June 5, 2014

Eva: Week Nineteen, Day One

Perfectionist To Do List:  Honeymoon, Sleep in Bed, Cuddle in Bed, Woohoo in Bed

 "Come on sleepyhead, get up!" Nathaniel said, coming into the room and pushing at the mound under the blankets.

"What time is it?" Eva asked sleepily.

"5 am," he said.  "Come on, I have a surprise for you."
 Eva scowled.  "It's too early to wake up!" she grumbled.  She held her hand out and beckoned him. "Why don't you come back to bed!"
She didn't have to ask him twice.  Nathaniel slipped into bed beside Eva, pulling her against his body.  "Come on, it's time to wakey-wakey."

"Why?" Eva asked, wincing and trying to burrow under the blankets.

"I wanted to show you something,"

Eva sighed. "If I have to be up right now I can think of only one thing I want to do..."


Nathaniel sighed as he leaned his back against the headboard.  "Are you awake now?"

Eva yawned.  "I could go back to sleep," she said contentedly.

Nathaniel smacked her on the backside. "No! Come on! Get up!" he said as he hopped out of bed.
"Where are we going?" Eva asked as she rolled out of bed to follow him.

"It's a surprise.  Dress comfortably, wear boots!"

"Boots?" she asked as he hurriedly dressed as bounded from the room.  "On my honeymoon?"

"Come on! Daylights wasting!" he called back to her.

Eva slipped into the car next to Nathaniel.  "Are you going to tell me where we're going?"

Nathaniel laughed.  "Has anyone ever told you that you're persistent?"


 "What are we doing here?" Eva asked with exasperation as Nathaniel took off. 

"Come on!" he called back to her. 
 Eva let out a huffy breath and hurried after him.  This had better be good, she thought mutinously. 


"Surprise!" Nathaniel said, pulling out a bouquet of flowers.  "I brought us to Crystal Springs! I thought you'd like to see it!"
"Umph," Nathaniel grunted when Eva launched herself into his arms.
 "That was so sweet of you, honey!" she said brightly.  "Why did we have to come out at the break of dawn though?" she asked.
Nathaniel pointed to the tent that was set up.  "We're going to spend the day in the outdoors today!" he said, suddenly look less sure of himself.  "Is that okay?"
"It's wonderful!"  Eva pressed a kiss to his cheek.  "Can you believe I've never learned to fish before?!" she asked.

"I'll show you," Nathaniel said, pulling out the gear.
 Soon, both of them had their poles baited and waiting for fish.
 "So? What next?" Eva asked, glancing at Nathaniel.

"Now we just wait," he said with a grin.
Several hours later, neither of them had caught anything yet.  "How do you know if there's fish in  there?" she asked.

Nathaniel scowled at the water. "Typically you can inspect the water, but I seem to be having trouble with it right now.  Maybe we should check out another spot on the..."

"Oh wait! I'm getting something! It's tugging! What do I do?!" she shrieked. "Omigod! Omigod!"

Nathaniel laughed, "Just reel it in! Steady!"
 "Look! I caught it!" she said excitedly.

Nathaniel grumbled.  "Beginner's luck!"


"You're not still sore you didn't catch anything, are you?" Eva said as she took a seat next to Nathaniel at the fire pit. 

He rolled his eyes.  "I would've caught something if you hadn't been yelling and screaming so much!" he teased.

"Careful or I won't share with you!" she said as she slipped a piece of the fish meat on the stick to hold over the fire.  Thankfully Nathaniel had cleaned up the fish for her, so she didn't have to deal with the yucky stuff.
Nathaniel grinned as he popped the fish meat into his mouth.  "Too late!" he said, sticking his tongue out at his wife.


 After dinner was done, Nathaniel put out the fire and suggested a hike. 
They had wandered from their campsite when Eva spotted the deer.  "Look over there!" she called out excitedly.  "A deer!"
They hurried after it, trying to watch it from afar.  But, the deer was too skittish to let them anywhere near it. 
Back at the camp, they did a little star gazing, reveling in the peace and quiet that settled over the woods.
With a yawn, Eva stood up and dusted off the bottom of her shorts.  "Here, let me help you with that," Nathaniel said, running his hands over her bottom.

Eva laughed.  "I think it's time for sleep!"

Nathaniel raised an eyebrow.  "I think we should zip our sleeping bags together," he suggested wickedly, pulling her into his arms.

Eva giggled as she raced into the tent.  "Be sure to close the flap!" she called as she threw her shirt through the opening.


  1. Lovely updates. :D The wedding was beautiful! I can't believe the way Amelia is acting still. Will she ever get over it? Happy to know she at least invited her mother, although i understand completely why she didn't want to, but that's still her mother. Nice little camping adventure. You are opening up things I want to experience in the game I hardly experienced before and I've had this game since it came out, including all the expansions when they came out! Can't wait for more.

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with the wedding. I think Amelia is just a piece of work! She sat there arguing with Arturo almost the entire time. Their relationship needs help!

      I have never sent my Sims camping before. But they both loved outdoors stuff, I wanted to think of something for them to do! I got the camping tent at Sims Resource - wasn't it great?! Serendipity that they ran into a deer on their hike!

      Glad you're enjoying the story! :)