May 26, 2014

Chase: Week Sixteen, Day Seven

Neurotic Obsession:  Farrah struggles to come to terms with her parents divorce...

Chase hummed as he mixed the ingredients together for breakfast.  Since he was typically performing most nights at the theater, he liked to make sure he and the kids at least had family breakfast together.

And the kids loved his fruit pancakes!  Today he tried grapes!
 "So," he said as he sat down, smiling at the kids.  "Dig in!"
The kids looked down at their plates with a small frown.

Greyson eyed the grape peel on the top of one of his pancakes and pulled it out with a look of horror. "Ew! Gross!" he snickered, flinging the mushed-up grape on his plate.

Farrah pushed the plate away.  "When's mama coming home?" she asked mulishly. 

Chase clenched his teeth.  "We've talked about this Farrah.  She's not coming home.  She and Felix are getting married..."
"Why didn't she want to stay married to you, Dad?" Greyson asked with the innocence of a child.

"But it's been months!  Why won't you let me go see her?" Farrah interrupted, mad at her dad for keeping her away from her mama.

Chase rubbed at his throbbing temple, desperate to stop the ache.  "It sounds like she's not quite ready for company yet..." he said lamely.  The truth was that Yvonne hadn't asked to see the kids since she left and he was fairly certain that wasn't going to change anytime soon.

"Whatever, I bet you haven't even asked her," she said angrily.

Eva took a big forkful of her pancake and hurriedly took a bite.  She forced a smile to her face and loudly announced, "This is delicious, Dad! Come on guys, try the pancake!"
Chase sent Eva a grateful look for the distraction. 

Farrah rolled her eyes and slouched down in her chair with her arms crossed.  She didn't want to eat the stupid pancake, she thought, glaring at Eva.


Later, in their room, Eva gave Farrah a piece of her mind.  "Why do you keep bringing her up? Can't you tell you're hurting Dad? She's gone, okay? Get over it!"
Farrah scoffed scornfully.  "You're not the boss of me!" she snapped.  "I can do what I want!"
And if Dad wasn't going to let her see Mama, then she'd just take matters into her own hands!  "I'm going out with friends, Daddy!" she called out as she hurried down the steps.


"Eva, I have to get to work. Are you sure you're okay watching Greyson?" Chase asked.

Eva nodded and grinned at her little brother. "Sure, we'll have a great time!"

Chase grabbed his keys.  "Okay, call me if you need me." 


Farrah checked the numbers on the house against the slip of paper that she'd written down.  This looked like the right place. 

With a smile she got out of the taxi.  Man, this was a real cute place. And right on the beach! It was going to be awesome spending the summers with mama!
With butterflies in her stomach, she rang the doorbell...
 "Mama!" she said happily when Yvonne answered the door.

Yvonne's mouth dropped open when she saw Farrah.  "How did you get here?" she asked. 

"I took a taxi," Farrah said. "Aren't you happy to see me?"  Mama wasn't as happy to see her as she'd thought she'd be...
"Of course, come on in," Yvonne said tiredly. 


"...And he's started making these disgusting pancakes every morning with different fruit! He did grapes! Can you believe it?" Farrah ranted.

Yvonne delicately cleared her throat.  "That's enough about your father," she said tightly.  "I'm surprised you came all the way over here!"

"Well he wasn't letting me come see you! I told him that he probably didn't even ask if you wanted to see us! He can't keep you from us, you know!" she said indignantly.

Yvonne sighed.  "I've been very busy lately.  Felix and I thought it might be easier if we waited awhile before having you over..."

"But why? I'll like Felix! I promise!"

"I know, but a lot has changed.  Felix and I are married now... and we're... well... you're going to have a little brother or sister..." Yvonne confessed.  "...And we're talking about moving back to the city..."
 Farrah's head was spinning.  She leapt off the couch and screeched, "What?!"
 Yvonne stood and awkwardly tried to comfort her daughter.  "Now Farrah," she said in her patronizing voice, "You can't expect that nothing would change..."

