiled.

Chase walked in the nursery and saw Yvonne cuddling with Eva and grinned. 

When she saw him, she frowned.  "Where were you?" she demanded.

Chase walked up and wrapped his arms around his wife and daughter, resting his head against Yvonne's.  "I went to get a few things for Eva's birthday party," he said with a voice thickened with emotion.


Music played and laughter filled the air when Yvonne's phone went off.  She flipped the phone open.  "Yvonne speaking!" she said, putting a finger in her ear to drown out the background noise.

It was Gino.  He was ready to sign. 
She glanced across the room, trying to catch Chase's eye, but he was busy greeting his father.  She sighed. Chase would never understand if she tried to leave in the middle of Eva's birthday party. "I'm booked up today, Gino.  What's your availability like tomorrow?"

She could tell Gino wasn't pleased to be put off a day, but ultimately agreed to wait.

Yvonne felt a pinch of apprehension twist her stomach as she hung up the phone.  Chase had better pray that Gino still signed with her...


"How've you been?" Ace asked.  "I can't believe how much you've grown!"

Chase smiled at his father.  "Me? Look at you! You've gone gray!"

Ace grinned and self-consciously ran a hand through his thick gray hair.  "At least I haven't gone bald, right?"
"How's the tour?" Chase asked.

"Well, age has taken it's toll! All my fans seemed to have shifted to Devon.  He's young, entertaining and fun-loving.  He's booked solid!"

Chase was well aware of how it felt to be compared to Devon, having suffered from it all his life.  When it came to popularity - Devon had always come out ahead!  "I'm sorry to hear that," Chase replied.  "That must be hard."

"Oh no! I'm happy for his success!  But, I'm ready to retire anyway and spend more time with Tracy, too. We'll be house-sitting Cornelia's childhood home while they're away in the city."

Chase frowned.  "You're welcome to move back in here.  This is just as much your home..."

Ace grinned and hugged his son.  "I know, son!  We'll keep it in mind!"

Chase let it drop.  It was time to cut the cake anyway.
As he held Eva in his arms, he glanced around the room.  He was so glad all their friends and family could make it to share this time with them!
She was growing up too fast, though!


The party had wound down.  Chase's family went outside and were singing and playing their music.   "Well, thanks for coming, sugar," Yvonne said as she walked Felix to the door. 

Felix nodded. "Thanks for having me.  Eva's a beautiful little girl."

Yvonne glanced down at her daughter, as though surprised to see her there.  "Yes, she certainly is."
"Just like her mother..." Felix said.

Yvonne's gaze jerked back to Felix.  There was something in his eyes, she thought with a fluttering in her stomach.  Trying to lighten the mood, she playfully slapped at his shoulder. "Well that goes without saying" she teased.

Felix cleared his throat and looked away.  "Yeah, well. See you at work tomorrow," he said, heading to his car.  

Yvonne watched him go. She watched him from the window and pursed her lips.  She was very good at reading body language and Felix's was screaming attraction. 

She'd have to keep her eye on him...


  1. Oh my goodness, elder. I'm glad for once Yvonne put work off for Chase and family.

    Uh it Felix, better keep that attraction at bay. I hope Yvonne doesn't give in to him but at the same time I hope she does in a way..smh I'm still torn with her. She's good in a way but can be real sneaky.

    1. I know! And Ace looked so teeny & frail, too! It made me sad to see!

      We've got our eyes on you, Felix! :P

  2. Yvonne! No! :( Think of everything you stand to lose if you give in. Your husband and your daughter need you!

    1. Yvonne's just too use to finding out what makes people tick & twisting to her benefit. (I can hear her saying, "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything...") Maybe use that knowledge to make a play for a raise or promotion!