May 15, 2014

Chase: Week Sixteen, Day One

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase practices his new material, a duet with Gwen Glover...

"Come on, big guy.  Uppsey-daisy," Eva Black said as she lifted her baby brother from his crib.  "Ooof! You're getting heavy!" she said, playfully tossing him in the air.  "I'm not going to be able to lift you soon!"
Just then, her sister Farrah Black hurried in and snapped, "I want to go to the park! You promised me!"
"I'm not going to take you if you talk to me like that, Farrah," Eva said defensively.  Jeez, why did her sister have to be such a royal pain?! 
Farrah blinked with surprise.  She opened her mouth to pitch a fit, but instead she quietly said, "Please?!"

It was Eva's turn to blink with surprise.  Was that Farrah asking nicely for something?!  Maybe her sister was finally starting to have a change of heart!  Eva readjusted Greyson on her hip as she thought about it.  "Okay. I'll tell you what, I'll take you to the park once I'm done taking care of Greyson.  Maybe you could play with him while I go get his bottle? Like teamwork?"

Farrah rolled her eyes.  "If I have to!" she said grimaced.

Eva sighed as she set Greyson down on the nursery floor.  So much for the change of heart...


Eva glanced down at Farrah as they rode in a taxi down to the park.  "So you promise to listen to me, right? No running off.  No talking to strangers.  And if you misbehave, we're going straight home.  Okay?"

Farrah rolled her eyes.  "I'm not a baby, Eva!"

"Farrah," Eva began sternly, turning to glare at her sister.

"Alright! Alright! Fine! I promise to listen to you!" Farrah said quickly.
Once they arrived at the park, Eva glanced down to remind her Farrah about their agreement...
But Farrah was already gone - racing towards the play set.  Eva sighed and started walking after her headstrong sister.  On the ground up ahead, she thought she saw something...
A seed! she thought excitedly, stooping down to pick it up.  It reminded her of the rally she'd attended with Arthur Glover.
Stuffing the seed in her pocket, she wandered over to the bench near the play set and sat down to watch Farrah.  Absently, she began daydreaming...
"Hey, mind if I sit down?"

Eva glanced up sharply.  "Huh?"  Oh Lord, while she'd been daydreaming, the cutest boy in school had jogged up.  She felt her cheeks burn in embarrassment. 

"Oh!" Eva said awkwardly.  "No...  I mean yes...  Sorry..." Eva trailed off, scooting over on the bench to give him more space.
"No biggie," Nathaniel said, turning to plop down next to her.  "So what's your name?"

Eva nervously glanced over at him.  "Eva Black."

"Cool. I'm Nathaniel Wolff."

"Oh, I know!" Eva gushed before realizing how that might sound.  She tucked her hair behind her ear.  "I mean... I've seen you around school..."

Nathaniel chuckled.  "Yeah, that seems to be a hazard of being a Wolff.  Everyone seems to know me before I know them..."

Eva smiled wanly.  "Must be a real problem," she said, thinking about how nobody seemed to know who she was...

Nathaniel blew out a breath. "You don't know the half of it," he muttered.  "So, what brings you to this bench today?" he asked.
Eva nodded towards her sister.  "I promised my kid sister that I'd bring her to the park today."

Nathaniel glanced over to where Farrah was swinging. 

"I know, lame, right?" Eva said disparagingly.  

"No! I think..." Nathaniel started to say.
Flustered, Eva shot up.  "I... umm... it's getting late... I should probably get my sister home.  It was nice meeting you," she said in a rush.
Eva hurried over to Farrah and whispered furiously.  "Come on, Farrah. We're going home."

"But I don't want to go home," Farrah said mulishly.

Eva glanced back and saw that Nathaniel was watching them.  She turned back to Farrah quickly and snapped, "It doesn't matter. We're going. Now..."
Eva started walking away as quick as she could.

Farrah huffed out an impatient breath as she watched her older sister speed away.  "Alright! Fine! I'm coming!" she called out.  "Hey! Wait up!"


As Eva walked in, she heard the tail-end of her mother's conversation.  "That sounds lovely.  I'll meet you there, sugar," Yvonne drawled.  Eva rolled her eyes.  Her mother only said "sugar" when she was trying to impress someone.  It was so annoying!

Flipping her phone closed, Yvonne turned to face her eldest daughter.  "Good. You're home," she said.  "I need you to watch your brother and sister.  Your father's at rehearsal and I need to go meet with a client."

Eva headed to the fridge and pulled out a juice.  "Yeah, sure.  Whatever," she said.

Yvonne put her hand on her hip and fixed Eva with a look.  "You mind your tone when you're talking to me!" she said firmly.

Eva met her mother's stare with her own raised brow.  "Whatever," she repeated with a wildly beating heart, daring her mother to say anything. 

Yvonne finally looked away and rolled her eyes.  "Honestly, Eva.  What am I going to do with you?" she fumed as she slipped her purse on her shoulder.  A quick stop to fix her make-up and then she slammed out the door.

Eva's shoulders slumped the minute the door shut.  She released the breath she'd been holding.  What was she going to do? Ground me and make me watch the kids? she thought caustically. 
 Whoopedy-doo.  That's what she had to do anyways...


Chase strummed the last few notes on his cello and turned to glance at Gwen Glover.  "That sounded pretty awesome!" she said with a grin.

Chase nodded.  "I'd say we're ready for opening night!" he replied.
"I can't wait!" Gwen said excitedly.  "You know, I can't tell you what a privilege it is to perform with you!"

Chase smiled, touched.  "Thanks, Gwen. I was really flattered that you agreed to perform my new material with me."

"Are you kidding?  Your music is golden!  You're well on your way to becoming the next hit composer!  I bet people will be coming from all over the nation to get you to write their songs!  You are way gifted!"

Chase shook his head. "As if!" he said wryly.


  1. I can't believe how much i missed out on your updates. It's always so intriguing to me how you come up with stuff. I got tensed when Eva spoke to her mother like that. I knew Yvonne was going to let her have it! Guess she didn't like getting a dose of her own medicine. Nathaniel is a cutie. ^.-

  2. I'm glad you're back and I'm glad you enjoy my story! :) I really got into Eva's teen storyline! I love her so much!

  3. Hehehe, Gwen Glover <3 I always love seeing her pop up in people's games, she's a fun lady. I really do hope one day Eva lets Yvonne know that she sees through her nonsense--Yvonne needs someone to set her head back on straight. :P

    1. I remember test-driving Gwen & Holden (who always get together!) Colette Baker-Black & Arturo Glover are two of their kiddos. I love that family!