May 27, 2014

Chase: Week Seventeen, Day One

Neurotic Obsession:  Farrah is Grounded with a capital G. 

Chase peeked into the girl's room and found Farrah staring at herself in the mirror.  "I'm about to head out to work.  Remember, you're not allowed to leave the house without permission," he said sternly. 

Farrah rolled her eyes.  She'd gotten in big trouble that day she'd gone to see her mama and then spent the day with Jason, not that they knew she'd been with a boy!  She'd been really surprised when she got home and found her mama talking to her dad.  Apparently the only thing they could agree on was that she was grounded. 
"Of course not, daddy! I promise I won't step a foot out of the house!" she said sweetly.

Chase raised his eyebrow and frowned.

"I promise, daddy!"
After her dad left, Farrah smirked at herself in the mirror.   "But he didn't say anything about anyone coming over!"
"Today is going to be so cool!" Farrah said when her bestie and her new boyfriend showed up.


"Hi, Amelia, right?" Eva asked. 

Amelia pushed her glasses up further on her nose. "That's right, Amelia Landgraab.  Nice to meet you."

Arturo hurried up to the girls.  "Sorry, I'm late!" he said.  "Are you guys ready?"
The three sat down and began working out a list of their arguments for their upcoming debate.  Their advisor was having them debate the affirmative stance on whether all students should be required to have an after school job.

"Well, I think that it would help keep students out of trouble," Eva offered.

Amelia wrote it down. "That's a good one."

Arturo grimaced. "I don't know how I'd be able to manage all my homework and the debate club if I had to work on top of it all!"

Eva grinned.  "Yeah, but not all students are into the after school activities.. like my sister, Farrah. While I work on homework or the Debate Club, she meets her friends at the pool or the beach to tan. Think of how much more productive she could be if it was required."

Arturo tapped his finger against his lip. "Yeah, but not everyone that is required to do something are going to do it... you're required to go to school, but some students still skip..."

Amelia sighed as she began to erase the list they had so far, "This is going to take forever, isn't it?"

Chase and Devon performed for the audience, a set that had been inspired by their Dad, Ace.  After the funeral, Chase had sat down and composed a number of songs to perform with his brother.  Judging from the crowd's reaction, it was a hit.
The twins took a bow and began to put away their instruments.  Devon leaned over, "Dude, she's totally checking you out," he said. 
Chase glanced over.  "You think so?" he asked skeptically.

Devon nudged him. "Yes! At least go over and talk to her.  I've seen her here before!"
Chase approached the woman slowly.  He guessed it was time to start dating again.  Although, she was a far cry from his usual type...

Not like his usual type had worked out very well for him...
"Umm.. hi... I'm Chase Black," he said, distracted by the many tattoos she had on display.

The woman stuck her hand out and shook his hand.  "Sandra Goth, I'm a huge fan."  She cleared her throat, "Umm.. Hi, I'm up here," she teased.

Chase jerked his gaze up from the small tattoo between her breast, reddening with embarrassment.  "Sorry! I just... sorry,"  he mumbled.

"So you write your own stuff?" Sandra was asking him. 
Chase lit up as he began to tell her about how he began his compositions.  He could talk about music for hours... Slowly, he trailed off, "I'm sorry, I'm probably boring you," he said with embarrassment.  Yvonne's eyes had always glazed over by this point.

"No, I love talking about music!" Sandra said.  "Maybe we could continue this conversation over dessert, though?"

In the background, Devon did a victory fist pump.


This had to have been the best day ever.  She'd gossiped with Michelle about her sister, made-out on the couch for what felt like hours with Jason and now everyone was hanging on her every word!  "...and I said, 'You're not my mom, I can do what I want!'"

Michelle gasped, "What'd she say?"

Farrah paused dramatically and inhaled on her cigarette, building the suspense.  As she blew out her breathe, she laughed scornfully, "Nothing! What was she going to say?"

"She might say that she's going to tell Dad," someone said from the doorway.
"Eva!" Farrah gasped, hurriedly flicking the cigarette over the porch railing.  "When'd you get home?!"

"We were just going," Michelle said quickly, walking away with Jason.

"Yeah, we were just leaving!" Jason added.
"What are you doing? Smoking?! Dad would be so disappointed! And you know you weren't supposed to have anyone over. You're grounded!"

"Mind your own business!" Farrah snapped, abruptly stopping Eve's lecture.  "You're not the boss of me! I can make my own decisions!"
"Yeah, and you're doing such a great job of that..." Eva said caustically as she headed inside.  "Quit smoking!" she threw over her shoulder. "It's a disgusting habit and you're going to get addicted!"

"You're going to get addicted," Farrah parroted her sister as she sneered.  "Am not!" she called after her bossy sister.


"I had a great time," Chase said after they'd finished their coffee and pie.  "Maybe we can do it again some time."

"Yeah, call me sometime," she said as she rooted through her purse for a pen.  Then, grabbing his hand, she wrote her number on his palm.  "Don't lose it..." she said with a wink as she sauntered off.


  1. Haha I like Sandra. She has a sense of humor and she and Chase actually share interests.

    Oh, Farrah. I really don't know what Chase is going to do with her.

    1. Hehe... Ironically, I made-over Sandra Goth when Chase got his tattoo. I was considering scrapping the Perfect Match with Yvonne & doing an Opposites Attract instead. She was going to be the girl that gave him his tattoo. :)

      So I absolutely love Sandra! I guess they were destined to get together after failed relationships because I love that she had a Alex and Izzie!

  2. Ooooo Chase :D

    And ooo Farrah, smh trouble trouble.

    1. There will be a lot of shaking of the heads at Farrah during her teen years (and maybe even her adult years!)

  3. Farrah IS a bit obnoxious, but I can see why--her hero let her down hard. :(

  4. Yuck, smoking! Farrah, that is NOT a good way to rebel!

    Sandra seems cool so far :D I hope Chase gets to be happy again. It's been too long.

    1. Farrah is going to pick any way to rebel and throw herself head-long into it.

      Chase deserves to be happy! Hopefully he and Sandra find a way to work it out! She's really good for him!