June 2, 2014

Eva: Week Eighteen, Day One

Perfectionist To Do List:  Return Library Books, Graduation Day, Find True Love

Eva was gathering her things for Graduation Day when she stole a glance at her Dad.  He looked so sad lately.  Whatever had happened between him and Sandra had not gone well...
Resolutely, she put her things done with a thunk.  "You should call her," Eva said without preamble.

"You don't anything about it," he grunted, his eyebrows slamming down low as he glared.

"I know. But I can also see how much you miss her. Isn't that worth at least worth a conversation?"

"Eva," Chase cautioned against further discussion.
"I'm sorry, Dad, I just want you to be happy!" Eva said quickly, giving her Dad a hug. 

Chase closed his eyes and hugged Eva back.  His little girl was all grown up!  "I know, Eva. And I am! It's your big day!" he said, calling up his enthusiasm.  "Your graduation!"

"Can I drive?" Eva asked eagerly.

Chase tossed her the keys.  "Now that you're an adult you can!"


"Just make sure you check before you..."

Eva pushed down a little too hard on the gas and the car lurched forward.  She glanced over at her Dad guiltily. "Sorry."

Chase took a deep breath. "No, it's okay. Just try to gently ease down on the pedal..."

Eva tried again and the car shot forward again.


We made it, Chase thought as Eva attempted to parallel park outside the City Hall. 

They ran up the steps to meet all the family that had come out to see Eva graduate.
Chase's Aunt Bethany Baker-Black and her family had come out.  Yesenia Baker-Black was wise to refrain from showing her face.  Chase was still livid with her for taking Farrah to a bar!
 Bethany's son, Cesar Baker-Black and his growing family came out, as well.
And of course, Chase's brother Devon and his adorable kids all attended.

"Break a leg, kiddo!" Devon called out as he waved.
Eva scowled when she saw the last group arrive.  Her mother and her husband, Felix with their toddler Bryan.  It was weird having a half-brother that was some 15 years younger than you! 

Surprising that her sister Farrah made it out.  She absently wondered how much Yvonne had needed to threaten her sister to get her to come.  Farrah hated doing anything that didn't revolve around her!  Kind of like her mother, Eva thought snarkily.
A voice over the loudspeaker announced, "Graduates, will you please take your seats."

"Well that's me!" Eva said brightly.  "It's time!"


Eva proudly showed off her diploma.  This was it! She was done with school! Good thing she'd returned her library books!
"Arturo and I were thinking about having the group go out for dinner to celebrate.  You know, and talk about what we're going to do next!  Can you make it?" Amelia Landgraab asked.
"I'd love to!" Eva said, turning to her dad. "Dad? Do you mind if I go out?"

"No! Go have fun!" Chase said, shooing her away.


Eva was out with friends celebrating, Farrah had moved in with her mother, and Greyson was over at Sandra's house hanging with his friend Alex.  He sighed as he settled in to read a good book.  Alone.


"This is going to be so much fun," Eva said, smiling at Arturo.

Amelia grabbed his hand and shot a smile back at Eva.  "Come on, Arturo.  Let's check the reservations."
The group of friends talked and laughed, their meal long over.   "Oh no, no, no! That was not how it happened!" Eva protested as she laughed.  Her boyfriend, Nick Langerak, was trying to tell everyone that she'd made the first move!

"Sure it was!" Nick smirked, hooking his thumbs under his vest.  "You couldn't keep your hands off of this!"

"Oh right!" Eva said with a laugh, as she elbowed Nick playfully.
"Actually, Arturo and I have an announcement we'd like to make," Amelia said, clapping her hands together excitedly.  Arturo looked over at Amelia with a smitten look on his face and smiled.   "We're getting married!" Amelia cried out, showing them the ring on her finger.
"Oh my God! Congratulations, you two! Oh my God!" Eva said in shock.  "I'm so happy for you!"  She leaned over and admired Amelia's very expensive looking ring. 

Amelia leaned back with a satisfied smile on her face.  "So, you two... when do you think you might tie the knot?"
Eva felt sucker-punched. "Oh! No!" Eva gasped.  Nick's head snapped as he turned to look at her.  Eva met his eyes and grimaced, "Well, we haven't talked about it."  She folded her hands on her lap.

Amelia tittered uncomfortably.  "Uh oh, I hope I didn't bring up a sensitive topic."


When the doorbell rang, Chase laid his book aside and headed to answer it.  He wasn't surprised to see Sandra standing there.
She turned around as he approached, "Alex and Greyson said you wanted to talk to me," she said hesitantly. 

Chase's mouth dropped.  Those sneaky boys.  "Umm..."

Sandra sighed. "I didn't think so.  I'm sorry to bother you..." she said, turning to leave.

"Wait. I guess... come in..."
Sandra followed him inside.  "I'm sorry," they both said at the same time.  Chase smiled weakly.
Sandra pressed her advantage, stepping forward and running her hands in Chase's hair.  "I never cheated on you," she promised him, looking straight into his eyes.  She launched into an explanation. "It's not even like that between Benito and I! He just needed a ride to his gig and I caved.  Nothing happened.  Nothing would ever happen! That ship has sailed." She paused.  "I love you."

Chase closed his eyes.  He believed her, but was it enough?

"Chase? Please... let's make this work..."

Chase put his hands on her hips and took a breath.  He'd tried so hard to make things work with Yvonne and in the end, she'd cheated on him and left.  He was terrified that would happen again...

Eva and Nick watched Arturo and Amelia head off together. 

