April 5, 2014

Chase: Week Fifteen, Day One

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase rehearses his music in the empty auditorium...

Yvonne slid out of bed and headed straight for the bathroom for her beauty regime.  Now that her age was creeping up, she needed longer and longer for her morning ritual.
Sighing, she massaged the moisturizer on her face.  The blasted bottle promised to get rid of the wrinkles, but they were still there! Mocking her!  She was in the process of attempting to picture her face after a face lift when Chase walked in.  Guiltily, she dropped her hands quickly.
"Yvonne, you're not thinking about a face lift again, are you?" he asked, pulling her into his arms. 

Yvonne scowled.  "Appearances are important in my business!" she said defensively.

"I thought we discussed that!  You're beautiful the way you are!" Chase assured her.  "I love every laugh line and wrinkle! I love you!" 

Yvonne grumbled a bit, embarrassed to have been caught.  Looping her arms around his neck, she attempted to change the subject.  "How about we slip back into bed and you can show me exactly how much you love every wrinkle," she teased.

Chase groaned. "I wish I could! I have rehearsal and then a performance tonight.  You're able to watch the kids tonight right?"

Yvonne chewed her lip.  "I was hoping to meet with Melvin Wolff to sign that contract."

"You heard back from him?" Chase asked in surprise.

"Not yet. But I'm sure I will... soon..."  Pasting a smile on her face, she added, "I'll arrange for a babysitter if I need to leave."

"Sounds like a plan," Chase said as he hopped in the shower.


Chase hurried to the stage and practiced his songs in the empty auditorium.  As always, a peace settled over him as he began to move his fingers over the strings. 


Yvonne's fingers froze on the keyboard when she read the email Melvin just sent. 

...already signed...

Agitated, she attempted to re-read the email.  Surely she must have misread it. Who had he signed with?

After arranging for a babysitter, Yvonne trekked down to the Plumbob Pictures Back Studio lot. 
She'd wait out in the freezing cold all night if she had to.  She was going to find that twerpy little Melvin and get to the bottom of this! 

She'd spent weeks ironing out the details and then he dropped her with little notice!
"Oh crap," she heard muttered behind her. 

"Melvin! Sugar! How nice to see you!" she called out, hurrying over to him before he could dart off.
"Look, Yvonne. I don't want any trouble..." Melvin began to say.

"Oh, I know, sugar! I just wanted to congratulate you on your new contract! I was just a mite curious what terms the other firm offered you!" she said smoothly.  "Although, you should've known I would've been willing to entertain any counter-offer!"

"Other firm?" Melvin asked.  "Didn't Felix tell you?"
"Felix?" Yvonne asked, all congeniality gone from her voice.  "What does Felix have to do with this?"

Melvin looked around desperately as though looking for escape.  "Look, you should talk to Felix, not me."
"You signed with Felix?!" she gasped.  "But... why?!"

Melvin sighed.  "Look, don't take this the wrong way, but he was right. You lost your edge. You had that baby clinging to you..."

Yvonne felt sucker-punched.  Felix thought she'd lost her edge?
"Look, you should really speak to Felix about this. I... I'm really sorry," Melvin said as he quietly slipped away, ready to avoid any unpleasant confrontations.

Oh, I'll talk to Felix all right! she thought bitterly.


Impatiently, she hit the buzzer again and tapped her foot erratically.  Feeling too upset to stand still, she began stalking across his front porch. Just as she was about to start banging on his door, it opened.
"Yvonne?" he asked with surprise. "What are you doing here?"
"You back-stabbing weasel!" she accused, stabbing her finger in his face.  "You stole my contract from me!"
Felix held his hands out, attempting to placate her.  "It's not stealing if they come to me.  Melvin had concerns that you were too... maternal... to represent him."

"Too maternal..." she sputtered.  "For crying out loud... Why didn't you correct him and send him back to me! You did this deal behind my back!  You did it to get back at me!"
"To get back at you?! For what?!" Felix demanded. 
"For being more successful than you! That's why!" Yvonne snapped.

"It always comes back to you, doesn't it, Yvonne?" Felix said wearily.  "Well, for your information, I just signed a record deal with Melvin Wolff..."

"That you stole from me!" Yvonne cried.

Felix ignored her outburst and continued on, "...and I just got promoted to a regional position. I'm moving," he finished.  "I thought it was best to put... distance... between us..."
For the second time in the night, Yvonne felt blind-sided.  Felix was leaving?  She angrily pursed her lips, "Well, I suppose congratulations are in order, then," she said waspishly.

Felix took in her maternity clothes.  "Looks like congratulations are in order for you, as well," he said dryly. 

Yvonne shrugged.  "All part of being maternal, I guess.  And losing my edge."

Felix had the grace to flush guiltily.  "I'm sorry about that.  I'm sorry about it all."

"I wish..." she said abruptly.

Felix nodded, understanding what she wasn't saying.  "I know. I guess we'll never know what could've been."
With nothing left to say, Yvonne walked back to her car to head home. 

Felix watched her walk away and let out a pent-up breath. He'd felt guilty for going after Melvin behind her back, knowing how angry and upset she'd be.  But, he'd needed that promotion.  Getting over her wouldn't be easy, but it would be a helluva lot easier when he wasn't around her every day. 


  1. Oh, that's so sad. Now that she feels like the kids are holding her back, she's going to be even MORE distant. And she's pregnant again?! ... this can't be good news.

    1. I KNOW! Nobody wanted her to get pregnant again! Lol! She should've been on birth control!