June 19, 2014

Eva: Week Nineteen, Day Six

Perfectionist To-Do List: Destroy Videotape, Meet with Boss, Campaign for Contributions...

Eva soaked in the bubble bath, sighing as she closed her eyes and leaned back to relax. 
The door opened and she smiled.  "Want to scrub my back?" she asked Nathaniel.

"...And could a man get any luckier?" Nathaniel asked out loud, "Smile for the camera, babe!"
Eva glanced up and saw Nathaniel with the video recorder in his hand & the red light was flashing!  "NATHANIEL!" she screeched angrily, "Turn it off!"
Then she ducked below the water.
Nathaniel fumbled with the video camera, turning it off.  Uh oh...
Her relaxing bath over & ruined, Eva hurriedly dressed, glaring at Nathaniel the entire time.

"Babe.. I was just..." Nathaniel started to explain, but stopped when Eva shot him a glare so powerful that he was rendered mute.

"If you'd just..." he tried again.
"I can't believe you recorded me in the bath! That was so... so..."

"Sexy?" Nathaniel tried to supply helpfully. 
"I can't even look at you right now!" Eva fumed.  She held out her hand. "Give me the tape!" she demanded.
"I wasn't going to show anyone!" Nathaniel mumbled apologetically.  "I was just playing around with my new video recorder."

"Give me the tape," she repeated.

"Yeah, of course, babe," Nathaniel popped the tape out and plopped it in Eva's outstretched hand. "I swear, I didn't think you'd get so mad... I was just trying to be playful..."

Eva slipped the tape in her pocket.  "Well, it wasn't playful! I was embarrassed!"
"I won't do it again! Promise!" Nathaniel said with a quick kiss to her lips.

Eva sighed. It was hard to stay mad at him...

"Okay guys, come on in and have a seat!" Seth Davies said, pointing Amelia and Eva towards the chairs.  "So, what is the most important thing in politics?" he asked the ladies. 
"Making positive changes," Eva suggested, thinking about Crystal Springs.  Her hard work and proposals had managed to save that nature zone from deforestation.  It was now a city park that drew campers, hikers and other nature lovers!

Amelia scoffed next to her.  "Money," she corrected.
"That's right, Amelia. Money.  If you don't have money, you can't make a difference! Money makes the world go round!"

Eva opened her mouth to argue, but shut it firmly with a glance from Mr. Davies.

"So, I need both of you to start working your connections and getting some contributions to the campaign.  Both of you have some strong family connections and those connections are going to come in handy!"
"You can count of the Landgraab support," Amelia promised.

Mr. Davies glanced at Eva.  "And you? You have access to a lot of powerful families here in Sunset Valley - the Goths, the Wolffs, and of course your own family."  Seth snapped his finger, "Oh, and the Gibbons! With the Gibbons Firm on our side, we could garner a lot of star support! Talk to your mother!"

Eva made a face.  He wanted her to talk to her mother?


After work, Eva crossed through the park to the theater, worrying about how to broach the topic of money the entire way.  She was sure to find Dad rehearsing this time of day.  As she walked into the auditorium, she saw her Dad and Uncle Devon practicing a new piece she was sure her father had composed.

When he saw her, he smiled and waved her up.
"What brings you here, sweet pea?" he asked with a smile.

"Hi, Daddy!" she said, giving him a quick hug.  "I came by to discuss something with you... I feel a little silly, though..."
"Well, then it's best to just get it out.  What is it?" Chase asked.
Eva cleared her throat, "Well, you know I've told you all about Mr. Davies and his new ideas for making the town a better place?" She paused and Chase nodded encouragingly.  "Well, he's asked me to talk to family and friends about contributing..." she hesitated again, embarrassed to have brought up money.
"Eva, are you asking me to contribute to your campaign?" Chase asked.

"Yes, that is.. if you don't mind! I feel so funny asking you for money!" she grumbled.

Chase smiled and patted her shoulder.  "Of course I'll contribute! The money will go towards a good cause!"  

Eva smiled with relief.  It hadn't been that hard after all...

When she glanced down at the check he handed her, her eyes widened with shock.  "$8,402?! Really, Dad?! Are you sure?!"

Chase chuckled.  "That's from me.  Be sure to go see Sandra, as well. Our family takes care of our own!"

Nathaniel met with Tomas after work to get in some exercise.  They'd decided it was too cold outside to meet at the hoops - so the gym was the next best thing.
"Phew! That was some work out!" Tomas said tiredly, rubbing his neck.  "I'm going to hit the hot tub!"

"I'm right behind you!" Nathaniel said, hopping off the treadmill.


"Aw man, this is this life!" Nathaniel said leaning back.

Tomas scoffed.  "Sure it is," he grumbled.

"What's wrong with you? You've been in a sour mood since Snowflake Day! That's not like you! Is Veronica pressuring you for that ring?" Nathaniel asked.

Tomas scoffed again. "I wish that was my problem!"
 Nathaniel sat up. "What? What is it? Tell me!"
Tomas sighed heavily with a scowl on his face.  "Remember Sonja?" he asked.