"I thought that you would at least wait before completely replacing us!" Farrah ground out.  She turned and ran from the house as fast as she could.
 "Farrah! Come back here and be reasonable!" Yvonne shouted as Farrah shot out of the house.
But Farrah didn't slow down.  She had to get away from here!  She was running as though her life depended on it...
When she made it to the water's edge, she stopped and took a few deep breaths and tried to calm her racing heart. 

She was married... she was going to have a baby... she was leaving...
Farrah sunk to the ground and pulled her knees up to her chest.  Eva was right... mama didn't care about them...

Farrah burst into tears.


She wasn't sure how long she was there, resting her cheek against her knees.  She'd cried so hard earlier that she wasn't sure any tears were left.

Jason Calhoun raced down to the beach, ready to jump in some waves.  He ran past the cute girl in the sand and he did a double take.
"Hey," he said, stopping.  "Farrah, right?"

Farrah glanced up, rubbing at her eyes.  "Do I know you?" she asked snidely.

"Yeah, math class. I sit behind you."

Farrah glanced up at him, vaguely recognizing him.  He was a new kid.  He was pretty cute, though. "Wanna talk about it?" he asked.

Farrah shrugged. "My parents got divorced," she said indifferently.
Jason sunk down next to her. "Oh man, that blows.  I never knew my dad.  He didn't stick around long enough."

Farrah turned to look at him again.  "That sucks," she said. 

They sat in silence for a little bit when Jason elbowed her.  "Hey, I'm starving. Wanna go get some dinner?"

Farrah started to say no, but her stomach rumbled at that moment.  "Yeah, I guess I do," she said with a little laugh.


"No, I can't hang out tonight. I'm watching Greyson," Eva answered Arturo.  "Yeah. we'll get together soon," she promised. 

As she hung up, Greyson made kissing noises.  "Ooo.. Eva and Artie sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S..."
"No!" Eva laughed as she sat down beside her brother.  "It is not even like that!" she told him, grabbing a remote.  "Now be prepared to get your tushie beat!"
 "But I'm not even tired, Eva", Greyson said, attempting to stifle a stray yawn. 

"Right, well it's bedtime anyways."
 Eva sat down beside his bed and read him a chapter from Treasure Island. 
 "Sleep well," she said when she looked up and saw that he'd fallen asleep.
Worriedly she checked the clock.  It was 8 pm and she hadn't seen Farrah all day.  And she'd tried to call her, but no one had answered...

Where was that girl?!


"Thanks for dinner," Farrah said.  Jason had really helped her get over her bad mood after visiting her mama. 
"Wanna come over to my place and watch a show?" he asked.
"Are you sure this is going to be okay with your mom?" she asked before they headed inside. "She doesn't even know you're bringing someone home."

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my mom's at a friend's house.  You're cool with that, right?" Jason asked as he unlocked the front door.
 Farrah grinned. "Sure!" she said excitedly.  No supervision!  This was going to be fun!
Chase finished his last set and took a bow as the crowd clapped.  He was tired and ready to go home and get to sleep!


Chase had just gotten home when someone knocked on the door.  He glanced at his watch.  Who could that be at this time of night.  Quietly, he padded over and checked the peephole. 

Astonished, he opened the door wide.  "Yvonne?" he asked, unable to mask his surprise.

"Have you heard from Farrah? I've been trying to call her all day, but she's not answering..." she said worriedly.

"Farrah?" Chase asked dumbly.  "Yeah, she should be upstairs, why?"

Yvonne gave him an odd look.  "She came to see me today.  I think I might've given her some bad news..."

Chase raised his eyebrows, silently taking in her maternity dress and the new sparkling ring on her finger.  "Apparently..." he said hollowly.


  1. ... apparently I spoke too soon. For a woman who doesn't like kids, she sure is rotten at birth control. Goodness sakes.

    1. Lol! Ironically, Felix is nurturing & wanted his own child! And I'm not even sure birth control exists in Sunset Valley. Lol. I pass out babies like Halloween candy. Here's a baby for you... and one for you... here, have a handful!