May 20, 2014

Chase: Week Sixteen, Day Two

Neurotic Obsession:  Eva hesitantly joins the debate team & Yvonne gets the shock of a lifetime...

 Eva hurried out to the bus with Farrah close behind her.
 "Stop wiggling, Farrah," Eva scolded as her sister bumped into her once again. 

Farrah scowled.  "You're taking up too much room!"

Right, Eva rolled her eyes. She couldn't wait until Farrah grew the hell up!


"Just you and me again, buddy," Chase said.  He couldn't get over how big his little guy was getting! He was such a stocky boy, all muscle and energy! 

"No! Wanna play!" Greyson wiggled, pushing against his dad's chest.

Chase patted Greyson on the rump.  "Not so fast  Breakfast first," he replied firmly.
Greyson didn't make it easy for Chase to set him in the high chair, wiggling and squirming as he protested.
"There you go. Yummy cereal," Chase said as he put the bowl in front of his son.
 "No! No eat!" Greyson said mutinously, shoving the bowl away from him.
Chase scowled as he scrubbed the floor and high chair, cleaning up the mess Greyson had made. 


"Hey Eva, wait up!" she heard behind her as she walked towards the bus.  Eva stopped with a smile on her face.  She recognized his voice.
 "Arthur! Hi!" she said as she waited for him to catch up. 

"I'm glad I caught up with you!" Arthur said.  "I was looking for you at lunch today."

"Oh yeah?" she asked, feeling pleased.

"Yeah, I thought we could eat together.  You know, talk about the cause!"

"Oh yeah, of course!" Eva said excitedly.  "That would be really cool.  The rally was so amazing!"

 "Yeah, well, we'll be doing it again soon.  The Mayor passed the bill allowing Forest Tech to cut down the Redwoods over by Crystal Springs."

Eva's good mood tripped and fell.  "He signed it? Even after the protest?" she asked, disheartened.

Arthur shrugged.  "Yeah, well, we're not planning on stopping anytime soon!" he glanced down at his watch.  "I need to get going..." he started to say, then he grabbed her arm, "...Hey! You should come with! I'm in the debate team, we discuss a lot of topics like this.  That's how I got involved.  Ms. Adams is really cool!"

"Can I?" Eva asked, nibbling her bottom lip with worry.
 "Yeah! Of course!" Arthur said, practically dragging her inside. "You're going to love it!"

"If you say so..." Eva replied hesitantly.


 "Oh my goodness!" Eva said with a grin on her face.  "That was awesome! How did you come up with all those arguments so quickly?"

"Practice!" Arthur laughed.  "Imagine how cool it'll be when it's your turn next time!" he teased.

"Oh no," Eva laughed. "I don't know if I'd want to do that... you know... talk in front of everyone..." she trailed off.  "Can't I just watch?"
"What's the fun in that?" Arthur asked.

"Oh, but I'm not out-going... and I don't think I'd know how to come up with anything to say!" she protested.

Arthur grinned.  "Well, that's what they teach you! It's all about coming up with reasonable arguments that you can support.  And you always learn so much about interesting topics - like whether or not big corporations should be allowed to chop down the Redwoods..."

Eva laughed again self-consciously.  "Oh, I don't know, Arthur..."

"Ah, come on, promise me you'll come to the next meeting at least," Arthur pressed.

Eva nibbled her bottom lip and nodded.  "Okay. I promise," she agreed impulsively.  "But if I don't like it, I'm blaming you!"

"Agreed!" Arthur smiled. "So, see you tomorrow at lunch?" he asked as he started to walk away.
 Eva smiled at him and nodded.  Tomorrow at lunch...


Yvonne checked her watch once again.  Where was that girl? she wondered crossly.  She had to get going to meet Ms. Kaplan at Wolff's Lounge.   "Where is your sister?" she asked impatiently.  There was going to be some sort of big announcement tonight...
 "I dunno," Farrah grumbled as she attempted her homework.
"Well someone has to watch you and your brother!" she snapped.  Pulling up her contact list, she called the babysitting agency.  Now she was going to be late...


Tera Kaplan slid beside Yvonne at the bar.  "Thanks for meeting me," Tera started out.  "I always like to meet the people I'm going to be working with in a casual setting.  I find it sets a pleasant precedent."

"Oh, well that sounds lovely.  Do you have a project in mind?" Yvonne asked, the wheels turning.  Tera Kaplan was a higher-level at the company than Candace Landgraab.  This was good news for her, she thought smugly, grabbing a drink from the bartender.
She lifted the glass slightly to Tera, winked, and then took a drink.

"...since Ms. Landgraab is no longer with us..."

Yvonne choked on the drink.  "Candace retired?" she asked with surprise.

Tera lifted her eyebrow testily.  "No, as I said, Ms. Landgraab passed away.  There is an immediate vacancy to fill."

"You want me to be Regional Manager?" she asked breathlessly.

Tera shook her head impatiently.  "No. Please pay attention," she said, glancing down tersely at the drink in Yvonne's hand.  "We're bringing someone else in the fill the position," she explained slowly. 
"Someone else?" Yvonne echoed.  "Who?"

"Felix Gibbons."


  1. Hi! New reader catching up, here.

    Is Farrah wearing makeup there? Trying to copy her mom? Haha

    Looks like Eva may have found her niche in school, good for her.

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! Farrah is definitely a mama's girl!

      And I've been so excited about Eva finding her niche & getting her voice!

  2. It's great how you are introducing Eva into politics! I have a question. Do you take a lot of gameplay pics and make a story out of it or do you have a story in mind and then take pics? I'm always curious as to how simmers come with their story line, and i just love how you are doing this. Thanks XD

  3. I was hoping for student council or something like that, but Debate Club was the closest thing to what I wanted for the storyline. And I certainly had fun with the Debate Club! I typically have a *general* idea of what I want in terms of story, but I base a lot on gameplay & wishes! If I don't know where I want the story to go, I follow their wishes or send them over to see family. :)

  4. Bwahahaha, Felix is back in the picture! I'm sure this'll fire Yvonne up again, but maybe Eva's new-found confidence will help her tell her mom to stuff it.

    1. Hehe... Eva's confidence doesn't wratch up that high! I picture her as one of those cold-shoulders when she's mad. :)