June 15, 2014

Eva: Week Nineteen, Day Four

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Show Davies the Report on Crystal Springs, Take Birth Control, Discuss Family Planning...

"I swear! I have it on good authority that early morning nookie has scientific benefits!" Nathaniel said as he pulled Eva into his arms.

Eva laughed.  "Good authority?!" she scoffed, "Probably Tomas!"

Nathaniel grinned. "What can I say? He's amazingly well-read!"

 "Mmm-hmmmm..." Eva said skeptically.  "Right."

Nathaniel nuzzled her ear.  "Maybe all this honeymoon sex has paid off."
"What? We went from talking about Tomas to honeymoon sex?" Eva asked in confusion.

Nathaniel propped himself up on his elbow and gazed into her eyes. "Yeah, Tomas was talking smack the other day and asked if I was ready to start popping out kids.  And you know, maybe..." Nathaniel moved his hand to stroke her belly.
"Whoa!" Eva said, pushing his hand away from her. "What are you talking about? We're not ready to have children yet!" She could feel the panic building up and tried taking a deep breath.

A look of concern crossed Nathaniel's face. "What's wrong?"

She took another shallow breath.  "We're not ready for kids!"

"Why not?" he asked

"It's not the right time! Don't you know how important it is to plan these things?! Everything has to be perfect!" she argued.  Her own unhappy childhood swept before her eyes.

"Perfect?! There's no such thing as a perfect time!  We love each other and our kids, so everything will work out okay!" Nathaniel argued.
"You don't even have a job yet! Are you sure you're ready to be responsible for a child?" Eva asked, "And I'm just getting established in my career! I really think it'd be best to wait, maybe set a three-year schedule."

"A three-year schedule?" Nathaniel echoed, dumb-founded. 
Eva's alarm went off and she jumped out of bed.  "I need to get ready for work. I can't discuss this right now."

Nathaniel laid there and sulked.  He hadn't realized it was such a big deal to her that he wasn't working! He had his inheritance money! It wasn't like he wasn't contributing or relying on her to support him!  And just because he didn't work didn't mean he wasn't responsible!  Hell, he'd practically helped raise his niece while he was staying with Cliff! 

The longer he laid there, the more he stewed.  Angrily, he threw the covers off and stalked to the dresser to change into his sweats.  He had some steam to blow off...
Eva intercepted him on the way, reaching for his hands.  "Nathaniel, I'm sorry.  We can talk about it more tonight, if you want.  I just... I guess I'm scared.  My mom was always so distant and unloving growing up.  I just want everything to be perfect for our children.  I want them to grow up in a house of love!"
"And they will, Eva," Nathaniel pushed.  "No matter what."

Eva kissed his cheek softly.  "We'll talk about it tonight, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Nathaniel replied.


Nathaniel was still stewing over it a few hours later when his phone rang.  He tossed his controller to the side and grabbed his phone.
It was his brother, Cliff.  "Hey big brother, what's up?" he asked, pausing to listen.  "Umm.. yeah, sure... I'll meet you there."


 "Thanks for meeting me here with such short notice!" Cliff said excitedly.

 "Yeah, no problem, what's up?" Nathaniel asked, glancing around the studio parking lot.

"This way, I have something I want to talk to you about..."
The brothers started heading towards the security gate.  "Man, this place brings back memories!" Nathaniel said as he glanced around.  "Remember that time Dad did the western movie and wore cowboy boots for almost a year!"

Cliff laughed. "Yeah! He looked so silly!"
As they rounded the corner, Nathaniel saw their Dad's old manager, Felix Gibbons... this did not look good...
"Felix! Good to see you," Cliff said, shaking the man's hand.  "I brought Nathaniel just like you asked..."
"Cliff," Nathaniel hissed, "What's going on? Why did you tell me we were meeting Felix here?"
"I wanted it to be a surprise! Felix called me up with an idea he'd had recently! I just want you to listen... okay..."

Nathaniel sighed.

Sensing his cue, Felix grinned widely at the Wolff boys.  "Thanks for meeting me here today, boys.  Let's cut straight to the chase.  I want to do a documentary on your father's life."

"What kind of documentary?" Nathaniel asked. 

Felix smiled.  "Good question, step into my office!"
"After you," Felix said, waving both of the Wolff boys inside.   Nathaniel shot him a distrustful look, which Felix ignored.  He'd come up with the idea of doing a documentary after Nathaniel's wedding.  Yvonne had remarked how much he looked like his father and the wheels had started spinning.  A documentary that promoted Melvin Wolff would also promote the company which equaled good business!  And if in the process he signed up another up & coming star....


"Now look, Cliff. Like I told you earlier.  I need both brothers on board with this project.  If Nathaniel doesn't sign, it's a no-go.  So I'm relying on you to help talk him into it!" Felix said, pulling Cliff aside in confidence.  He could already tell that Nathaniel was going to be the star power between the two brothers.
 "Don't worry, Felix! Nathaniel's going to love this idea!"


