May 28, 2014

Chase: Week Seventeen, Day Three

Neurotic Obsession:  Loves blossoms for the members of the household...

"Are you still not talking to me?" Eva asked with frustration.
"Whatever," Farrah snapped, turning away from her older sister.



Chase slipped past the ropes sectioning off the office from the auditorium.
Upstairs, he worked on his new composition.  After spending time with Sandra Goth, he was inspired to create a new ballad. 
Caught up in the music, he didn't hear his brother enter.  "Hey, Chase!" Devon said, snapping his finger.  "Earth to Chase!"

Chase looked up and smiled.  "Look who it is! Devon and my sweet little niece!"  He quickly crossed the rooms and wiggled his fingers at Alyssa.  Alyssa smiled shyly and pulled back against Devon's shoulder. 

"So? How's it go with the tattoo-lady?" Devon asked. "Have you seen her again?"

Chase smiled dreamily.  "Not yet, but I'm definitely to see her again..."


"Omigod! Omigod! I can't believe we're actually cheerleaders! This is so awesome!" Michelle said excitedly.
"Michelle, chill out," Farrah said with annoyance, looking over her shoulder.  "You're acting like a freshman!"

Michelle smacked her mouth shut, "But I am a freshman," she said, mildly confused.

Farrah rolled her eyes. "Yeah, but there's no need to act like it," she said scornfully.

"Come on, girls!" Joan Alto called out as she jogged across the field.
Farrah and Michelle followed after her and took their position.
Farrah grinned as she copied the moves that Joan showed them. 
No hardship - the scenery was spectacular! she thought as she watched the boys running on the field.


"Hey guys, this is Nick Langerak, he's interested in joining us," Eva said, introducing Nick to Artie and Amelia.

Arthur scoffed.  If Nick was interested in the debate club, he'd eat his socks!

"Come on, let's get to work," Eva said, pulling out her notebook.
"You're the debate club president," Amelia said brightly, following along behind her.

"So, this week we're the Negative team for the topic, 'Parents should be allowed to choose their baby's gender',"Eva said, reading off the question.  She tapped her pencil against her lip.  "I've heard that you if you eat apples, you're more likely to have boys..." she mused.

Nick smothered a burst of a laugh.  "Oh man!"  Putting on a straight face, he cleared his throat, "Sorry," he said, looking down at the table.

Arturo shot him a nasty look, shaking his head.  "So, we should start by discussing why parents aren't allowed to choose the gender..."


Cheerleading practice was over.   The second it was done, Jason threw his helmet down and ran over to pull Farrah into his arms.

"You looked so hot out there, baby!" Farrah said as she ran her hands over his back.

"No, you look so hot in that uniform!" he said, kissing him again.  "You coming over to my place tonight again?" he asked.

"Uh... yeah!" Farrah said eagerly.
Nathaniel glanced over, distracted by the make-out session.  "Who's that?" he asked.

"That's our new girl, Farrah Black," Joan bragged.

"Black?" he asked, recognizing her.  "Eva Black's little sister?"

Joan shrugged, "Who cares?" she said negligently.


Eva glanced up from writing and saw Nathaniel walking towards them, looking at her.  He waved her over.

"Umm... excuse me for a moment," she said, standing up quickly.
She hurried over to Nathaniel's side.  "Can I help you?" she asked quietly, glancing over her shoulder to her Debate Club.  Everyone had their eyes on her.  She blushed.
"Hey, sorry to interrupt," Nathaniel said.  "I'm glad I found you!"

Eva was reeling.  Nathaniel Wolff had been looking for her?  She shook her head slightly.  "How did you even find me?" she asked.

Nathaniel shrugged nonchalantly, "This is where the Debate Club meets, right?"

He knew that she was in the debate club?  "Wait? So why did you need to find me?" she asked in confusion.

He told her about what he saw after the practice.  "..I just thought you might want to talk to your sister about her reputation."
Eva sighed heavily.  "The last person she'd listen to is me.  She's actively snubbing me right now," she said sadly.
She glanced back and saw the Debate Club walking away.  "We're going to head out," Artie told her.  "You coming?"

