April 3, 2014

Chase: Week Fourteen, Day Seven

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase performs at the Harvest Festival for his Number One Fan.

Chase hurried into City Hall with the permit applications in hand.  Yvonne had suggested he perform at the Harvest Festival and he had agreed.  It would be a great way of getting additional exposure...


"Melvin! Sugar!" Yvonne called out when she saw her newest potential client.  She was happy to see Melvin Wolff had come.  She'd invited him to Chase's performance so that they could have a chance to talk shop and then enjoy some music together. "So glad you could make it!" she said cheerfully.
Melvin looked around the park.  "Look, Yvonne. This really isn't my type of thing..."
"Oh, I know! I have big plans for you, sugar," Yvonne said with a smile.  She shifted Farrah in her arms.  "First..."
Melvin's gaze cut down to the squirming toddler in Yvonne's hands.  "Look, Yvonne. Now doesn't seem like the best time..."

He was interrupted when Farrah began to whimper and cry.
Yvonne hurriedly set Eva down and turned back to Melvin.  "Now, sugar, this afternoon is just for fun! We don't have to discuss business! I just wanted to show..."

"Look, Yvonne. I just don't think this is going to work right now," Melvin said.  "I'll call you later."
Yvonne let a deep breath out as Melvin walked away.  She wasn't sure how she'd miscalculated.  Maybe she was losing her touch...
Scooping Farrah up into her arms, she tersely snapped at Eva, "Hurry up. You don't want to miss your father's concert."


Eva pushed her way to the front of the crowd to watch her Dad play. 
She clapped and cheered when he'd finished his set. 

"Thank you for coming to my performance," Chase said to the crowd.  "The Orchestra plays most evenings.  Be sure to visit at the theater for a real treat!"

Eva smiled and waved at her Dad as he bowed.  She wanted to go see him before he left, but her mother told her it was time to go.   Eva hesitated a moment, wondering if she had enough time to go say goodnight to her Dad...
She glanced back and saw her Mother had started to leave.  "Wait for me!" she cried out and hurried after Yvonne.
Quickly Eva caught up.  "I just wanted to say goodnight to Dad," she pouted.

Yvonne scoffed. "Now is the time his fans go to see him.  Not his daughter!"
"I bet he would've liked it if I'd gone to see him," Eva said stubbornly.

Yvonne just rolled her eyes.  Kids! she thought with annoyance.


Back home, Yvonne got Melvin's voicemail once again.  "Melvin! Sugar! I just wanted to touch base with you to see if you'd received the proposal that I sent over! Give me a call back!" 
She scowled as she hung up the phone.  She'd worked too hard on securing Melvin as a client to lose him!  She just needed to think of something to pique his interest...


"What are you still doing up, sweet pea?" Chase asked when he poked his head in Eva's room to check on her.
Eva leapt off the bed and ran over to give her Dad a hug.  "You were wonderful today!" she told him proudly.

Chase ruffled her hair. "Thanks."

She chewed her lip a moment before timidly asking him, "Would it have been okay if I'd given you hug after your performance?" she asked.  "Mother said I should let the other fans talk to you first."
"Well, I'm sure all the other fans would've understood." Chase pretended to think about it.  "After all, you are my Number One Fan."

That's why she loved her Dad so much! Eva thought as she threw herself into his waiting arms.  He knew just what to say...

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  1. Unbelievable! Yvonne, you need a reality check, seriously.