 "I don't know, Cliff. It looks great on paper, but..." Nathaniel hesitated to voice his concerns.  Chief among them was how Eva would feel about him working with her stepfather (whom she didn't claim or speak of). 
"I really want this.  You know I've always wanted to dabble in film! This might be my only chance!"

Nathaniel hedged.

"And think of the history - the legacy - that we'd be passing down to our kids! They'll be able to connect with their grandpa in a way that just wouldn't be possible!" Cliff continued to argue.

Nathaniel waffled even more.  Eva might be upset he was working with Felix, but he'd have a steady job and be able to show her he was responsible and ready for parenthood!
"Alright, I'll do it!"


"Roses for my babe!" Nathaniel said when Eva walked through the door.  "Come on, we're going to celebrate!"
 "How'd you know?!" Eva exclaimed happily, burying her nose in the flowers and inhaling. 

Nathaniel paused, "Know what?"

"About my promotion, silly!" she said, pausing, "Isn't that what this is for?"

Nathaniel grinned,  "No, I have some pretty exciting news myself!"


"So I know you said you thought it was best to wait to have children until later because I didn't have a job and you were worried I wasn't ready to be responsible..." Nathaniel started as they finished their meal.

"Oh, Nathaniel! I didn't mean it like that! I wasn't trying to put the blame on you!" Eva said worriedly.

"It's okay! You were right!"

"I was?" Eva asked with confusion.  "So, you're okay waiting three-to-five years until we start our family?"

Nathaniel's jaw dropped, "Three-to-five years?!"

Eva squirmed, "Or sooner..."

Nathaniel shook his head. "No, actually, I wanted to tell you that I got a job today!"
"Oh Nathaniel! I'm so happy for you! I knew you just needed some time to figure it out!"
Nathaniel grinned.  "It actually fell in my lap!"

"So what is it? Tell me all about it!" Eva said excitedly. 

Nathaniel fed off of Eva's excitement, forgetting to be cautious.  "Well, Cliff called me up and I met with him at the studio with Felix..."
"Whoa? Felix? As in Felix Gibbons, the man who tore my family apart?" Eva asked.

Nathaniel stalled and squirmed in his seat. "Yes," he said slowly, adding hurriedly. "BUT! He wanted to do a documentary about my father and needed Cliff and I to do some monologue, telling about what it was like to live with Dad."
"Nathaniel, that's not a job, that's just a few hours of work on a documentary..." Eva said with disappointment.  "And I really don't like that you'd be working with him."

"I know, Eva. I was worried that might be the case.  But, I just think it'll be a good thing. I don't have to sign with him or anything... don't worry..."

Eva smiled sadly.  "Oh, they'll want you to sign. That's what they live for..."  She looked up at him. "Are you ready to go?" she asked tiredly.

"Yeah, I'm done," Nathaniel said, dejected that the evening hadn't gone like he'd imagined.
As they stood up to leave, Nathaniel reached for Eva's hand.  "We can table the discussion about children for now.  We'll both have a lot on our plates for awhile, Mrs. City Council Member!"  He tried to get her to meet his eye, "Come on, smile!  This is going to be a good thing!"
Eva forced a small smile.  "You're right.  It'll all be okay!" But she was worried that if Felix, or her mother, had their hands in it, it was bound to be a problem....


  1. :c I didn't expect Eva to react about children that way. LOL @ three-year schedule. Oh lordy Eva! You and your perfectionism. Give the man some cute babies. :P Raising perfect kids though, I can understand the hesitancy lol. It's ok Nate you will get your babies soon enough.

    Oh hey it's Felix! I wasn't expecting to ever see him again. :P So does Nate brother actually work in the film industry? I always love how you incorporate different ways your sims get into their career choices. I'm very interested in how all of this will turn out.

    I completely understand how Eva feels about Nate working with Felix. I wouldn't trust it either.

    1. You don't know how HARD it's been not trying for baby! But Eva wants to wait for the perfect time. I laughed at the three-year schedule hardcore. Before we had kids, my husband had wanted a five-year schedule. Our first-born had other plans though. :) Lol.

      Yup! It's Felix... and since Felix is in town... we know who ELSE is in town!!

      Nope, Nate is actually a military guy in the game. But, since their dad was the big star Melvin Wolff, I'm picturing him as wanting to walk a few miles in his dad's shoes. Maybe he's suffering from a little bit of mid-life crisis!

      I'm glad you like the backstories to the jobs! I really struggled with Nathaniel breaking into show biz since initially he was supposed to be a stay-at-home blogger (Darn not having Uni & Darn not being able to blog in the base game! Lame-o!)

  2. *sigh* Eva ... no, honey. Just no. You're going to have to stop dragging that dead horse out sometime. I don't know if she can tell, but she's well on her way to turning into her mother. -_-;;

    1. Hehe... shades of Yvonne! Yvonne wanted to delay kids because she was too self-centered! Eva wants to delay kids because she's deeply scarred & traumatized. Lol.