June 4, 2014

Eva: Week Eighteen, Day Five

Perfectionist To Do List:  Bring Side to Feast Day, Get Costume, Harvest Festival with Nathaniel

"Hi Dad!" Eva called out as she walked into the bustling kitchen.  "Uncle Topher! Aunt Bethany! It's so good to see you guys!" She looked around the room, there certainly were a lot of family members filing into the Goth Manor. 
With more on the way!
 "Sandra! You must be a whiz in the kitchen to have food ready for everyone!" Eva said in greeting. 

Sandra winked.  "Not at all."
"I had your Dad set up the buffet tables."
Chase peeked his head back inside once everything was set up outside.  "The Feast is ready! Follow me!"
Everyone followed Chase outside to a small party patio set up behind the family's poolside, standing in line to grab a plate of food.
Soon, everyone had found a place and were enjoying casual conversation with family members - some estranged...
...and some just strange.
Chase glared at Yesenia Baker-Black.  He still hadn't forgiven her for the role she'd played in Farrah's misadventure at the bar.  His cousin was an immature nuisance!  
Eva checked her watch as she listened to the musical entertainment.  It was so nice seeing her Dad, Uncle Devon and now Greyson playing together!  They should perform together!
"Thanks Dad, I have to run. I'm meeting some friends at the park for the Harvest Festival," she said as she hugged him goodbye.  "Thanks for a wonderful Feast Day!"

"I'll see you later, sweet pea," Chase said, kissing her cheek.

Arturo grinned widely when he saw Eva walk into the park.  "Wow!" was all he could say. "You look great!" 

Amelia rolled her eyes.
"Thanks Artie!" Eva beamed.  There was only one person's opinion that she really cared about, though!  "Have you guys seen Nathaniel?"


"Hey guys!" Nathaniel called out as he headed into the park.  "Tomas! Nice to see you man.  What are you supposed to be?"  Nathaniel knew Tomas from their football days together. 

Tomas flexed his muscles. "Strong man!" 

Behind him, Tomas' girlfriend, Veronica piped up, "I'm Cupid! Here to make couples fall in love!"

Nathaniel laughed as his gaze skipped over to Cece.  "And you?"

"I'm pregnant. You should be glad I put the gloves on," she drawled. 

"Fair enough!" he said, holding his hands up.


Eva was in the middle of conversation with Nick's girlfriend, Carissa, when she spotted Nathaniel out of the corner of her eye.
She stopped mid-sentence and hurried over to him.  "Happy Harvest Festival!" she giggled. 
"Wow! Look at you!" Nathaniel said tenderly.  "You wore your hair down for me!"

Eva smiled.  "You have mentioned a time or two that you like it down."

"That I do!" he said, running his fingers through her hair.

"Come on! Let's go have some fun!" Eva said, tugging on his arm and leading him towards the two groups of friends.
The only girl willing to get alittle wet in the apple bob contest was Eva.  She laughed and joined a few of the guys to see who could bob the most apples.  
Amelia tapped her foot impatiently until she hit her limit.  "Arturo. Come on! We need to get home!" she called out irately.  Arturo shifted his gaze to Eva and sighed. "Hey, I gotta run. I'll catch you later!"
"Amelia! Wait up! Don't be mad!" he called out as he hurried after his jealous wife.
 "Don't worry about them," Nathaniel said, when he saw how down Eva looked.  "The night's still young and we're going to have loads of fun, isn't that right Tomas?!"

"That's right! There's still the haunted house to visit!"
Eva let Nathaniel and his friends lead her to the haunted house on the far side of the park.  "I'm not scared!" she lied through her teeth.

Going through the rooms, she lost track of the times she startled and grabbed a hold of Nathaniel's arm! 
 "Let's not do that again!" she said as they stepped out of the exit.  She started to follow after the friends as they headed towards the fire pit.

"Hey, wait a second," Nathaniel said, pulling her to a secluded spot behind the haunted house.
 "What is it?" Eva said with a laugh.  "What are we doing back here?"
 Nathaniel dropped to one knee and held out a ring.  "Will you marry me?" he asked nervously.
 "Of course!" Eva launched herself into his arms.  "I'm so happy!" she said dreamily. 

Nathaniel wrapped his arms around her tightly and sighed with relief. 


 This was a night Eva would remember for the rest of her life!


  1. Yayyy!! **Pops open the champagne** Congrats Eva :D

    1. Just wait until you see the wedding. :) I love this couple!

  2. Family reunions are fun. Well, in the sims they are haha. But no Farrah?

    Yay for Eva and Nathaniel!

    1. I love family reunions! Farrah was invited, but left before anyone made it in the door. Apparently she had better things to do. In the story, I guess she just stayed in the city with her mom & stepdad!

  3. It's about time you two got it together, hehe. :D

    1. Tell me about it! I usually get my Sims together MUCH quicker than that! But, I wanted Eva to take her time. :)