March 5, 2014

Chase: Week Thirteen, Day Six

Neurotic Obsession:  A silent wedge is driven further between Chase and his work-a-holic wife.

"I was sorry to miss you yesterday!" Chase's aunt, Bethany Baker-Black, said when he came over the following day.  "Topher fired up the grill and we had some friends over!"

Chase sighed.  "I know, I wish I'd come! I sat at the beach wondering why Yvonne even wanted me there when she talk to me at all! She probably wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't there!"
Bethany bit her tongue.  It was at the tip of her tongue to say what she really thought about Yvonne, but realized it wouldn't help anything.   Changing the subject, she smiled, "So this is my new grand-niece Eva! She's beautiful, Chase!"

Chase smiled.  "Isn't she great! She's mostly sleeping through the night now!"

A movement in the backyard caught his eye.  "Is Cesar home already?" he asked.

Bethany smiled and waved at her son.  "Yes, he's home.  Why don't you go say hi.  I'm going to go put Yesenia & Ahmad down for a nap." 
Chase headed back to entertain his nephew.  "Hi," he said, not really knowing what else to say.  He wasn't like Devon or Yvonne - he wasn't good at small talk!
Cesar looked up at him, so like his mother.  "Is that your baby?" he asked.  "She's my cousin, right?"

Chase smiled awkwardly.  "Yes.  Her name's Eva."

"She's pretty!" he said before dropping down to the dirt, sifting through the rocks and picking up the ones that caught his eye.


Yvonne was reading Bloviation for Hyperinflation for work. Felix had come by her desk and dropped it down, telling her to get it read.  Then, he'd turned on his heel and stalked away.

Funny, she thought.  He's been acting strangely ever since Leisure Day...

When Chase walked in the room, he saw Yvonne sitting there, but he wasn't sure what to say to her...

He headed to the balcony upstairs to practice his cello.  As usual, the music helped calm his racing thoughts.  He loved Yvonne, but he was struggling with feelings of disappointment.  He'd thought things would be different - but all she seemed to have time for was work.   And sex.  Was it really that weird that he wanted more from her?


Chase headed downstairs when his stomach began to rumble.  He shouldn't have been surprised that she was clicking away at her laptop. 

He quietly made a quick salad for himself.
Sitting down next to his wife, he ate quickly.  His heart twisted with the thought that she didn't even seem to notice him!  Quietly he pushed away from the table and headed upstairs.
Yvonne finished typing up the notes and glanced over her shoulder.  It seemed Chase was in the middle of a fine sulk for some reason.  Probably because she had dared work from home this evening!  He was getting so sensitive about her work!  Didn't he understand that she couldn't give it up for him?

Sighing, she stood up and headed upstairs after him.  She knew a sure-fire way of getting him in a good mood!
Yvonne walked into their room and saw Chase lying on top of the bed with his hands under his head, deep in thought.

She laid down next to him and scooted over close, toying with the curl near his ear.  "You look like you're thinking too much, sugar," she said as she kissed his ear.  "You should stop that!"  Playfully her hand crept down his stomach.

But, Chase stilled the movement.  "Not tonight, Yvonne."

Yvonne froze and looked at him with surprise.  "Is this because I had to work tonight?" she asked indignantly.

Chase just patted her hand that he still held in his own.  "I'm just tired," he said lamely.  
Quietly the two readied themselves for bed, not talking any more and then finally slipped into bed and faced each other, careful not to touch.  Each of them unsure of the other's affection...


  1. For some reason I keep thing Bethany as Chase's much older sister instead of his aunt lol. Wow she's has 3 children now aww, I think Yesenia is a really pretty name.

    No Chase it's not weird to want more from your wife, you should expect that. I don't blame him for pulling the "I'm tired" card on her since he's been the one taking care of home lately.

    1. I keep forgetting too, which is why I threw that in there! Hehe. Weird family trees! I remember when Jeremiah Alto came home with Devon & I was trying to figure out how they were related. :)

      Not much good talking going on in this relationship! Chase is good at ignoring the issue & Yvonne is good at swatting it into left field. Doh!