June 3, 2014

Eva: Week Eighteen, Day Three

Perfectionist To Do List:  Meet New Coworkers, Get Promotion, and Dinner at the Goths

Eva did not want to be late to work!  Glancing at her watch, she picked up her speed and hurried inside.  Being 15 minutes late was not the way to make a good impression!
"Good morning," she said quietly as she slipped into her seat beside Amelia.

"Morning," Amelia returned.

"Anything happen?"

"Nope. Nothing," Amelia said.

Eva sighed as she started typing up the draft Mr. Davies had given her.  She'd been hoping for a little bit more excitement & action than this...
 "Miss Black, my office now," Mr. Davies said as he strolled through towards his office. 
"Oh Lord, what'd I do?" she mumbled as she hurriedly got up.
"Maybe he noticed you were late," Amelia suggested.
"Oh, I hope not!" Eva said worriedly, hurrying towards Mr. Davies' office.  Her stomach knotted with nervousness.  This was her first week and already she was in trouble!

She tentatively knocked on the glass door.  "Mr. Davies?"

"Enter!" he called out.
Eva slid into a chair and faced her boss, the mayor of Sunset Valley.  This man had more political power in his pinkie finger than she did in her whole body!  She was in awe!
"First of all, I'd like to set your mind at ease.  I didn't call you in here to chastise you," he said.  "I've noticed you and I have to say that I've been very impressed with your work ethic and..."
"Oh thank God," she breathed a sigh of relief.  "I thought you were calling me in here because I was late!"

Seth Davies stopped what he was saying, "You were late today?" he asked, surprised.

Way to go, genius, Eva thought to herself wincing.  "I was. But I promise it won't happen again."

"Yes, well, see that it doesn't," Mr. Davies said distractedly. 
Mentally regrouping, he pointed his finger at her.  "I called you in here today to tell you that we'd like to offer you a promotion.  Not as glamorous as polishing podiums, I know," he joked.  "But, we need a hard worker like you helping with the ballots."
"Me?! Really?!" Eva asked excitedly.  "Oh yes! I won't let you down! I'll do my very best!"
"I knew you would, Miss Black," he said as he shook her hand. 


"...And then he said I was such a hard worker and he gave me a promotion! Isn't that wonderful?" Eva excitedly told her Dad all about her big day.
"That's great, sweet pea.  I always knew you would excel at anything you chose to do.  You're a hard worker and a quick thinker! I'm very proud of you," Chase said, patting her shoulder.

Eva glowed under her Dad's praise and compliments. "Thanks Dad," she said emotionally.

"Now come on, let's go talk to the family before dinner is served!"
"Hey! If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, did it really fall?" Greyson asked.  Across the table from him, Alex started snickering.

"Of course it did!" Eva said, glancing over at her younger brother. 

"Well if a tree farts in a forest and nobody smells it, did it really fart?"  The snickering became guffaws as the boys slapped the table and laughed like loons.    Eva just rolled her eyes.

"Boys, behavior," Chase said, fixing a stern eye on both the boys. 

"Yes sir," both boys said, straightening up.  But, then they glanced at each other and began to laugh again.
"Well, I guess that's the end of dinner," Sandra said, smirking. 

"Yes, and I think the boys volunteered to do the dishes tonight!"

"Aw," the boys complained in unison.  "Why doesn't Izzie ever have to do them?" Greyson added, pointing at Alex's younger sister.

"Because, she didn't disrupt dinner," Chase said, grabbing some dishes and heading towards the kitchen.
Eva watched as Izzie smiled wickedly and then crept behind Greyson as he complained and argued about dish duty.
"WAH!" she called out when she was behind him.
Greyson startled and then tried to act like he hadn't just screamed like a girl.  Behind him, Izzie smirked.  "Next time don't try to threw me under the bus!" she teased.


"Thanks for dinner, Dad.  It's nice being around everyone again!"

"You're welcome anytime.  You know, there's space for you here, too, if you want to move.  I just assumed you'd want to be out on your own."

Eva smiled. "Thanks Dad, but I think you guys have your hands full with three teens!"

Chase sighed. "Boy do we ever!"
Greyson hurried over before she left.  "Thanks for coming, sis," he said with a grin.  "Hope we didn't ruin your dinner."

Eva reached out and ruffled his hair. "Of course not," she said with a grin, watching as Greyson ducked away, grumbling about messing his hair up. 
Some things never changed, Eva thought as she headed home.


  1. Izzie looks like a young Bella Goth! I like how you're preserving family traditions :D

    1. When Chase met Sandra Goth, I had to rename the boy & girl she had. It was amazing how much Izzie looked like Bella Goth!