June 3, 2014

Eva: Week Eighteen, Day Four

Perfectionist To Do List: Finalize Proposal, Work on Promotion, Dinner with Debate Club!

Eva had been working on a proposal to save the Crystal Springs trees from destruction.  She felt like she really had a rapport with Mr. Davies.  Maybe he'd listen to her!
She'd laid out a list of reasons against cutting down the trees and alternative ways of bringing money into the town.  She took a deep breath to calm her fluttering nerves.  She was as ready as she was going to be!
Dressed for success, she headed to work.


Oh great, she thought as she headed into work.  There's Mr. Davies!  "Mr. Davies! Mr. Davies!" she called out, hurrying to catch up with him.
"Oh, I'm so glad I ran into you," she said cheerfully. "There were a few things that I wanted to talk to you about!"

Mr. Davies sighed.  "Miss Black, take it up the appropriate channels. There's a proposal process that doesn't entail stalking me outside the office."

"Oh no! I didn't mean.. that is... I'm sorry..." Eva stuttered, words tumbling out in a rush.

"I'll see you in the office.  Please be on time," Mr. Davies said as he continued on.
Eva took a deep breath and looked skyward.  "Oh crap," she muttered under her breath.


"Oh, it's so good to see you guys!" Eva said as she greeted best friends Arturo and Amelia Landgraab.  She still thought it was funny that Artie had taken on Amelia's last name, but he'd just shrugged and said it was important to Amelia.   "So, how's work going?" she asked.
"It's going great! I might even get to do my own article!"

Amelia scoffed, "Article?" she asked, pressing him to reveal the truth.

Artie sighed.  "Okay, okay. It's not really an article and more of an obituary," he admitted slowly. "But I've been working on this expose on deforestation and I think my boss'll really be interested in it when I'm done!"

"Oh, Artie! That's great! I'm so proud of you!" Eva said, patting his arm. "Congratulations!"
Amelia narrowed her eyes and glared daggers at Eva (which went completely unnoticed).
"Hey guys," Nick said as he strolled up.  "Sorry we're late!" Eva glanced over, Nick had brought Carissa with him again. 

Carissa smiled and hung on Nick's arm.  "It's my fault! I had Nick drop by my work to pick up my pager!"

"She's a doctor!" Nick said proudly.

"Oh, Nick, stop it. You're embarrassing me!" she said.
Eva headed towards the Bistro.  "Well, let's go get our dinner! Sounds like we have a lot to discuss tonight!"


The first sign of trouble had been when the friends came outside and found that the table wouldn't fit everyone.  Carissa had felt guilty for coming along, Nick had protested that he wouldn't have come without her, and Amelia had stared at Eva. 

"Why don't we just push two tables together?" Arturo suggested.  "That way we can all sit together."

"Sounds good," Nick said as he reached over to drag a table over. 

Eva wound up sitting with Amelia and Artie, feeling like a 5th wheel...
The second sign of trouble had come after dinner was finished and Arturo went inside to take care of the bill.  Nick and Carissa had stood off to the side, completely lost in each other.
Amelia glanced over at the two love birds.  "That must be really hard," she said sympathetically.  "Seeing Nick with Carissa like that."
"No, I'm happy for him," Eva said.  "I'm glad they're so happy."  Eva gently attempted to steer the conversation towards something safe, like work.
But Amelia wasn't having it.  "Huh, and the Wolff you brought to my wedding? Has he called you again?"

Eva shrugged, "We talk every now and again," she said elusively.

Amelia made a clucking noise. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize."

"Realize what?" Eva asked with confusion.

"Well, obviously he wasn't that interested," she said.

Eva was started to get offended.  "Why are you even worrying about my love life?" she demanded.
"Look," Amelia hissed. "You had your chance with Arturo and you blew it.  He's married to me now.  So you can just keep your hands to yourself!"

Eva's mouth dropped in shock.  Really? Amelia was worried about her and Arturo?!  She opened her mouth to assure Amelia that she thought of Artie as a brother, when he came back out.
"You ready to go, Amelia?" he asked.

"Sure, honey," Amelia called back to him.  Meeting Eva's eye again, she whispered. "Hands. To. Yourself!" then hooked arms with Arturo and walked away.
Eva watched them go, surprised by the vehemence from Amelia.  She'd thought they were friends!  Now all those cryptic and biting remarks started to make more sense...
Glancing over at the lovebirds, she called out goodbye.  But, they didn't even hear.  Feeling lower than she had for a long time, Eva flagged down a taxi to take her home.
But as she pulled away, she decided at the last minute that she didn't want to be alone tonight.  Leaning forward, she gave the cabby a different address.


"Eva! I didn't expect to see you here!" Nathaniel said when she rang the doorbell unexpectantly.

Eva sighed, brushing her hair back from her face. "I know. I'm sorry. I should've called first..." she said, turning to go.
"Wait! No!" Nathaniel said, hurrying to catch her elbow and turn her around.  "I'm glad you came," he said softly.  "Want to come in?"
Nathaniel led her into his house excitedly.  "Well, this is the place," he said, showing her inside.
"...And this little girl needs to get to bed!" he laughed as he hoisted the girl into his arms and tickled her.  "Isn't that right, young lady?"
"Nathaniel, do you want to introduce us to your friend?" Shamika Legende-Wolff asked, ambling over.