"Just a minute," she told him, turning back to Nathaniel.  
She touched Nathaniel's arm.  "Thanks for coming to see me.  I'll talk to my dad... maybe she'll listen to him..."

"Yeah, no problem," Nathaniel said.
"What could he possibly have wanted?" Artie asked as they walked out of the library.  "To get you to help him with his homework?"

Eva glanced at her friend sharply.  "Artie! Don't be mean!"

"What?!" Arturo exclaimed defensively.  

Eva just shook her head.

"I'll walk you home," Nick said quickly as soon as they were outside.  "I'm going to way anyways."

"I'll drop you off on my way home," Amelia Landgraab told Arturo.

"Why don't we all go together?" Arturo asked, looking between Nick and Eva.
Eva laughed. "Don't be silly, Artie," she said, giving him a hug.  "You know I love being outside!"

Nick waited patiently as she said her goodbyes.
Then she and Nick headed off, away from the group.  Artie sighed as he watched them walk off.
"Arturo, are you coming?" Amelia asked from behind him.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, "I'm coming..."


"Nice night, isn't it?" Nick asked as they walked up her driveway.

Eva smiled and lifted her face up to the night sky.  "It is! I love it!"
"Well, thanks for walking me home," Eva said when they reached the front door.

Nick smiled, "My pleasure," he said. 

"Well, I hope you enjoyed the Debate Club," Eva said as she turned to go inside.
Nick surprised her by shifting forward and giving her a peck on her lips.  "Thanks," he said quickly before hurrying away.


Chase was finishing up his performance that night. He'd kept his eye on the crowd and hadn't seen Sandra at all.  He couldn't help but feel disappointed.
But then, right at the end, he saw her at the back of the auditorium.  His heart picked up speed.  He'd never wanted to finish a set as much as he had before this moment.  The seconds ticked off slowly...
Finally, Chase bowed and then quickly made his way to greet Sandra.  "I was hoping I'd see you again," he smiled.


"I love that your mom is never home!" Farrah said as Jason pulled her against him.

"Me, too," Jason grinned as she leaned down and began kissing him.


Chase slipped Sandra past the ropes and led her up to the office.

"So you missed me, huh?" Sandra asked saucily.

Chase nodded.  "I should probably tell you that I just a divorce..." he said slowly, starting to explain his emotional baggage. 
Sandra looped her arms around his neck.  "I should probably tell you that I'm not looking for anything permanent..." she replied before pulling his lips down to meet hers.


"Jason Calhoun!"


Chase made an apologetic face and pulled back slightly when his phone began to ring.  "Chase Black," he answered tersely.


  1. Oh my lordy! So much has happened. Love how it all played out! Farrah's really going to get it now!

    I kinda feel bad for Artie but then again I kinda don't if that makes since. His attitude is such a turn off. He acts like Eva is his girlfriend or something. Get over it Artie you are just a friend!

    1. Hehe... Farrah was in deep trouble! I think the punishment system in Generations is hilarious. Chase sent her to the corner first for breaking curfew and then when she went outside to take the trash out, he ran out and grounded her!

      Artie suffers from puppy love hardcore. It makes him quite mopey! And Eva is completely clueless!

  2. Awww, I like Nathaniel, looking out for his buddy's little sis. Poor jealous Artie, though! LOL.

    1. Hehe... Artie AND Nick seemed to be jealous. They both swiveled their heads around to track her as she crossed the room to talk to the sweaty jock. :)

  3. I really like all the nice 'stages' you made, like the inside of the theater, and the debate club and the football field with the cheerleaders! It's great seeing what the sims might be up to in their rabbitholes :D

    1. I keep trying to find space in Sunset Valley to set up my little stages! There's a spot behind the business building for my political/business office stage. The music venue is tucked next to the grocery store with the music venue on the 1st floor and the theater on the top floor. I really liked having all the sports fields at the athletic rabbit hole, too. It makes it fun to play with the story! :)