April 28, 2014

Chase: Week Fifteen, Day Six

Neurotic Obsession:  Yvonne impresses everyone with Keaton's "Art Launch!"

"Yvonne, I've got to hand it to you!  This Art Launch party was the perfect idea for bringing more attention to Keaton's work!"  Candace Landgraab said. 

Yvonne smiled smugly.  "I knew it would be!" she gushed.  She'd come with the idea at a recent workshop she'd made everyone attend.  Candace had been so impressed she'd given Yvonne a raise on the spot for such innovative thinking.  And if Candace's reaction was any indication, then she would soon be looking at another promotion!

"...what Felix said!" Candace said, laughing.

Yvonne's gaze jerked back to her boss.  Felix? What had Felix said?  She'd been too busy gloating that she hadn't heard a word Candace had been rattling on about.  She smiled politely and murmured something non-committal. 

Candace smiled and patted Yvonne on the shoulder.  "Well, don't you worry, you've really proven that you didn't get lost on the "mommy-track" with this shin-dig!"

Yvonne fumed as she watched Candace shuffle away.  Dammit! If she never heard the name Felix again, she could die a happy woman!  That insufferable... low-down... rotten...
"Yvonne!" Byron Keaton called out happily.  "Wipe that frown off your face!  This party is a huge success!" he said, beaming as he looked around the art lounge with all his work showcased. 

Yvonne returned Keaton's smile.  "Oh, of course it was, sugar! I handled everything!"   Glancing around the room, she found the person she was looking for.  "Now, Byron, there's someone I think you should meet.  Very interested in your art work and plenty of money to spare!" she said softly, hooking her arm through Keaton's and leading him across the room. 


"I'm hungry!" Farrah complained as she plopped down next to Eva. 

Eva rolled her eyes as she finished off the last few spoonfuls of soup.  "Then you should've had some of the soup that I warmed up!"

"But I didn't want soup!" Farrah complained.  "I want some of Mama's lobster thermidor!"

Eva ignored her sister and took her dish to the sink, cleaning it up right away. 
Farrah followed her into the room, stomping her foot.  "E-VAH!" she whined.  "I want some LOBSTER!"
"Farrah! No! I told you! I can make you some soup or a sandwich. But you can't have mother's leftovers." Eva tried to stay patient as Farrah started kicking and screaming with a hissy fit of epic proportions.  Why had mother ever given a 5 year-old lobster thermidor anyways?  That was all she wanted to eat now!

"But I WANT it!" Farrah screamed, her face mottled and red from her temper tantrum.

Eva opened her mouth to respond, but stopped short when she heard the front door open.
"What in the world is going on in here?!" Yvonne demanded as she walked in.  "Eva! I can't believe you can't even handle your little sister for a few hours! If you can't handle the responsibility, then maybe we need a sitter to watch both of you!"

Eva's mouth dropped open.  Me? she thought, I'm getting in trouble because my bratty little sister is freaking out?!  She started to defend herself, but Yvonne had already switched her attention to Farrah.
"And you, young lady! It is not acceptable to carry on like that!" Yvonne admonished Farrah with a shake of her finger. 
"Well I don't want to be a lady anyways!" Farrah shot back grumpily.  "I'm going to be a businessman!"

Eva's mouth dropped open once more and she cringed in anticipation of the set-down her little sister was going to receive.  You never talked back to mother!
 Only... Yvonne didn't scold Farrah... she just put her hands on her hip as she let out a little laugh.  "Well, it doesn't work quite that way, sugar!  But you can be a businesswoman!"

"Yeah!" Farrah agreed. "I want to be just like you!"

Yvonne chuckled as she ruffled Farrah's hair.  "Well, that's sweet, sugar.  Come on, let's share that lobster thermidor! We businesswomen need to stick together!"
Eva watched in amazement as her mother reached in and grabbed her leftovers (that she never shared), split it onto two plates and then sat down next to Farrah, chatting about being a businesswoman.

God, she hated it here, Eva thought with a scowl.


Chase peeked in on Greyson when he got home, but found his little guy sleeping soundly.  Guess Yvonne put him to bed, he thought absently.  With a loud yawn, he padded upstairs.
He peeked in on the girls to make sure they were sleeping peacefully as well. 
And then he slipped into bed with his wife.


  1. Wooo boy Farrah going to a little trouble huh? Oh lord i hope she doesn't grow up to be like her mother!!

    1. Oh the plans I have for adult Farrah, my Grumpy, Neurotic, Snob. :) Lol.

  2. Trouble brewing ... poor Eva. :(

    1. I still crack up every time I see the picture of Eva glaring at her mother with distaste.