"Just ignore anything those two might say," Nathaniel told her nervously.  "They're not to believed."

Eva laughed.  "It's nice to meet you," she said politely, feeling guilty for descending on the family without any notice.

"You must be Eva, he talks about you all the time," Nathaniel's brother, Clifford Wolff, said with a grin. 

"Shut up!" Nathaniel said, turning to glare at his brother.
He was stopped from saying anything else when Shamika clutched her stomach and breathed in deeply.  "Oh... they're getting closer..." she told Clifford faintly.  "I think it might be time to go."
"Nice to meet you Eva," Clifford said as he hurried his wife out the door.

"I've got Laura!" Nathaniel said anxiously.  "Call me when you know something!"
"Oh man! I'm going to be an uncle again!" he said excitedly. 
He turned to Eva. "Man, I'm glad you came over tonight!" 

Eva laughed. "I feel like I'm in the way!"

"No! You can help me put Laura to bed and then we'll have some time to ourselves.  You don't mind being my babysitting date, do you?"

"Sounds fun," Eva said.

"Good!" Nathaniel said as he picked up Laura again and headed towards the bedroom.  "Come on!"
"You're really good with kids," Eva remarked as she followed him towards the crib in the master bedroom.

Nathaniel smiled.  "Yeah, well, it's kind of important when you live with kids!"

Eva nodded. "That's for sure!"
"Do you have any experience with kids?" Nathaniel asked curiously as he changed Laura into pajamas.

"Oh, yeah!" Eva laughed.  "I used to take care of my sister and brother when they were little.  Greyson was just a baby when I started watching him all the time."

Nathaniel paused. "How's Farrah doing?"

Eva shrugged. "Don't know. She's in the city with Yvonne and her husband."

Nathaniel winced. "Ouch, so not close to them?" he asked as he laid Laura in her crib.  "Night, night, Laura," he said, stroking her cheek.

Eva felt her stomach flip as she watched the tender moment.  What a wonderful father Nathaniel would make...
Nathaniel turned and Eva found herself standing very close to him.  Nathaniel cleared his throat.  "Maybe we should go talk outside," he said, glancing behind her.

"Oh, okay," she said, thinking that he didn't want to wake the sleeping child.

"Good, it's way too tempting to be alone with you in a room with a bed," he muttered, following her outside.

Eva felt her cheeks flush.
Outside on the balcony, Eva walked to the railing and took in the view.   "Oh, it's beautiful up here!"

"It sure is," Nathaniel said, looking straight at her.
Eva turned to face him.  "Nathaniel... I... well... the thing is..." Eva stumbled over the words, trying to tell him how she felt.  She blew out a frustrated breath.

"Just say it," Nathaniel said.
"What do you even see in me? I'm not the most popular girl or the prettiest girl.  I just don't understand!" 

Nathaniel laughed softly.  "You are perfect! You're sweet, intelligent and I love your hair!" he said reaching up to slide his fingers through her hair.  "You're beautiful and you don't even know it!"

As he'd been talking Nathaniel had slowly leaned closer and closer until finally he was kissing her.
Eva allowed herself to get lost in the kiss. 

When Nathaniel finally pulled away slightly to gaze at her, he asked, "Can I see you again?"

Eva nodded as she rested her head on his chest.


  1. Oh no I hope Eva didn't leave a bad impression with the Mayor. I take it Mr. Davies is the mayor right?
    Amelia girl what has gotten into you? O.o Eva needs to set the record straight pronto before things between them go downhill. Why do I have a feeling they will be political rivals down the road? Interesting..
    Ha! At first I thought Nathaniel already had a child of his own..wheww just his niece.
    "What a wonderful father Nathaniel would make...to our future children" is what she is really thinking ;) LOL
    Yipeeee!! ♥♥Eva and Nathaniel foreverrrr♥♥ Now hurry up and get married and have babies..mhmm.

    1. We'll have to wait to see about Mr. Davies! He's a very important man, though!

      And Amelia is definitely fighting the green-eyed-monster. As much as Arturo mooned after Eva, Amelia was right behind mooning after Arturo! I think Amelia is always going to harbor a grudge against Eva for that reason. (She's mean-spirited & insane, what can I say!)

      Omigosh! I didn't even realize that you would've thought he had a daughter. Lol! That would've been *drama*! Hellz yeah she's thinking he'll make a good father to their children & did you catch him asking her about her baby experience? *wink* *wink*

  2. Wow, from Eva's perspective I thought she and Amelia were fine. Amelia's always been blunt and outspoken, but I thought that was just her personality. I wonder if there are any grounds for her jealousy? If Arturo still has feelings for Eva?

    I had the same thought as Nicky! "Surprise baby! Story progression ran away with itself on a sim you didn't expect!" I hate it when that kind of thing happens.

    1. Arturo shifted his puppy love from Eva straight over to Amelia! That doesn't keep Amelia from holding a grudge, though! (In the game Amelia picks fights with EVERYONE!)

  3. Wow, Amelia. Might need to check yourself, honey.

  4. Aww! Eva and Nathaniel make the sweetest couple!

    Amelia is a true frenemy, huh? Poor Eva always has to deal with horrible people!

    1. I love Eva & Nathaniel. They might just be my favorite couple in history! Haley & Johnny come a close second!

      Amelia is an insane pain in the butt! But, better that Eva realizes she's not a friend NOW rather than later!