June 2, 2014

Eva: Week Eighteen, Day Two

Perfectionist To Do List:  First Day of Work, Research Politics, Find a Date to the Wedding

On her way out of the door, she double-checked her bulletin board with her to-do items.  The most important item for the day was her first day of work!
Nodding, she headed over to the mirror and checked her reflection one last time.  She was so nervous! She really wanted to make a good impression!
Feeling that she was as ready as she could get, she headed downstairs.  The place was so empty now! Dad and Sandra had managed to work it out. So well, in fact, that Dad had moved in with Sandra, taking Greyson with him. 

But, she'd made a few changes to make the place her own.  She'd been so eager to get rid of that garish wallpaper that her mother had put up.  She liked the new green decor so much more!  Great-Grandma Holly had good taste!
Her gaze slipped over to the family portraits along the wall.  It was neat to see how much life had changed since Great-Grandpa Jesse had first come to stay in the house!

She checked her watch.  Oh crap, it was time to go! She didn't want to be late on her first day!
 Grabbing her umbrella as she headed outside, Eva skipped down the front steps.
Up ahead she saw her friend, Amelia Landgraab. "Hi Amelia!" she called out, waving.  "What are you doing here?"
Amelia waited for Eva to come closer.  "Hi, I just signed up in politics." She made a face, "Podium Polisher!"

"Oh my gosh! Me too!" Eva said.  "I didn't know you were interested in politics!"

Amelia smiled, "You're not the only one with big plans!"

"Oh, of course not!" Eva said apologetically.  "I think it's wonderful!"

Eva headed into work.  It was going to be so neat working with Amelia!


Eva left work, beaming with excitement.  It had been so amazing meeting the mayor! She'd been cleaning the podium when he'd come in and introduced himself.  She'd even gotten to listen to the speech he'd made a short while later, feeling quite smug that the podium was so well-polished!
Thankfully the rain had stopped! Eva breathed in the brisk autumn air.  She loved this season! It was so beautiful outside after it rained!  As she walked to the library, she passed by the park, blushing when she glanced over at the fountain.  It was all too easy to picture Nathaniel the night he kissed her in the moonlight.
 She hurried away to the library. 
Slipping behind a computer, Eva began to refine her writing - creating pros/cons list on the speech that the mayor had given. 
It was a lot like when she would create the pro/con list for their debate topics!  Good thing Arturo had talked her into joining the Debate Club all those years ago! She really expected it to give her a leg up in this career!

 Heading home, Eva checked the mail. 
 Oh... the wedding invitation for Arturo and Amelia!
Eva grabbed her cell phone and flipped through the contacts.  She called the number and waited until it was picked up.  "Hi, Nick, this is Eva. I was wondering if you wanted to go to the wedding together," she asked in greeting.

She heard Nick hesitate.  "Actually, I'm kind of taking someone else..." he said slowly.

"Oh," she said, "Congratulations."

Now what?

Eva nervously smoothed her dress down.  Her palms were sweating.  Nathaniel was standing so close behind her.
"Thanks for coming with me," Eva said.  "Especially so last minute."

Nathaniel smiled with promise.  "I'm glad you called."
 As they walked in, Eva saw Nick and his date across the room.  She sent him a small wave.
And then her attention was solely on the bridge and groom. 
And the man standing so close behind her that she could smell his cologne, of course. 


"Congratulations, guys," Eva said, greeting her two friends.  "It was such a beautiful wedding!"

"Thanks for coming," Amelia said.  "I was worried you were going to come alone since Nick brought his new girlfriend!" Her eyes slid over to Nathaniel.  "But, it looked like you found a replacement!"

Eva gasped at the rudeness. 

Nathaniel smoothly interjected, "And I, for one, am glad that she did!"
Arturo gave Amelia a quick kiss, distracting her.  "Come on," he told his new wife.  "Let's go say hi to my family! Enjoy the party!"  He led Amelia away and mouthed "sorry" as he passed by.  (Arturo was starting to learn that sometimes his wife could be quite inappropriate, especially when it came to Amelia!)
Eva glanced at Nathaniel.  "Sorry about that," she said.  "I don't know what got into her!"

Nathaniel sent her a rueful grin.  "Don't worry about it. I don't mind being your back-up."


 "Thanks for walking me home," Eva said. 

"I enjoyed it," Nathaniel told her, reaching out to grasp her hand.  "I love being outside."

Eva's stomach fluttered.  "Would you like to stay and talk a little bit?" she asked.

"Sure," Nathaniel said nodding eagerly. 
They walked over to the outside bench and sat down next to each other. 

Breaking the silence, Nathaniel turned to Eva and slid his arm around behind her back.
Eva met him halfway as their lips met for a tender kiss.


  1. Oh wow Nick what a butt hole! Oh well..Squeeee!!! ♥♥Eva and Nathaniel♥♥ OK i have another question lol. Did you add everyone to the household to have the wedding like that? That was awesome.

    1. Lol! I absolutely love Eva & Nathaniel together, too!

      Nope, I didn't add them all to the household. I tried that for one Feast Day with all the family & it was such a pain in the butt because there were too many people!

      I just went to Edit Town & sent all the households over to the Landgraab Mansion. Then Awesomemod came in handy! While the game was paused at the Landgraab's, I switched all the clothes to formal, moved people where I wanted them, queued up the wedding & then switched back to Eva and hit play. Of course, after the wedding started, everyone moved around and ticked me off, so I had to pause it again and move them around one last time. But, it was enough to get some nice shots. :)

      (Lol, And that sounds like more work than it actually was!)

  2. I don't know, I kind of understand where Nick's coming from, since Eva basically told him that their relationship wasn't going where he expected it to. And I'm glad that it helped Eva to give Nathaniel a chance!

    Ha, I think of Amelia as just saying what comes into her mind. She doesn't have a filter.

    1. When there's not a spark- there's not a spark. I love that both Eva & Nathaniel love the outdoors. I'm going to have to make that a thing & send them outside as much as possible! :)

      Hehe, Amelia doesn't have a filter. But she's also a little passive aggressive. Like crazy passive aggressive. :)