June 5, 2014

Eva: Week Eighteen, Day Six

Perfectionist To Do List: Pay for Wedding Cake, Schedule Bridesmaid Fitting, Send Contract for Venue Reservation, Discuss Color Scheme with Nathaniel, Invite Mother???, Create Music List...

Eva headed to work in such a great mood!  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and she was engaged!  


Looks like the weather fits my mood, Eva thought sourly as she popped open her umbrella.  She'd been so sure that she'd impressed Mr. Davies, but she wasn't so sure anymore.  She was tasked with filing enveloped all day long.  At first it was easy to zone out, but after a couple hours things really started to drag. At the end of the day, all Eva had to show for her hard work was a dozen paper cuts and a foul mood.

She headed straight for home.
"Hi, honey. I had an awful day! I'm not up for going out.  Wanna come over and watch movies?" she asked in a rush when Nathaniel picked up.

"Sure, babe, I'll be over in a little bit," he promised.
Yvonne slipped into something more comfortable and hurried to the kitchen to get dinner started.

After dinner was over, Eva steered the conversation towards their wedding.  There were so much that still needed to be discussed and decided upon.  "...and Farrah said she wasn't coming if Mother and her new family weren't able to come! Can you believe it?" she asked, wringing her hands.  "I don't know if I even want her there!"

Nathaniel made a sound of agreement.  "Well, if it upsets you that much, then don't invite her."

"But then Farrah won't come! And we already picked out the dresses!"

Nathaniel tilted his head and waved his hand, "Then invite her."

"But I don't know if I want to!"
Nathaniel began to chuckle until he saw the look on Eva's face.
When she shoved her chair back and stomped away, Nathaniel quickly followed.
Before he could even say anything, she wheeled around to face him.  "You're not even acting like this is important to you!" she accused.  "I want everything to be perfect, Nathaniel!"

Nathaniel rubbed his hands up and down Eva's upper arms.  "I know, I'm sorry," he said, trying to comfort her. 
Eva continued on as though he hadn't spoken, "I have a huge wedding planning binder with samples and schedules and a list a mile long!  And you won't even tell me what color you'd like the secondary flowers to be!"
Nathaniel pulled her into his arms. "Eva, it's going to be perfect no matter what color the flowers are!"

"No it won't," she sniffed as she buried her face in the crook of his shoulder.

"Alright, then, green! My favorite color!"

Eva scoffed and hit his shoulder. "You can't pick green! That's not a flower color!"

Nathaniel could see the storm had blown over.  "Well then, don't tell me I can pick the color if you're not going to take me seriously," he teased.

Eva sighed.  "Let's just go watch the movie," she said.

"Oh, thank God!" Nathaniel breathed a sigh of relief that earned him another elbow.  Who knew weddings were that stressful! He just wanted to wear a tux and show up!


Nathaniel and Eva sat down and Nathaniel reached for the tv remote before her.  "Dibs!" he laughed as he picked a silly comedy show.
Eva sighed and laid her head on his shoulder.  She didn't care what they watched, it just felt nice to be held in his arms!
 Nathaniel's interest didn't stay on the movie for long, though. 
Soon, they were both breathing heavily as they fooled around on the couch.  Nathaniel's hand slipped up Eva ribcage until he covered her breast with his hand.
 "Nathaniel!" Eva said, pulling back. 

Nathaniel groaned.  "I know! I know! I'm sorry! We're waiting..."

Eva bit her lip.  They'd made the decision to wait until their wedding night to be intimate, but she was regretting it more and more lately.  Especially when everything felt so good.  She wavered, "I just want everything to be..."
"Perfect," Nathaniel echoed in unison.  "I know. I'm sorry, Eva. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."  He shook his head.  "The wedding can't come soon enough! I don't even know if I'm going to let you eat any of the meal you've planned before I steal you away!"

Eva laughed lightly.  "You'll have to race me," she promised.

