May 22, 2014

Chase: Week Sixteen, Day Three

Neurotic Obsession:  Yvonne learns all about making assumptions...

Yvonne angrily rubbed at her temples.  Felix was coming back?!  That dirty, sneaky weasel!
"I don't see what the big deal is," Chase said, watching her.  "Come to bed."

"No! You don't understand!" she said angrily, beginning to pace. "No good can come from him coming back!"

"Yvonne.. I seriously doubt..."

Yvonne turned on her heel and began pacing.  "I'll have to do damage control.  I'll go see him before he calls a meeting with me so that I have the position of power," she mumbled under her breath.

Chase laughed.  "You're taking this too seriously, Yvonne.  Just welcome him back and take him out to lunch!"

Yvonne spun and stared at her husband with wide eyes.  "Why would I do that?" Oh Lord, all the hard work she'd put into her marriage and her husband wanted her to take Felix out to lunch?  She needed to remember why she hated him.  He was a client-poaching, promotion-stealing weasel!

Chase patted the spot on the bed next to him.  "Come to bed, Yvonne.  Tomorrow's going to be fine."

But Yvonne just kept pacing.


"Have a good day at school, girls!" Chase said as Eva and Farrah headed out to meet the bus.

"Oh, crap!" Eva said, turning around towards her Dad.
"Um, I forgot to tell you that I'm thinking about joining the debate club.  That's okay, right?"

Chase blinked in surprise.  "Yeah, sure.  That should be fine."

"Okay, well, I'll be getting home a little later than usual, then.  Will you tell mother?"
"Sure, go catch the bus so you're not late for school. I'll let your mom know."

"Thanks, Dad!" Eva smiled as she hurried off.

Chase watched her go, struck by how close his little girl was to being a young woman.
"Daaaaaddy!" Greyson squealed, running across the room. Chase chuckled as he bent down to pick up his son.

"You are getting too big to lift up!" Chase teased. 

"You wanted to speak with me?" Yvonne asked sourly as she walked into Felix's office. 

"Yes, come on in. Have a seat!" Felix said cordially.

So this is how we're going to play it, Yvonne thought.  Pretend like nothing happened.
"Thanks for coming," he started, clearing his throat awkwardly.  "I thought it might be best to clear the air, so to speak, before we begin working together again."

"By all means, clear the air, sugar," Yvonne said snidely.

Felix squeezed his eyes shut and massaged the bridge of his nose.  She's not going to make this easy, he thought bitterly.  "I understand you might still have concerns about how well we'll be able to function as a team, but I think you'll find..."
"Oh, can the rehearsed speech!" Yvonne snapped, crossing her arms. 

"Look, I told you before, I didn't tell Wolff that you were too maternal to do your job! He came to me!" Felix said, attempting to get to the heart of the matter.

"What about what you told Candace?" she replied hotly.  "She told me what you said!"

Felix blinked.  "What are you talking about?"

Yvonne scoffed.  "Candace told me that you'd told everyone that I was on the "mommy-track!" Even after you left, you were trying to run me down!"
Felix shot out of his chair.  "Why do you insist on believing the worst about me?" he thundered. 
Yvonne shot out of her own chair and met Felix halfway.  "Because you've given me reason time and time again!" she yelled.  "You have undermined my career every chance you got!"
"For your information, after I left, when the Board called me into a conference to discuss whether or not to let you go after your maternity leave, I assured them that there was no one more suited, more capable, for the job than you.  So I don't know what Candace told you - but it was never me that doubted you!" he said angrily.  "In fact, I called you in here today to give you a damn promotion!"
Yvonne's head spun.  "I... I didn't know..." she said softly, stepping closer.  "I'm sorry... I just assumed..."
Felix let out a harsh laugh.  "I know you probably don't believe it.  But, I want what's best for you," he said, reaching up to cup her cheek.
Yvonne winced and pulled away from his touch.  "I... I don't know what to say..." she said shakily.
Then did what any rational career-minded woman would do - she turned and ran. 

The last few hours of work were brutal for Yvonne.  She hid in her office, praying that Felix wouldn't come to find her... and praying that he would...

She was so confused!

Finally, three o'clock rolled around and she hurried from the office.  She was looking forward to a relaxing evening at home...

"Where's your sister?" she demanded, finding Farrah and Greyson playing quietly in the nursery, but no sign of Eva.
Farrah glanced up at her mother and swallowed.  "She told Dad she had to stay after school..."

Yvonne threw her hands up in the air.  "Of course she did! Why would anyone tell me anything?! It's not like I'm a part of this family or anything!"

Farrah glanced down. "Sorry," she whispered.

"Oh, go play!" Yvonne said angrily, storming from the room to wait for Eva.
When the door opened, her eyes snapped immediately to her daughter.
"Where have you been?" Yvonne demanded. "I needed you here with the children! You can't just do whatever you want to! There are rules!"

Eva glanced down. "Sorry," she mumbled. "I thought Dad would've told you..."
"Everybody's sorry!" Yvonne said, throwing her hands up in the air.  "Sorry doesn't fix anything!" she ended with a sob.
Yvonne furiously wiped at the tears streaming down her face and stormed from the house, slamming the front door behind her.


"Is mama coming back?" Farrah asked somberly, after a quiet dinner.

"Yeah, sure, of course," Eva said with more conviction than she really felt.  Mother had been pretty upset at her...


"Girls, what are you doing up?" Chase asked in surprise when he saw Eva and Farrah parked in front of the tv. 

Eva looked at her father guiltily.  "We're waiting for mother to come home..."


"I've been driving around aimlessly... thinking about what you said...  Can we talk?" Yvonne asked hesitantly.


"Don't worry.  I'm sure she'll be home soon..." Chase reassured his daughters as he walked over to the window and glanced out across the lawn. 


  1. Wow, I really like how this chapter shows that tiny mistakes can lead to something bigger. I'm sure Chase simply forgot to tell Yvonne that Eva would be late from school. It seems like something so small, but that leads to Yvonne feeling left out and turning to Felix. But, Yvonne is so hot headed that this may have been unavoidable.

    1. Especially with how incredibly short-sighted and selfish Yvonne can be at times! I think no matter what had happened that day, she would've wound up at Felix's door...

  2. Oh boy...well that went well. O.o Geez Yvonne if you could just chill out for a sec and actually listen to your family..but sigh..

    1. Yvonne definitely has tunnel-vision (ears?) right now! She's only hearing what she wants to & is *definitely* only thinking of herself!

  3. Damn it, Yvonne. I wish someone would slap her.

    1. I just had a mental image of Eva slapping Yvonne. But then I figured Eva would never do that. I *can* see Eva on a therapist's couch talking about her childhood & how it traumatized her. :)