April 16, 2014

Chase: Week Fifteen, Day Five

Neurotic Obsession:  A Black Legacy Family Holiday!

"Happy Snow Flake Day!" Ace Black called out as he walked in.  "Ho! Ho! Ho!"  His daughter-in-law Cornelia Black and his nephew Ahmad Baker-Black were right behind him. 
"Hey guys! Come on in!" Chase called out as he pulled Farrah out of the high chair and set her on the floor. 
"And who's this?" he asked, shaking the red-head's hand.  His younger cousin, Cesar, grinned proudly as he made the introductions.  "This is my girlfriend, Colette Glover," he explained, "Gwen Glover and Holden Wozny's daughter."

Cesar's dad, Topher Baker, raised his eyebrows.  "Pretty brave to come join the family festivities," he said with a laugh.  "And serious..."

Cesar and Colette just made moon eyes at each other.
"Okay, everyone, let's get this show on the road!" Ace called out with a nod from Chase.  "Time for presents!" Everyone found a spot to sit.
Yvonne handed Eva her first present.  "This is from your father and I," she said.  "I hope you like it."

Eva open the box carefully.  "Oh! An easel!"
"Thanks Daddy!" she called out happily.  She couldn't wait to try it out!  Such pretty paints!
"Now you, Yesenia,"  Grandpa Ace called out to his niece.  

"Yeah, okay, whatever," she answered, eager to seem nonchalant.
That didn't last in the face of a brand new guitar though.  "Grandpa Ace! Thank you!" she squealed excitedly at the pink-leopard print guitar.
After a few more presents, Colette shyly told Cesar that she had a present for him.  He opened it and found a cool sports watch.  As he put it on, he held out a small gift box to Colette.  "I have something for you, too," he said nervously.
"Oh, I can't wait," Colette said excitedly as she tore open the box.
"Wait.. it's... are you for real?" she asked with tears in her eyes.

"What is it?" Eva asked.  It must've been a really bad present to make her cry.

Cesar walked over to her and grabbed Colette's hands.  "It's for real, Colette.  Will you marry me?" he asked.
Colette squealed like a little girl.  (Except maybe the little girl sitting right behind her...)  "Yes!" she said, leaping into Cesar's arms.  "I will!"

After a hearty round of congratulations and hugs around the room, the love birds slipped away to "celebrate" together.  Eva suspected they were probably going to kiss. 
When Yvonne grabbed her present and read the name tag, she looked over at her daughter.  "Oh goody, another one for me," she said with a smile.  She opened it and found a messy hand-made picture inside.  As she pulled it out, still-wet glue and glitter smeared on her hand.  "Oh, how lovely, sugar," she said.  "I'll just put that to the side," she said quickly.

"That's such a great picture you have there!" Grandpa Ace said proudly.

"We should hang it on the refrigerator, shouldn't we, sweet pea?" Chase asked Eva.

"Thanks! I worked really hard on it!" Eva said, basking in the attention.

Yvonne rolled her eyes.  It's just a silly picture.  For all the cooing everyone was doing over it, you'd think it was art museum quality.  "You should see my new client's work.  Byron has a way with the brush!"  Yvonne cut in.
Eva's shoulders slumped slightly.  "I made a picture for you, too, Farrah," she said.  "Yours is the blue box!"

"I wub it, Eva!" Farrah cried out, squashing the picture against her dress. 
Finally, the stack of presents was worn down and everyone slowly made their way to the door with their bounty.
"Happy Snowflake Day!" Chase called out as he waved to his retreating family members.  He sighed.

"Well that was a nice little family reunion, wasn't it?" he asked Farrah as he scooped her up. 
As he prepare the kids for bed, he thought absently, It's hard to imagine that Cesar is old enough to get married now.  He picked up Greyson to cuddle with him for a bit.  Those kids sure are growing up fast...


  1. Replies
    1. Poor Yvonne just doesn't like (or get) kids! No homemade crafts or stick-hand hugs for her!

  2. It looks like I'm he only one feeling for Yvonne a little... You're doing a great job showing us her point of view, so I kind of understand her too, you know? She never wanted kids, yet chase insists on not hiring a nanny. What, is she supposed to give up everything she worked for all her life just so her husband can feel good about not relying on nannies?!

    Still, poor Eva. That's some harsh stuff to hear from your mother. At this point, it feels like a divorce would be the best thing for everyone. Maybe Chase could even find a new wife who is more maternal and nicer to Eva. But I'm guessing that your rolls call for something different here!

    1. I always thought that if Chase and Yvonne actually sat down and TALKED about their issues and what they wanted, things would've gone a lot better! But, they usually had words and then huffed off & sulked.

      It especially drove me crazy that Chase knew how hard Yvonne was on poor Eva and never stood up for her.

      This relationship roll was actually for a couple with either similar trait or opposite trait. Chase & Yvonne were both snobs. But, oh my goodness - they wound up being so different!