April 11, 2014

Chase: Week Fifteen, Day Two

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase visits his family while Yvonne takes some time off to re-group...

"Congratulations," Chase said happily when his brother Devon answered the door.

Devon grinned. "Thanks, bro! Just wait until you see her!"
Their dad motioned them in behind Devon.  "Come in! Come in!" Ace called out.  "It's so good to see the family all together!"

Devon knocked Chase with his elbow.  "Come on! Let me take you to the nursery to see Nadine! You wouldn't believe how she's growing!"
Chase followed his brother back to the nursery and lifted the little 6-month old in his arms.  "She has your hair!" he laughed.

Devon grinned as he reached out to stroke his daughter's hair.  "Yeah, but she looks like her mom! She's an angel!"

Chase laid his little niece back in her crib.  "You did well," he said to Devon with a slight smile.

"Want to toast to my success?" Devon grinned.

"I don't drink," Chase started to say when Devon cut him off with a grin.

"I know! I know! I was teasing, bro! Come on, let's go see Dad."  Devon's teasing manner abruptly fled.  "He hasn't been the same since Tracy passed," he quietly confided.  "Cornelia and I are worried about him.  That's why we moved back home."

"I hadn't realized..." Chase said softly.  He'd been so wrapped up with his own troubles, he never even guessed that his father was struggling.

"Hey, don't feel bad! You know how Dad is, he hides his pain with a smile!"  Devon elbowed his brother again. "Let's go!"

"In any case, it's good to have you back in Sunset Valley," Chase said, following his brother from the nursery.


Chase headed straight to his father and gave Ace a big hug.

"Well, what's this for?" Ace asked with a laugh, heartily thumping Chase on his back.
"You know I'm here if you ever need me, right?" Chase asked, somewhat intensely. 
Ace seemed to understand what Chase was trying to say.  He smiled at his serious boy and cuffed his shoulder.  "I know you are, son.  And I'm doing okay.  Really."  Ace flashed a smile.  "So how are things with you and the missus?

Chase flashed a wane smile.  "She's been tired and worn-out lately.  She actually took some time off this pregnancy."

Ace's eyebrows shot up.  "She took a vacation?" he asked with surprise.

"Yeah, but all she does it putter around the house in sweats, dabbling with paint & watching tv."  Chase rubbed the back of his neck.  "I'm worried about her."

Ace's brow furrowed.  "She hasn't said what's wrong?"

"That's the thing!  She won't talk to me about it!  She just says she's fine.."

Ace opened his mouth to ask another question when they interrupted by Eva running up.
"Daddy, I'm tired. Can we go home yet?" she asked.

Chase nodded, worried about how much Eva might have heard.  "Sure, let's say our goodbyes and go home to check on mom."


Yvonne was finding it hard to find motivation to do anything more than change into her sweats and being a frumpy, maternal, couch potato!

She was devastated that Felix had stolen her contract out from under her.  Devastated that she was losing her edge.  Devastated that he received a promotion that should have been hers...

..but above all... she was devastated that he was gone...

And she was pretty sure pregnant women weren't supposed to mourn the loss of their business rivals...

Lord, she needed to let this go...


"Don't the lights look so pretty, Daddy!" Eva cheered as she hurried up the walkway.

"They sure do, sweet pea.  Green, just like you asked for!" Chase said as he followed after her.  As they approached the door, he cautioned her, "Remember, quiet! Mom might be sleeping..."

Eva nodded her understanding.  Mom had been really cranky lately and she did not want to make her mad!


After putting the girls to bed, Chase gingerly sat down next to Yvonne.  "Hi, how are you doing?" he asked politely.

Yvonne made a face.  Chase was walking on eggshells around her and it drove her crazy! She sighed.  "I'm okay, Chase. I'm not going off the deep-end," she tried to assure him.

"Oh, I know," he said, looking as though that was in doubt.
Chase held open his arms and attempted to pull her close for a hug.  "You know you can talk to me, right?" he asked.

Yvonne pulled away, feeling embarrassed.  "I know.  Everything's fine," she said lamely.
Jumping to her feet, she mumbled something about not feeling well and scurried upstairs to sleep.  


Chase set up his bass in the kitchen and began to practice his composition for the concert tomorrow.  Anything to take his mind off his marriage...


  1. I'm beginning to think they don't HAVE a marriage. :(

    1. You're right! That is one troubled relationship!