May 31, 2014

Chase: Week Seventeen, Day Seven

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase makes some hard decisions...

This was probably the hardest thing Chase had ever done in his life.
He held his hand out to Yvonne.  "Thanks for coming over," he said, slightly nodding towards Yvonne's new husband.  "Felix," he said in greeting.

"I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea, sugar," Yvonne drawled. "You're not going to regret it."

I already do, Chase thought miserably.
But the moment Sandra and Benito brought Farrah home, they had argued bitterly.  Chase was tired of Farrah breaking every rule he'd ever laid down.
And Farrah, in turn, was completely fed up with everything, it seemed.  She complained about the town, getting broken up with, getting kicked off the cheer leading squad, some boy not liking her, and her sister driving her mother away.

That one had stopped Chase dead in his tracks...

"You think Eva pushed your mother away?" he'd asked incredulously.
"Eva was always making mama upset!"  Farrah said hotly.  "I remember that night!  Eva made mama leave!"

Chase was floored. "Honey... your mother didn't leave because of Eva, or because of you.  She left because she fell in love with Felix..."

Farrah crossed her arms defensively. "Well, she wouldn't have done that if Eva hadn't..."
"Stop it! I hate her! And I hate it here!" Farrah screamed before running upstairs.  


A short phone call later and Yvonne had agreed with him. 

"Farrah, come downstairs please," Chase called up the stairs. 

Farrah came slowly down the stairs, surprised to see her dad teamed up with her mom and stepdad.  She plopped down on the couch and crossed her legs.  "So what is this? The Spanish Inquisition?"

Yvonne cleared her throat. "No, your father and I talked and decided that if you'd like to, perhaps you can come live with us... in the city."
Farrah leapt up from the couch and dashed into her mama's arms. "Do you mean it? I can come live with you?" she asked breathlessly. 
 Yvonne pulled back, "Watch the suit, sugar," she said, "But, yes.  There will be rules.  You have to bring your grades up, no boys, and you have to get a part-time job," Yvonne ticked off the requirements on her fingers.

"Oh I promise! I promise!" Farrah said fervently, crossing her heart.

"Then it sounds like it's settled!" Felix said, clapping his hands and looking towards Chase.

Chase's stomach pitched to the floor.  "Sounds like it," he said dully. 
Farrah turned to her dad and stood in front of him.  "I'm so sorry, daddy," she said.  "I promise to still visit. I'm going to make you proud of me!"

"I'm already proud of you," Chase said roughly.
 Farrah threw herself into Chase's arms.  "I'm going to miss you," she said tearfully. 

"I'm going to miss you, too," he said.
And then he watched his baby girl walk out of the house for the last time...
It had been one of the hardest things he'd ever done...

But, there was still another unpleasant task ahead.  "I have to go out," he said over his shoulders to Eva and Greyson.
 "Where do you think he's going?" Greyson asked his older sister.

"I don't know," Eva said, shaking her head sadly.


 Chase rang the doorbell.
"Come on in," Sandra said when she opened the door.  "Coffee's brewing."  Looking back at Alex, she nodded towards the door, indicating she wanted to be alone.  Alex shuffled from the room, giving the parents privacy.
"She's gone now," he said sadly.

"Oh, Chase, I'm so sorry!" Sandra said, pulling him into her arms and holding him tightly.  "I'm so sorry."

Chase stood there wrapped in the arms of the woman he loved for a moment and then he pulled away, ready to get this over with.
"Why were you even out at that time of night with Benito?" he demanded.  It was time to get everything out in the open.  There was no way he was going to be made a fool of twice!  "I thought we'd agreed not to see anyone else!"
"I'm not seeing him!" Sandra said.  "He was going to play a set that night and I went along with him!"
Chase shook his head.  "I don't believe it.  You'd told me that you were too tired to go out and then I find you out with another man!"

"He's the father of my children!" Sandra growled.

"Even worse!" Chase spat back.  "If you're going to get back with him, just be honest about it. Don't sneak around behind my back!"
"Chase, I swear to God, I haven't cheated on you. I'm not planning on cheating on you! I love you? Okay?!" Sandra said angrily, pointing her finger in his face. 
They both stopped and stared at each other.  "That's the first time you've ever said that to me," he said quietly.

Sandra shrugged, "Yeah, well, you made me angry."

