May 27, 2014

Chase: Week Seventeen, Day Two

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase is left at loose ends as his kids grow up...

"Good morning, guys. I'm just about to put the waffles in the oven!" Chase called out when the kids came running down the stairs.

Farrah groaned.
"Sorry, Dad. We've got to get to school!" Eva said, herding her siblings to the bus.  "We'll grab something in the cafeteria!"
"But I was making watermelon waffles!" Chase called out after them.  He sighed.  "Looks like it was waffles for one today..."
 Not really knowing what else to do, he headed down to work...
 And practiced for his next performance.


"Ugh, you're so lucky you don't have to go to school anymore!" Farrah complained to Yesenia.  "I can't wait!"  She blew out the smoke from her cigarette.
Yesenia grinned widely as she brought her cigarette up to her lips.  "Yeah, it's awesome. My 'rents aren't even making me get a job! I just have to watch the baby every now and again while they're working!"

Yvonne's friends Michelle stood by, amazed that a 19-year old was even talking to them.  "You. Are. SO. COOL!" she told Yesenia.  "Like, totally cool!"
"Hey girl," Jason said as he jogged up.  "Looking good!" He winked at Michelle before giving Farrah a kiss hello.  

Michelle sighed.  No fair, she thought.  Farrah has all the luck!
"Hey, I was wondering if you had those notes for math class. I kind of skipped it the other day!"

Farrah shrugged. "Sure, I'll give them to you later," she told him.  

"Awesome!" Jason said, relieved. "My mom'll kill me if I bomb another semester!"
Just then, head cheerleader, Joan Alto, walked by and pulled Farrah aside.  "Tryouts are tomorrow.  Are you going to come?"

Farrah shrugged, "Sure. I'll be there."
"Great. Bring your friend," Joan said before slipping into the pool with her boyfriend, Nathaniel Wolff.

"Hey! I've been looking for you everywhere!" Arturo said when he ran into Eva outside the school.  "Wanna go grab some dinner?" he asked.  "Debating always makes me hungry!"
"Oh, not this time, Artie. I'm actually meeting up with my science partner to go over our homework assignment."

"Your science partner?" Arturo echoed.
Eva glanced behind her. "Oh there he is!  Catch you later Artie!"
Arturo sighed as he watched Eva walk off with Nick Langerak.  Another wasted opportunity, he thought miserably.


"Oh man, what's the symbol for helium again?" Nick grumbled.  

"H-e," Eva spelled out without looking up.

Nick sighed.  "How do you remember all of them? I'm never going to be able to memorize them!"

"I just remember things like that," she said shyly.  

Finally, they finished the last problem and Nick sighed heavily with relief, lounging back in his chair.  "Oh thank God that's over!" he playfully gasped.

Eva laughed as she gathered her things up.
"Hey, thanks for coming over and helping me out with our homework assignment. I know how busy you are with your Debate Club.  But, man, I'd be toast without you!"

Eva blushed.  "Oh, you knew a lot of it, too!" she protested. 

"So, hey? Can anyone join the Debate Club?" Nick asked.  "I.. uh... have been thinking about joining an after school activity..."

"Oh sure! It's a lot of fun! You should come check it out!"

Nick grinned.  "Yeah, cool.  I think I will!"

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  1. LOL, Eva's becoming a player and she doesn't even know it! Arturo, you'd better step up. ;)