Nathaniel chuckled and leaned his head back against the hot tub.  "Poor Tomas, too many women making your life hard?" he teased.

Tomas' eyebrows slammed down. "Hardy-har-har," he said snidely, then sighed again. "God, I wish it I was just having trouble juggling women," he said.  "I fucked up big time, bro..."

Nathaniel glanced over at his friend.  "What happened? Just tell me..."

Tomas shook his head and closed his eyes tight.  "They're both pregnant, bro... and they're both pissed!"
Nathaniel's mouth dropped open.  "You... both of them? Christ, Tomas! Haven't you heard of condoms?!"

Tomas rubbed his hand over his face. "You think I haven't thought that same thing a million times?" he demanded.   "But, it looks like I'm going to be a daddy! Christ!"

"Unbelievable!" Nathaniel snapped.  "Un-fucking-believable! Even you're going to be a dad before I am! Stupid three-year-schedule!"
He jumped out of the spa and stomped to wash off.

"Hey, bro! Wait up!" Tomas said, scrambling after Nathaniel.

 Nathaniel showered off, ignoring Tomas on the other side of the door.  

"Come on, bro. Don't be mad at me!" Tomas called through the door.  "Believe me, I wasn't trying to get them pregnant!"

Nathaniel shook his head as he harshly scrubbed up...


Tomas was still there waiting when Nathaniel stepped out of the shower.  "Come on, bro," he begged desperately. "I'm not going to be able to do this without your support!"
Nathaniel punched Tomas' shoulder. "Of course I'm behind you," he said.  "Man, what are you going to do?"

Tomas shook his head. "I don't even have a clue! I have two very pregnant women living with me right now and neither one will let me near them!"
Nathaniel gave Tomas a bro hug.  "Congratulations, anyways, Tomas. You're going to be a daddy!"

Thomas wheezed.  "Oh God, I'm going to be a daddy!"


 "Hey babe! You'll never guess what I found out today!" Nathaniel called when he came inside.
 "I'm in here!" he heard her call out.

"Where?" he called back, walking into the bedroom.
"In the bathroom!"

"Can I scrub your back?!" he called back teasingly.
 "Oh... hey!" he said as he walked into the bathroom.  She wasn't taking a bath...
Eva turned to face him with a serious expression on her face.  Nathaniel's stomach tensed up, expecting bad news.  "What's wrong?" he asked.
"You know our three-year-schedule?" she asked.  When Nathaniel nodded, she squirmed a bit.  "Well, it looks like it's been bumped up..."

"Bumped up?"  Nathaniel asked.  "What do you mean?"

Eva grinned and showed him the pregnancy test.  "We're pregnant!"
Nathaniel's jaw dropped in shock, for the second time that night.
"Really?! Truly? You're pregnant?" he asked.

Eva nodded her head, laughing. "We're pregnant!" she said with tears in her eyes. 
"Oh God, babe! That's awesome! We're going to have a baby!" he said, tenderly cradling her face in his hands.  "We're going to have a baby!"


  1. Aww come on Eva, don't be so hard on Nate. :(

    Lol, poor Eva having her boss tell her she needs to basically suck up to her mother. I know that had to leave a bad taste in her mouth. Whoa Papa Chase is packing a lot of dough to give away over eight grand so easily!

    Daaannng Tomas!! Welp, he's going to have a lot on his plate for sure. Did story progression do that to him? Lol and awww Tomas is going to be a father (times two!) before Nate :'(

    Oh wait!! Yayyyyyyy!! Eva's preggers!! ( I was commenting as I was reading lol)

    1. Hehe... I've been having fun with the camcorder! Who knew it would be that much fun?!

      Oh yeah. Seth Davies is a politician that's all about the money. It's not going to jive with Eva's drive to save the world! (Especially if he wants her to schmooze her mother!)

      Hehe.. I'm torturing Tomas all on my own. I thought it would be funny that he'd wind up with TWO kiddos! (More on him later, I've definitely liked Tomas!)

      Yay! Eva's pregnant! Poor Nate was thinking he'd have to wait three whole years! Some things not even Eva can plan. :)

    2. Very funny indeed to get Tomas to knock two ladies when he shudders at the aspect of ever having a family in the first place. *Gives you a high five* I can't wait to see how Tomas handles all this!

    3. Well, since I like Tomas, he's probably going to handle it well. Besides, Nathaniel wouldn't be BFF with someone *completely* worthless! :P

  2. Well, I'm really glad that Nathaniel is gonna get to be a dad, but ... this is gonna put Eva behind at work, eep! Hopefully she's not super-sour about it ...

  3. For a second there I thought Nathaniel was going to get really mad after he heard Tomas' news and do something drastic.

    Yay baby! I'm guessing Eva's career has made her to distracted to keep up with certain things. :P

  4. For a moment I was going to be upset that Nathaniel was cheating on Eva with her mother Yvonne (was soaking in the bathtub---say what?! lol), but the next few sentences made me feel better, lol

    And yay for baby! =)

    1. I was wondering what Yvonne had to do with it & glanced back up. OMG!!! What a weird, random freudian slip! Lol!