Chase turned over everything in his mind, trying to make sense of it.  In the end, he shook his head.
"I can't do this again," he said, turning to leave.
There is no way I'm getting my heart broken again, he thought angrily as he strode from the house.

The irony was that his heart was already breaking...


"Greyson, you'll be okay for awhile on your own? I have to run into town real quick," Eva said, ruffling Greyson's hair.
Greyson ducked down and dodged her hand.  "Hey quit it! You're going to mess my hair up!" he protested.  "Yeah, I'll be fine. Go on!" he added when he was safe from her sisterly teasing.
 Now what was there to do? he wondered as his eyes lit on his Grandpa Ace's guitar.
Dad always said not to touch it, but surely it'd be okay now that he was older!  Greyson reached over and picked it up, testing it's weight in his hands. It felt like it'd been made for him.
He adjusted his grip and strummed a few lines.  "Oh man! That sounds awful!" he laughed.  Man, he needed to learn to play!


Eva headed down to City Hall and was surprised to see Arturo there.  "Hey Eva!" he called out merrily.  Eva sighed.  She'd been so worried that her turning him down at the Summer Dance might have ruined their friendship.  But it seemed like they would be Best Friends Forever!
 "Hey! Are you here to join the protest?" Arturo asked excitedly.  It'd been some time since they'd picketed together.
"Actually, I have something else I have to work on.  But maybe I'll see you when I'm done," she smiled.
 Then headed up the steps into City Hall.
A few hours later, she came out feeling confident and excited. She'd done it!  She'd gotten a job in politics.  Oh sure, she was starting way down at the bottom - but she was going to make a big difference!


 "Oh man, I double dog dare you," Alex Goth laughed.

"No way, I triple dog dare you!" Greyson responded with a giggle. 
 "Wait! Wait! I know! Let's go together!"

"Alright! But I'm telling you! There's nothing in there!" Alex laughed.

"I guess we'll see about that! Come on!"
 Greyson and Alex took off. They were going to explore the Catacombs of the Goth Crypt. 
 "You're not chickening out, are you?" Greyson called back to Alex.

"No way! I'm not chickening out if you're not chickening out..." Alex quipped back, but he was definitely not laughing now...
"AHHHHH!" screamed a high-pitched apparition in the crypt.

"Holy crap! RUN!" Greyson yelled and he and Alex tumbled over themselves as they pushed towards the Crypt door.  The two best friends hauled ass out of the cemetery.

They might not have found ghosts, but they'd discovered an elderly Melvin Wolff and Delilah Calhoun buck-naked in the crypt having sex.  And THAT was scarier than ANY ghost or zombie!


  1. Oh wow! Farrah is really going away? Yay for Eva getting a job in politics, she will do great. LOL at the ending!!

    1. Chase thought it might make a difference if Farrah was with her mother. And a newly domesticated Yvonne is willing to try. (I imagine that Yvonne and Felix's relationship works better because Felix hired a nanny to watch the kids. Lol!)

      And the ending had me rolling on the floor laughing, too. While poor Greyson and Alex were exploring the catacombs, Melvin & Delilah slipped in there to woohoo. It was too funny not to use. :)

  2. I'm interested to see how Farrah turns out now. It might be really good for her to live with Yvonne and Felix.

    I feel bad for Chase! His response to Sandra spending time with Benito is totally understandable, but I am curious about Sandra's side of the story, and whether or not she really has developed feelings for Chase.

    That ending got me, too! Hilarious xD

    1. Hehe.. I think Yvonne will wind up being good and bad for Farrah. I wonder if she'll start calling people "sugar". ;)

      I know! Poor Chase! He was really torn up. Yvonne really did a number on him and now he finds it hard to trust when it comes to that!

  3. Phew, I'm glad Farrah's gone. Anyone THAT ungrateful and delusional needs to be shown the door and quick!

    1. Yup. She's a chip off the old block! The family missed her, but everyone sighed with relief when she was gone. :)

  4. I hope Chase and Sandra work it out somehow! Yvonne really broke the poor guy... but having to take care of Farrah is going to be a nice punishment for her, haha!

    1. Yvonne did a number on Chase. I can totally seeing him feeling like working on a relationship won't help after ALL those YEARS with Yvonne.

      Ha - I always imagined Farrah running rough-shod over Yvonne. Lol.