April 1, 2014

Chase: Week Fourteen, Day Six

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase enjoys his Music Mornings with Eva!

Chase thrummed the strings and closed his eyes as the music swept through him. 
He wasn't surprised when Eva toddled over for a front-stage view. 
He loved their "music mornings." After Yvonne hurried off to work, Chase would get Eva dressed and ready for the day.  Then, they would sing and play music together.  But, she was growing up fast now.  It wouldn't be that long until he had to send her off to school...

Yvonne and Felix hadn't made much headway on their project.  They couldn't seem to agree on anything.  She stared at him incredulously.  "Haven't you heard a word I've said?" she asked, frustrated.
"I just don't think it's a good idea to expand in that direction!  We can't afford to branch out to a new venue - we need to strengthen the branches we already have."  Felix argued.  "Just because that studio opened doesn't mean Sunset Valley is going to become the next big..."
"Well I haven't heard you come up with any ideas yourself!" Yvonne snapped.  She'd told Felix her idea about representing the actors and actresses that were sure to come to town since Plumbob Pictures Back Studio had opened it's doors. 

Felix rolled his eyes.  "Well that's because I've spent all my time convincing you to back down from your asinine idea!" He scoffed.  "As if there are any actors here in town! A waste of resources!"
"I'll have you know I have done plenty of research!" Yvonne snapped, "And I've almost gotten Melvin signed up!  You're going to look very silly if I take Candace the new contracts on my own and you have nothing!"

Felix angrily pushed back from his chair. "You know your problem? You've gotten so full of yourself, you refuse to even consider my ideas or feelings!"

Crossing her arms, she added snidely, "I am not 'full of myself', sugar, I am confident because I know that I'm right!"

"Well, I guess this meeting is over, then!  You do it your way and I'll do it mine.  May the best man win!" Felix growled, raking his hands through his hair.  "Christ, I'm glad we never wound up together!"

Yvonne sputtered indignantly.  "We never would've wound up together!" she seethed.

Felix gazed at her with a look in his eye that made Yvonne's stomach flip.  "Believe me, sugar.  If I had wanted you, I could've had you!"

Yvonne stood up as well.  "I am married, sugar! Or have you forgotten?!"

Felix shook his head.  "I haven't forgotten.  And I feel sorry for your husband! I bet you run right over him!"

Yvonne blanched at Felix's low blow.  "Well I can assure you that my husband does not need your pity!" Crossing her arms, she added "And you're right - this meeting is over!"

She left him standing there.


Yvonne was still shaking with anger by the time she made it home.  In some ways, Felix had hit too close to home on a number of things he'd said.  And she wasn't so sure if the opportunity had presented itself that she wouldn't have fallen into bed with Felix, especially when her marriage had been more troubled. 
When she got in, she saw both children still wide awake.  The last thing she wanted to do was mess with the children tonight!  "Eva - it's time for bed!" she snapped.

"But mama, the babysitter didn't feed us dinner..." Eva said softly.

"Oh for the love of... then go! Get something for dinner! Then go to bed!" she grumbled as she hoisted Farrah up into her arms.
 If it's not one thing, it's another, she thought irritably.

Eva sat down with a bowl of cereal at the bar and swung her feet back and forth, her sneakers hitting the wood.

At her desk, Yvonne clenched her teeth.  "Eva! Stop that!" she snapped.  "I can't concentrate!"  She wanted to get this contract out to Melvin tonight.  She would show Felix!

"Sorry, mama," Eva said meekly.  She hadn't even realized she was kicking the bar!  Just then, she heard the front door...
 "Daddy!" she called out happily.  "You're home!"  She held her arms open as her daddy walked over and gave her a big hug.  She loved his hugs!
"Guess what!" she said excitedly, eager to tell her daddy about the joke the babysitter had told her today.  "What's red, white, & black?"
"Eva! Bedtime!" Yvonne interrupted.  "Run along. I need to speak to your father."
"...it's been such a stressful day.  You wouldn't believe what Felix..." Eva heard her mama saying as she shuffled from the room.

It wasn't fair that mama interrupted her! I was only going to tell him a joke, Eva thought mutinously as she headed upstairs to her new bedroom.

 "...Can you believe it? He accused me of being full of it!" Yvonne added indignantly.

"Really? Why would he say that?" Chase asked with surprise, used to Yvonne getting so riled by Felix.  He guessed once you worked with someone so closely for so many years, you were bound to get on the other person's nerves at times.  They fought like brother and sister...

Yvonne looked down, somewhat guiltily.  "He said I didn't consider his feelings."  Chase glanced at her, frowning.  Feelings? he wondered.  "Is that what you think, too?" she asked, distracting him.
Chase pulled Yvonne into his arms.  "Of course not! You can have a bit of tunnel-vision... but I'm use to it."

"You don't think I run right over you?" she fretted.

"I don't know why you're worrying about Felix is saying.  We might disagree from time to time, but the important thing is that we try to talk about what's bothering us.  Right?"

Yvonne nodded, pulling her husband's head down to kiss her.  He was right - she shouldn't worry about what Felix says, anyways.  What does he know about anything, anyway?!


  1. Eva is so adorable. Yvonne, tsk tsk. Yes you are full of it!! So rude to her own children, ugh.

  2. Poor Eva. Yvonne needs to pull her head out of her rear--this kind of behavior comes back to haunt, y'know.