June 21, 2014

Eva: Week Nineteen, Day Seven

Perfectionist To-Do List: Research baby names, Read pregnancy book, Have Nathaniel read pregnancy book, Research birth plans...

There was so much going on in Eva's mind that she couldn't seem to fall asleep.  Was she ready to have a child?  What if something went wrong? Could she be a better mother? Her heart beating overly fast, she pulled out her kindle and downloaded "Baby Incoming: Preparing with Vigilance."

Finally, near 3 am, she was finally able to close her eyes and sink into sleep.  She had a plan!


Nathaniel quietly snuck from the room so he didn't wake up Eva.  She'd looked so peaceful sleeping!  Whistling, he rummaged through the refrigerator looking for something to make for breakfast.
Finally he settled on waffles.  The directions were right there on the box!
How hard could it be? 
Hmm... must've left it in too long...
Eva peeked over his shoulder.  "They don't look that bad, sweetie," she said.  "I bet they taste wonderful!"
Nathaniel wasn't as hopeful as Eva.  He watched as she took her first bite.
Eva grimaced, but swallowed her bite dutifully.  "It's just alittle charred. Maybe with some milk..."

Nathaniel sighed and got two glasses of milk and the jar of jelly. Maybe smothering it with jelly would make it palatable...

"Thanks for making breakfast, sweetie. It was a really sweet gesture!" Eva said.  She knew Nathaniel's preferred method of cooking was the microwave or the delivery man. 

"Well, I gotta take care of my two girls!" he said, rubbing her belly softly.  "There's hardly even a bump yet!" he said tenderly. 

Eva felt weepy all of a sudden. Darn hormones! It was just so touching to see how excited Nathaniel was about their baby.
"So what are your plans for the day?" Nathaniel asked.

"I thought I'd go get a massage.  I remember Arturo said they really helped Amelia stay in a good mood when she was pregnant."

Nathaniel scoffed, "Amelia? In a good mood! I don't believe it!"

Eva snickered. "Behave! Anyways, so massage and then I thought we'd go tell Dad the big news! What about you?"
"Well, Tomas is coming over to hang out for a little bit and then I was going to meet with Felix this afternoon.  I'll meet you at your Dad's."

Eva scowled.  "I wish there was someone else you could sign with other than them."

"I know, Eva. Don't worry. It's going to be fine!"


Tomas frantically pushed on the buttons, twisting to the side in order to make the turn.  "Damn! Clipped the curb!" he mumbled.   He turned to Nathaniel. "Come on, bro. Race me!" he said, pushing the controller towards his friend.

Nathaniel laughed. "Not right now. I'm kind of into this..."

"What are you reading anyway? Better be porn!" Tomas joked.

"I know your mind typically stays in the gutter, but it's what to expect during the pregnancy."
Tomas paused. "What?! Why the hell are you reading that?"

Nathaniel sighed and put the book to the side. "Because I want to know how to help my wife during her pregnancy.  Didn't you look up anything? You have two women counting on you!"

"Don't remind me!" Tomas grumbled.

Nathaniel shook his head.  "You're useless! You got them pregnant, but you're not even going to be there for them. They're better off doing it alone!"
"That's harsh," Tomas said slowly, leaning back.

Nathaniel shrugged. "Tough love. It's not all about you anymore. You got two kids coming into the world. You gotta get ready for that."
"Who says I'm not?!" Tomas asked, offended to the core.  "Just cause I'm not reading some mambi-jambi mama's boy book about pregnancy!"

Nathaniel sighed as Tomas stormed from the house.  Apparently women weren't the only ones that suffered from hormones during pregnancy...

He checked the clock. He didn't have time to run after Tomas and talk him down from his ledge. He had to get dressed up and meet Felix.


Going to the movie studio really was just like going to a second home.  He couldn't remember how many times he'd played around on the set growing up while his dad had worked. 
He headed to the small office in the back, where Felix said that he'd meet him.
He stopped short when he walked in.  Apparently this was a family thing...  "You should've let me know the family would all be here. I would've brought Eva for a family reunion," he said a little perturbed to be blind-sided like this.
Felix chuckled as he stood up to greet Nathaniel.  "The more the merrier, right?!" he said shaking Nathaniel's hand. 

Nathaniel glanced around the room. "I'm feeling a little outnumbered..."

"You remember Yvonne, I'm sure," Felix said, sweeping his hand towards his wife.  "And Farrah," he said as his stepdaughter stood up.
"Nathaniel! Or should I call you brother?!" Farrah teased with a wide smile. 
Nathaniel was too stunned to say much of anything.  This was Farrah?! Good God she'd aged up well! He shook his head slightly. 
"Oh, come here and give me a hug!" Farrah said, pressing herself against him. 

Nathaniel awkwardly returned her hug, trying to make sure she didn't stay plastered up against him. 
How embarrassing! He quickly took his seat at the table and turned to Felix.  "So, you wouldn't say over the phone, what's this about?"

