May 25, 2014

Chase: Week Sixteen, Day Six

Neurotic Obsession:  Chase bids goodbye to his relationship & his father...

Better to get this over with, Chase thought as he rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. 
"Chase," Yvonne said softly in surprise when she opened the door, "What are you doing here?"

"I found a few more things that I thought you would want," he said, pointing to the box at his feet.

"Oh, great.  Could you bring it in?"

Chase hefted up the box and carried it in, setting it down nearby.
"So, looks like you've settled in," Chase said caustically.  It hurt seeing their things here - the dining room table, the sofa she'd bought soon after moving in, her work desk...

But what hurt the most was seeing the picture of the kids & the drawing of "her and mommy" that Farrah had drawn.   As though she cared about them, he thought angrily.  Eva was perfectly willing to pretend her mother had never existed and Greyson was too young to understand what was going on.  Only Farrah was devastated that her "mama" wasn't home anymore.

Yvonne closed her eyes. "Don't do this, Chase," she said quietly.
"Don't do what? Don't be mad?  You haven't even seen the kids! Farrah keeps asking when you're going to have her over!"
Yvonne hung her head.  "I know. It's just... complicated right now..."
Chase scoffed. "Right. Complicated."  He motioned to the box of her stuff.  "Well that's the last of it," he said before turning to leave. 
Yvonne's eyes teared up as she watched Chase leave.
Whirling around, she dashed the tears from her eyes as she looked at the picture of her children.  She thought she'd be happier without them...


Chase felt almost numb.  His Dad was gone.  And he'd give anything to talk to him and ask him for advice right now...
Eva made one last glance around to make sure everything was ready. 
"Dad? Are you okay? Everyone's about to come over," Eva said, coming up behind him.

Chase absently nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay," he said without turning around.
Chase heard a choked sob behind him and turned to find his brother.  With tears in his own eyes, he reached out and pulled his brother into his arms, offering comfort and solace.
Around them, family members and loved ones gathered around to pay their final respects to the self-acclaimed "most awesome" guitar player in Sunset Valley. 
It was only fitting that Chase played a tune to honor his father.
Attempting to keep his emotions bottled up, Devon joined his brother with Dad's guitar.  It was so touching and bittersweet that there were few dry eyes in the room.


"Come on, let's go outside while they're distracted," Yesenia Baker-Black whispered to Farrah. 
Farrah followed Yesenia outside to the porch, curious why the senior was inviting her out with her.  Pulling a cigarette out of her purse, Yesenia lit it up and offered Farrah one. 

Shrugging, Farrah grabbed one and leaned forward as Yesenia lit it. 

When she inhaled, smoke went straight down her lungs, making her cough and gag.  Yesenia just laughed.  "Take it easy, freshman," she teased, while she expertly inhaled the smoke and exhaled fluidly.

Farrah watched Yesenia in amazement. She made it look so easy!  "Sorry about your Grandpa," Yesenia said after another puff on the cigarette. "And your mom," she added blithely.

Farrah's lower lip quivered and she lifted the cigarette to her lips to mask it.  "Yeah, it sucks," she said dismissively.  She managed to inhale the next puff without coughing her lungs up.

Yesenia was about to say something else, when she jerked her eyes to the door. Rolling her eyes, she grabbed the cigarette out of Farrah's mouth and flung both off the porch, waving the smoke in front of them to dispel it.
"What are you guys doing out here?" Yesenia's brother, Ahmad, asked, poking his head out the door.

Yesenia turned and shot a glare at her brother.  "Nothing, dork-face.  Go away!"

Ahmad frowned and hurried back inside.

"He's always following after me! It's so annoying!" she complained.  "He would tell on me in a second if he knew I was out here smoking - goody-two-shoes!"  She fixed a stern look on Farrah.  "You're not going to tattle, are you Freshman?"
"No way!" Farrah said excitedly.  "This is the most fun I've had in ages!"

Yesenia smirked.  "You're not too bad, Freshman.  Not too bad at all."


"Come on, Eva, put the dishes down," Arturo Glover said as he followed her into the kitchen.
"There's just so much to do?" Eva said, trying to keep her hands busy. 
Arturo reached out and cupped Eva's elbow.  "It's going to be okay, Eva. You know that, right? All this with your Grandpa... and your mom... it's going to be okay."

Eva sniffed back the tears that were threatening.  "Shut up, Artie," she said weakly.  "You're going to make me cry!"

"Good! You need to! Now go sit with your Dad and I'll take care of the dishes!"

Eva hugged Arturo tightly.  "Thanks for being such a great friend," she told him before hurrying off to sit with Chase.
Arturo grabbed the dishes she'd set aside and soaped them up.  Yeah, "friend", he scoffed discontentedly.


  1. Yvonne seems surprised that she has feelings for her children. Even she thought she was so cold that she wouldn't miss them!

    Hmm, I don't like Yesenia too much. Seems like she just wants someone to follow her around and agree with her all the time.

    As for the end, I thought that Eva was heading in the direction of liking Arturo, but maybe not.

    1. I tried to show that Yvonne had bottled up a lot of resentment towards the kids & was glad to be rid of the responsibility (because she thought it would make life easier). But, of course, that's rarely the reality of the situation!

      Yesenia... boy is that girl insane. :) Lol. She's going to get Farrah into some trouble in the following years!

      Eva is absolutely CLUELESS that Arturo likes her! But maybe that's just because he hasn't made his move yet... :)

  2. Huh, so Yvonne actually KEPT that picture after all. I wonder. At least she's too old to have kids with Felix! ... err, right?

    1. Lol. Nope. That picture she kept is one that FARRAH actually drew! She always seemed to like Farrah better!

      (I'm a sucker for genetics so Yvonne was tortured with another pregnancy) But, with Felix, she seemed to be a better mother. (Probably because Felix hired her nanny's!)