Nathaniel sighed heavily and braced his hands on his knees.  "Well, I should probably get going.  You are way too much temptation for me, babe!"
 One long kiss goodnight and Nathaniel headed home to take a nice, cold shower.


 "What are you guys doing here?" Nathaniel asked as he headed up the walkway. 
 "We're here to take you out on for your bachelor party!" Mohinder Patel said with a grin.

His buddy, Tomas Vasquez, grinned.  "Yeah, things are gonna get crazy tonight!" he promised with a slap on his back.  
 "Alright, let's go!" red-headed Jackson O'Reilly herded them to the waiting cars.  "The night is still young!"


"It looks jumping in here!" Tomas said as he came in, winking at the hot bartender.  "Hey sweet cheeks, we'd like to order a round of drinks!"

"You have such a way with woman," Nathaniel said dryly.  "What does Veronica see in you?"

Tomas rested his elbows against the bar as he waited for the drinks to be made.  "I don't kiss and tell, buddy," he said with a wink.
Nathaniel chuckled as he grabbed the crazy drink and took a drink.  It was nice to get out with the guys, especially after fielding so many wedding questions today! "Lemme ask you something," he said to Jackson, "Did Cece go crazy with the wedding planning stuff?"

Jackson choked on his drink. "Are you kidding?" he asked with a laugh.  "She was bridezilla from hell! I had an itinerary 5 pages long!  Don't worry, though. Their sanity returns after the wedding!"

The friends laughed and clinked glasses.  "Cone on, let's go check out the games!"
Tomas couldn't believe his friend was getting married! He was going to be the only one in the group that wasn't married now.  And Veronica was driving him crazy hinting about when he was going to propose.  He scoffed.  Not anytime soon, that's for sure! he thought as he sipped some of the party drink. 

"Anything else?" the bartender asked from behind him.
Tomas turned around to face her.  "Nah, sweet cheeks.  But, listen, my boy over there is getting married soon! This is his bachelor party! Maybe a few sweet words from you will help tide him over for years to come!"  He winked his trade-mark wink that had girls swooning for him.

Sonja glanced past Tomas' shoulder and looked Nathaniel up and down.  "Sure, wouldn't be a hardship," she drawled as she headed over.
"You're welcome man!" Tomas called out.

Nathaniel glanced up at Tomas.  Why was he waving at him?  Nathaniel followed Tomas' gaze to the busty bartender.
"Can I get you anything, honey?" Sonja asked, running her fingertip down the collar of his shirt.  "I'm willing to take special requests!"
Nathaniel squirmed.  What the hell did Tomas do?  He glanced around trying to find someone to help extricate him gracefully.  
His attention was snagged by his brother on the bar.  "What the hell?" he said as he hurried over to Clifford, leaving the bartender behind.

He heard her scoff with displeasure.  Whatever, Tomas can clean that mess up, he thought ungraciously.

He reached his hand up to his brother. "Hey Clifford, come on down, man!" he called up.

"This is the BEST party!" Clifford called down loudly and drunkenly.  Awkwardly, he clambered down to the ground.
"Aw, man, Shamika's going to kill me!" he groaned softly.  "Come on, let's get you home!"

Clifford looped his arm around his brother's shoulder.  "You're getting married!" he said. "My little brother, getting married!"

"That's the plan," Nathaniel said as he led his brother out the door.

"Once you're married, it alllllllllllll changes," Clifford slurred.  "One minute they're punk rocker chicks that love to get jiggy with it and another minute you're stuck changing diapers!"

Nathaniel shook his head as he helped Clifford into the car.  "Don't puke," he ordered his brother.


  1. LOL, how can Nathaniel not understand the importance of secondary flower color ?!?!?

  2. Eva and Nathaniel really are sweet together.

    Ha, Tomas seems like a really interesting guy.

    1. Eva & Nathaniel are great together! Finally a happy relationship!

      I like Tomas a lot too, but I have a feeling he's THAT friend that a wife wishes her husband didn't have because he's ALWAYS leading the husband into trouble. :)