Felix chuckled yet again.  "What are terms among family?" he asked magnanimously.
"Look, no offense. I'd like to use you because my father used you, but this all feels a little underhanded.  Why isn't Cliff here signing, as well?  This is for the documentary, right?"
"Actually, we did a screening and by far you were the preferred sibling! Guess we can call you a heartthrob," Farrah said, leaning over to nudge him. "Hope Eva's ready for some competition!"

"Look, the whole reason I signed up for this in the first place was for Cliff. If he's not signing, them I'm not signing."

Farrah placed her hand over his. "Oh you misunderstood me! Cliff has already signed! We just need your signature to go ahead with the documentary.  And if you're interested, we might just have another small bit part for you..."
Nathaniel had known going into this that Felix and Yvonne were willing to push the limits to get a contract signed.  But, throw Farrah into the mix and he was reeling!

"Show me the contract," he said.  "I want to see Cliff's signatures."

Farrah smiled wide with triumph as she slid the contract over towards him.  "Look, he signed here... here... and we need your signature here..." she pointed out all the places to sign, leaning over him so that she was pressed against him again.

Nathaniel speedily signed the contracts, not really paying attention, in his haste to get away from her.
As he left, he couldn't help but wonder what he had done...


"How'd it go?" Eva asked.  Nathaniel seemed distracted. 

He smiled wanly.  "Let's talk about it tonight. Let's just say it was interesting to say the least..."

Eva glanced over at him and raised her eyebrows. 
Nathaniel held her hand as they walked up to the door.  He rang the doorbell and then waited.
"Alright, we're all here, so what's your big news?" Chase said after they'd all gathered in the Goth parlor.
"I'm pregnant!" Eva said excitedly, unable to contain herself anymore.
Chase jumped up from the chair and hurried forward to give Eva a hug.  "My baby girl! I'm going to be a grandpa!" he announced loudly.
"Hey congrats, sis!" Greyson said, joining them. 

Eva began giving them all the details - how far along she was, what birthing class they were going to use, and when her due date was. 
Sandra sidled up next to Nathaniel.  "Best thing you can do as a father is just stick around," she said. 

Nathaniel leaned back to avoid the finger pointed at his chest.  "Believe me! That's not even an issue. I'm not going anywhere!"

Sandra nodded and then moved past him to offer her congratulations to the soon-to-be-mommy.


Since they had planned to come over, Sandra had ordered dinner to be catered. 
"This went well," Eva said, leaning over and whispering to Nathaniel.

He squeezed her hand. "Yeah it did," he agreed.
"Hey! How about I play some tunes!" Greyson called out after everyone had finished.
"I'm going to be a killer musician one day! Ask me nicely now and I'll give you an autograph for free. Except you, Nathaniel. You have to pay," he teased.

Nathaniel laughed as he pulled out a twenty and tossed it to his brother-in-law.  "Keep the change and tell everyone that I gave you your big start!"

Greyson laughed as he grabbed his guitar and headed back into the parlor.  "I'm gonna frame this twenty! My first tip!"
Eva watched Greyson jam on Grandpa Ace's old guitar. It was amazing how much he had grown these last few years!  He was a young man now & ready to blaze the music scene!

She felt a tear prick her eye.  Damn hormones!


  1. I have a Barnes and Nobles Nook, its almost like kindle I love that thing! I have so many books downloaded on it.

    Ok back to the story....lol at the title. Research birth plans..pfft I didn't even think on that until it was practically in labor! Eva amuses me greatly with her perfectionism.

    Hold on..I'm incredibly shocked that she was willing to eat Nate's roasty toasty waffles awww.

    Smh at Tomas, better shape up pal, those babies are coming whether he is ready or not.

    Oh hey now Farrah watch it girl! You can't have Nate! Oh lord he didn't even really read the contract! *head desk*

    1. I love my Nook! I liked the idea of having a tablet so much that I went onto the Sims 3 website to see if they had one to download. And they did! I haven't played with it yet, though!

      I worked at a birth injury law firm, so I TOTALLY had birth plans & went to a prenatal class! I'm sure we drove our doctor crazy. Lol!

      Love is eating burnt to a crisp waffles! Although, being pregnant, she probably would've thrown it right back up. :)

      Oh Farrah, Farrah, Farrah... you are such a pain in the butt!

    2. Oh awesome! I have just the basic nook, so I can only download books on it. I have the nook app on my android phone also, it's great.

  2. Wow, Farrah's shameless. Tell her to back the hell up next time, Nate! :P

    1. Farrah is incredibly shameless! She's a grumpy, mean-spirited, schmoozer! Raised on her mama's knee!

  3. I'm surprised that Tomas was offended! Nathaniel was right with what he said. Both those women are practically alone right now; Tomas is no help.

    No, Farrah, you shouldn't call him brother until you treat Eva as your sister! Urgh she's turned out so slimy.

    Greyson looks like a country music star! :)

    1. Hehe.. does anyone ever *really* like to be told they're in the wrong? :) I think Tomas is suffering from some major stress right now! He's going to have to pull on his big boy undies!

      Farrah is slimy! (And so much fun to write!)

      Ha! Greyson DOES look like a country music star! Lol. I didn't even see it before! Guess what genre he's going into now in the story! Gotta be a little bit different from all the other darn musicians in the family! :)