June 18, 2014

Eva: Week Nineteen, Day Five

Perfectionist To-Do List: Buy Presents, Wrap Presents, Deliver Presents, Happy Snowflake Day!

"Happy Snowflake Day!" Eva said with a smile on her face. "And there's a little something for Penelope, too!"

"Aw, Eva! You shouldn't have!" Arturo gushed, accepting the presents she passed out.  "Look, honey! A cute bouncie chair for Penelope!"

Amelia's lips quirked up in a semblance of a smile.  "How nice," she said drolly.  "So, Eva, are you and Nathaniel trying to have a baby?"

Eva attempted to smile at Amelia, but was finding it more and more difficult.  "Not quite yet," she said.  "We have a three-year plan. Although Penelope certainly makes me want to change my mind!" she added playfully as she tickled the newborn's little toes.

Nathaniel glanced at his wife and smiled.

Amelia smirked.  "A three year plan?  You know, it doesn't get easier the older you get..." she said.

Eva gritted her teeth and smiled at her.  "Oh?" she asked with an edge to her voice.  "You don't say?"

Artie cleared his throat.  "Tea?" he asked quickly.

Nathaniel put his arm around Eva and answered Arturo before the ladies could say anything else, "We'd love to, but we need to make the rounds before the big family dinner!"


"Happy Snowflake Day!" Eva said as she handed Nick and Carisa a holiday present.  She glanced down in Carisa's arms.  "William is such a cute little guy," she added.  "Sorry I missed your wedding!"

Nick beamed.  "Well, it was kind of a whirlwind," he admitted, smiling at Carisa.  "Kind of a shot-gun wedding! But, I wouldn't have it any other way!"


"Happy Snowflake Day!" Nathaniel said, handing over the presents they'd bought for Betsey & Cece.  "So what's been going on?"

Jackson grinned widely, "Have you heard? Cece's pregnant again!"

"Congratulations!" Nathaniel said heartily, clapping his friend on his shoulder.  "We're really happy for you!"

Eva listened as the couple gushed about their growing toddler and their newest addition.  Why did it seem like all their friends were having babies or pregnant?!


"At least we know Tomas doesn't have baby fever!" Eva said with relief.

Nathaniel laughed good-naturedly.  "That's the understatement of the year! Tomas breaks out in hives if you mention babies around him!"

"I wonder what's taking him so long?" Eva said.  "Do you think he's not at home? We need to get these presents delivered before Dad's party..."

Nathaniel frowned.  "I saw his car. He should be home..."

Just then, Tomas answered the door, flustered and out of breath.  "Hey guys! It's a surprise seeing you here!"
Nathaniel grinned. "Hope we didn't interrupt anything," he said with a wink-wink, nudge-nudge.  "We just dropped by to say Happy Snowflake Day!"   Nathaniel handed Tomas the present they'd bought and wrapped for him.
"For me? Aw, guys! You shouldn't have!" Tomas said, taken aback.  "This is awesome..."  He glanced up the stairs and winced.
"Uh... I'd invite you up right now, but now really isn't a good time..." Tomas said hesitantly as he nervously twitched foot to foot.

"No worries. We were just making the rounds!" Nathaniel said amiably.  "Better get back to the missus!"

"Yeah! Later!" Tomas said eagerly, turning to hurry up the stairs.
 Oh man, he was in double trouble!

Eva looked across the lawn and smiled to see all her family gathering around.  "Come on, let's go!" she said, pulling on Nathaniel's arm.
"Daddy!" she cried out, hugging Chase as soon as she walked through the door.

"Hey sweet pea!" Chase said, patting his eldest daughter on the back.  "How are you?"

"I'm good!" she said with a smile.
Two steps in, she saw her pregnant cousin...

She glanced back at Nathaniel and raised her eyebrows.  He chuckled under his breath and massaged her shoulders.

With a heavy sigh, she started forward.

"Come on in, sweet pea. We were just going to get pictures done," Chase said, leading her from the room.
Chase & his long-time girlfriend Sandra Goth's blended family...

Unfortunately Farrah Black decided to stay with the Gibbons family for the holidays this year again...


Chase's Aunt Bethany Baker-Black's family...


And Chase's twin brother, Devon Black's family, with Nadine's newest boyfriend, Danny Keaton.  Alyssa and Brendon were away at boarding school.

"Before we open the family presents, I wanted you to open mine..." Eva said with a small smile, handing over the small present."
 "Oh wow! A video camera?" Nathaniel asked with surprise.  "This is awesome!" he said, pulling it out and playing around with it. 

"I thought you'd like it," Eva told him.


Eva went to stand by her father.  "Thanks for hosting the family gift giving!" she said, watching as Nathaniel opened a gag gift from Greyson. "We'll need to leave soon to see Nathaniel's family."

Chase squeezed her hand.  "It was wonderful having you two over," he told her.

Eva squeezed back.  "It's nice seeing all the family all together under one roof."

Chase looked sad a moment, perhaps missing Farrah. "So when are you going to give me some grandchildren?"

Eva groaned, "Not you too!"


It was a much more relaxed atmosphere over at the Wolff's.  The adults chatted while the kiddos tore into the presents.  Nathaniel's older niece and nephew, Laura and Todd, giddily attacked the pile of presents, while the toddler, Jerrod, played happily with the wrapping paper.  
 "Goodbye Uncle Nathaniel!" Laura said as she hugged him goodnight. "Thanks for coming!"

Nathaniel hugged his niece and kissed her on the head.  She would always hold a special place in his heart! "I'll see you soon, pumpkin!  Be nice to your brothers!"

Laura rolled her eyes.


 "Well that was fun," Eva said with a sigh as they got ready for bed.  "I swear! Every time I turn my head, I'm confronted with a baby, a pregnant woman or someone asking me when I'm going to get pregnant!"
"Don't worry about it! It'll happen when it's meant to," Nathaniel said.  "They ask because they want us to be happy.  And let's face it, baby's make people happy!"

Eva laughed as she snuggled against Nathaniel's side.
"And if you're not ready to have a baby yet, well the very least we should do is practice so that we're ready when you change your mind!"

Eva swatted at Nathaniel.  "You're incorrigible!"

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  1. I have to laugh at all their friends with babies. They do seem to keep popping up every time Eva turns around. Tomas was hilarious, though. He would get himself into that situation.

    It's sweet to see the family all together, but annoying that even Chase is pressuring his daughter into something she's not ready for. She should respond, "Ask me in another 3-5 years." xD