"So, that was interesting," Nick said awkwardly.
"I'm sorry, Nick.  I hope I didn't hurt your feelings!"

"So, you don't see us getting married?" he asked.

Eva hesitated.  "No, not right now," she said guiltily.  She really liked Nick, but he didn't make her pulse skitter, it'd always been a comfortable sort of relationship.  She'd never considered them really serious.  "Oh Nick! We get along so well together, but don't you think if we loved each other, there should be something more?!"
"Like what?" Nick asked.

"I don't know!" she said, waving her hands.  "Some spark when we touch or something!"

Nick opened and closed his mouth. "Yeah, sure, you're right.  Besides, we're way too young to get married.  I've got plenty of field to play!" he said with a smirk.
"So you're not mad? We're still friends?" she asked worriedly.

Nick playfully chucked her under the chin.  "You know it!"
They stood there for a moment and then Nick sighed and looked away.  "Well, I guess I gotta get going.  You want me to walk you home?"

"No, I'm fine," Eva said, reaching up to pat his arm.  "Call me later, okay?"

"Yeah, sure," Nick said before trotting away.


Eva sighed as she walked through the park on the way home.  Just call me a femme fatale, she scoffed to herself. 
Line 'em up and knock 'em down.  She wiped a tear from her eye and wrapped her arms around herself.  She didn't want to hurt her friends!
With a heartfelt sigh, she sat down at the edge of the fountain and looked up at City Hall.  She had so many dreams of making a positive difference, but she couldn't even keep her personal life from being messy!

She glanced over at felt her pulse skitter and her heart start beating rapidly. 
She groaned as he came closer and closed her eyes in embarrassment.  Why did she act this way around him?!
"Hey, congratulations on graduation," he said with an easy smile.

"Yeah, you too," she said.  "You look really nice."  Oh Lord! she thought to herself.  Could you be anymore obvious?!
"You know.. in your suit..." she said, laughing nervously.  She forced her lips to stop moving and smiled. 
Nathaniel smiled.  "You look really pretty in your dress," he said as he reached his hand up and tucked a stray hair behind her ear.  "I really like it when you wear your hair down."
Eva glanced away from his gaze and tried to take a steadying breath.  When he'd touched her hair, she thought she would spontaneously combust and melt into a puddle at his feet.  Good Lord, the way he made her feel!  "Th...thanks..." she said nervously, reaching up to wrap her hair around her finger.  "I'm not used to it being down..."
She glanced back up at him and got sucked into his gaze. 
The world tilted on it's axis when Nathaniel quickly leaned forward and pressed his lips gently against her own.  When he moved to pull her into his arms, she put her hands on his chest and stepped away. 

"Wait..." she said nervously.  With Nick, she'd always felt safe and content.  But this was different!  Nathaniel dredged up too many feelings and emotions that she'd never felt before.  It made her feel wild and out of control.  She didn't like it! 
With her heart stuck in her throat, she couldn't say anything at all.  So, she turned and hurried away.

Nick watched her go and fought the urge to chase after her.  She'd looked so beautiful in the moonlight, he'd lost himself in the moment and kissed her. 


Chase couldn't deny that his heart was still engaged.  He reached down and grabbed Sandra's hand.  "If we do this, there have to be some changes.  Are you okay with that?" he asked, quickly outlining what he needed from her.

Sandra eagerly nodded her head.  "All of it. Yes. Absolutely!"
Chase tugged Sandra into his arms.  "God, I missed you," he said roughly before tilting his head down and kissing her with pent-up desire.

Eva walked through the front door and squeezed her eyes shut when she saw her dad and Sandra making out on the couch.  "Oh God," she said, turning away.  "Sorry!"

Eva heard Sandra giggle and heard clothes rustling as they made themselves presentable.   "I can come back later," Eva said, reaching for the door.

"No! Wait! There's something I needed to talk to you about," Chase said, calling his daughter back.


  1. Oh my god!! I am totally fangirling over Eva and Nathaniel LOL! I know she is suppose to be with Nick..but....

    Oh i thought Farrah was gone gone, like out of the neighborhood for real lol.

    Aww for Chase and Sandra, good job boys!! Haha

    1. Lol. Don't feel too bad for Nick! He's a hopeless romantic, I'm sure he'll rebound. And he just didn't do it for Eva. In her mind, they were casually dating (although they were obviously something more in his mind!)

      Hehe.. she's *supposed* to be in a different city, but I can't actually move them out of town! I like keeping my eye on all my Sims too much for that! So, for the story, they all came down from the city to see her graduate. :) (Yvonne and Felix are madly in love, every time I see them together, they're flirting or kissing!)

      Alex and Greyson pulled a parent trap. :) Woohoo!

  2. Didn't like it? ... even though she was just telling her other buddy that their relationship lacked sparks? ... c'mon, Eva. Put your big girl panties on.

    1. Hehe.. I was trying to show that she LIKED Nick, but wasn't ready to jump into a SERIOUS relationship with him. He was the comfortable high-school boyfriend that you leave behind when you go off to college. :) Lol!

  3. Woot! Slowly catching up, I've made it to June! =)

    I'm glad that Chase and Sandra made up, they're a cute couple. Not to mention that the Goth family is one of my favorites from Sunset Valley. =)

    My second favorite family are the Wolff's, so I'm rooting for Nathaniel!

    1. Lol! Thanks for reading! I love Sandra! The Goths are definitely one of my favorite families, too!

      I like the Wolff's too, but I generally try to steal Thorton away for my heiress. Thankfully in this game, Thorton & Morgana stayed together & had two handsome sons! :)