April 29, 2014

Chase: Week Fifteen, Day Seven

Neurotic Obsession: Eva finds her calling.

Eva hurriedly slurped her juice, ready to get out of the house. 

Farrah glanced over at her sister.  "I wanna go," she whined.

Eva rolled her eyes at her little sister's persistence.  "No, Farrah. You can't come!"

"You never take me anywhere!" Farrah accused.

Eva shrugged as she stood up quickly and crumpled the juice box.  "That's because you're so bratty!" she said, hurrying away.  "Besides, you're not even done with lunch!"

Farrah grumbled and began eating faster, glaring at her sister as she skipped out the door.


Eva wound up at the park, with no real destination in mind.  It's not like she had any friends to meet, she thought bitterly.  She kicked at a rock on the path.  She would never admit it to anyone else - but sometimes she wished she was more of a people person like her mother...

Hearing shouting, she glanced up.  What's everyone doing at City Hall, she wondered.
Intrigued, she wandered over, stopping behind the crowd.  "Hey, what's going on?" she asked the guy in front of her.
He turned around and leaned on his sign.  "This Contractor wants a city permit to cut down the forest up by the cliffs!  He wants to put in some richy-rich subdivisions!" he growled.  "They're going to kill off all the wildlife, like squirrels, and raccoons.  Or the wild horses!  All because they're greedy!"

Being an outdoorsy girl, Eva was horrified.  "Oh no! That's horrible!" she echoed faintly. "There must be something we can do about it!"

"There is!" Arthur said passionately.  "We can fight the system! It's why we're protesting! We're trying to get the Mayor's attention so he knows Sunset Valley likes it's forests!"

"Can the Mayor stop it?" she asked.  Wow, that was a lot of power for one man...

"Sure! He can decline the permit and tell that schmuck to look somewhere else!" Arthur said heatedly.
Then he stopped abruptly, flushing.  "I'm sorry. I know I come off strong," he said with chagrin.  Holding out his hand, he added, "Hi, I'm Arthur."

Eva smiled as she shook his hand.  "I'm Eva," she said shyly.

Arthur nodded. "I've seen you around school, I think."

They awkwardly stared at each other for a moment until Arthur handed her his sign.  "Want to join us?" he asked.

Eva stared down at the sign in her hand.  Could she? she wondered thoughtfully before finally coming to the conclusion:  Why not?!
"You bet!" she announced, waving her sign as high as she could.  For some reason, she felt like she was being so naughty and it was so liberating

"Alright!" Arthur cheered as he lifted up a spare sign next to her.  "Be forewarned! Think of the Unicorn!" he shouted as he waved his sign around.
Getting in the spirit of things, Eva shouted out, "Save the Unicorns! Save the Trees!" she hollered as loud as she could.  She felt amazing!

She glanced over at Arthur and shared a smile. 
But, then her phone rang.

She rushed to answer it quickly.  "Hello?" she asked in a low voice.  She frowned as she listened to her mother.  "I didn't want to bring her," she hissed into the phone.  Sighing, she listened a little while longer before capitulating.  "Yeah, okay. I'll watch them. I'm on my way home."  Slipping the phone back in her pocket, she handed her sign back to Arthur. 

"Gotta go?" he asked. 

"Yeah," she said with regret.  "But, it was nice meeting you."

"Yeah, you too! I'll see you in school!"

Despite her earlier frustration at being called home to watch her siblings while her mother ran out to meet a client, Eva found herself smiling.  She'd just made her very first friend!


"Good night, Greyson," Eva said softly as she tucked her little brother into bed.  "Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Greyson smiled up at her before flopping down on the bed and pulling the blanket over his head.

"No! It's not play-time!" Eva said sternly, pulling the blanket away from his face.  "Night-night time!"

Greyson giggled and pulled the blanket back over his head.

Eva sighed.  It was going to be a long night!

But, Eva tried to make the most of it...


"Come on. Time for bed," Eva told Farrah.  She saw the glint in her sister's eye, warning her that Farrah wanted to fight.

So, just as Farrah started to cross her arms and glare, Eva reached out and pegged her sister's shoulder.  "Last one to the bedroom's a rotten egg!" she called out as she hurried towards the stairs.

Farrah stared in startled silence for a moment before scurrying after Eva, rudely pushing past her to be first.  Eva stumbled into the stair railing and fought to catch her balance.  "Hey! No fair!" she called up the stairs.

"You snooze! You lose!" Farrah cried out.
"I win!" Farrah cheered, pumping her hands in the air when she made it to the room first.

"Yeah, but you cheated!  You pushed me!" Eva protested. "And you're going to pay!"
 She grabbed the pillow from her bed and walloped her sister with it.
"PILLOW FIGHT!" Farrah yelled, grabbing the other pillow and whacking Eva back.
Feathers flew as they beat the stuffing out of each other, giggling and gasping for breath as they played.
Finally Eva grabbed the pillow Farrah had just aimed at her head, and laughed, "Truce! I call a truce!"

"That means I won!" Farrah chirped.

"Sure, you won the Pillow War. But now, it's time to get to bed.  School tomorrow," Eva said.

Farrah crossed her arms.

Eva was worn out. "Come on! Just go to bed and I'll take you to the park tomorrow!" she promised with exasperation.
"Deal!" Farrah announced, scurrying up into bed and plopping her head down on the pillow.

Eva sighed.  Well that went well, she thought.


  1. Awww, that's sweet. Maybe the younger generation can get along, even if a certain adult in the house sets an atrocious example!

    1. Hehe... Farrah is a holy terror! She's going to be a mini-Yvonne!